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  1. mr scott ,using clams you must of had your head on rite, stinky MOS, if those fishiers where close to you you had the best repellent know to fishiers , CLAMS. think I would have got some stink on my hands an went visting them an shake there hand, maybe add a little bunker juice to it , mmmm good , glad to see you had a fishie fathers day, no fish but still nice to be on the beach
  2. so that what they look like this year , glad to see your still around , been awhile since I seen ya, nice catch
  3. dave great catch an a very interesting story, an I know you where yelling ,but I got to ask, how long did you rest after the battle , an did you even put another bait out
  4. nice fishies , i'm guessing maybe AIVA or OBX, water looks great
  5. rich like the order that you used them things, lol fm you know that us poor fishers have to take what bait an run
  6. SBC in all my years I never tried that, I have used floats on hooks with fleas . I guess I have surcome to the bait an wait in the lounge chair . hey vin if you use that method let us know how you make out , i'm going to take it that SBC has used it an caught fish that way , interesting
  7. allen you turkey farmer you ,didn't see you on the beach or was it that new truck an you didn't stop buy , the double E team could have used some of that martins squid for bait to get some pullage no problem.......seems pretty normal.....we are used to it....we still love you.....
  8. we figured you had a brain fart, happens ya know
  9. Y ?

    steve z I agree wit you , but I like to think that most returned them to the water , I was always told that you can only law the people as much as they allow
  10. fm you cracked me up I was laughing , awww crap one time me an possum was on the beach , allen S came buy an gave us some fresh squid( from martins) still laughing . we caught nouthing but skate , I mean even doubles, we had pullage that day, an they where good size skate , if you could have seen the look on possums face , I was busting up
  11. hey welcome to the site hope you enjoy , if you read the thread on need help on here think most of your ? will be answered , as far as a boat or yak think I would go for the yak, as far as fish goes spot ,( kingfish aka whitting, seamullet,} flounder , blues, I would use the yak during the week though , boat traffic be thick on the wkends , the tackle stores have rigs that are marked with what fish it will catch , Walmart has the same, not much price difference though , that time of yr , a good bug spray goes a long way , west winds are the worst for flies an skeeters ( lol in the boat or yak keep you mouth closed , protein diet ) if your going to fish the beach pray for an easterly wind, i'm guessing you will be on ocean side camping, more water there , from the way i heard is the NP does not spay for skeeters , all though the last time i was there in the spring i saw a guy in a kart with a sprayer going in to the bushes spaying duno. have fun enjoy its a great place to unwine
  12. Y ?

    lol john double post is like getting a double fish catch , isn't it , what I was told by a MD dnr guy was the slot 38 to 44 was there an putting the slot in they gave you 2 fish per day, an hearing form those that caught there where more slot fish caught then not , to me a good spring run would be about 10 fish SB in 3 wks , I really don't think its all dume an gloom the fish had fat bellys an where heading north for cool water , last yr there where a lot caught , del hasn't had a good run since they did beach replenishment , they do it in NJ to but they have a lot of rocks on there beaches me I don't think the SB runs are over for AI just that this yr blues an bait where not there an full bellys
  13. awww a 4 yr old can make you feel so good some times , I fish the beach, when the kids where young, lol had them digging fleas, assign them a rod , an if that rod went down it was theres, even at 4 (2 boys), I told them to never let it go, I guess your on the walk on beaches, so gear 1 would be a butt bucket , if your driving on gear 1 would be a good lounge chair ( none of these funkie little beach chairs ) gear 2 cheap umbrella , surf fishing will teach the young one patience ( as it does to us older ones to) take in the suroundings nature has a lot to offer . as far as catching fish , well take a good look at the ocean it goes for miles an think about how little your bait is . bait an weight is the key (or is it wait )lot of good info given to you here reading the water is the 1 key ,tides 2 wind 3 an time of day 4 early am or late evening, ( I usely fish 10 am till about 6 pm 2nd shift ) if you see some one catch a fish , make a note to self time of day tide an wind, at 68 i'm still learning , I fished this past spring an caught nouthing , not even a bite , so patience the fish you catch will put a smile on your face an the little one will be going wow by the way welcome to the site enjoy , remember a question never asked will never get answered
  14. theres the fishing pier ritr there near the jetty that has them, theres an off load zone there that you can park in an run in an get some, they might have other live bait to, like loc said sunset , it has a new name though , has tanks on the side of the building , if you really want to go on a trip fishing try fishing live spot on the beach, I use a bob an watch the fish wiggle on the top of the water , its a trip to see a fish come up an take it , no sinker , can't throw it far but you don't need to , as far as mackral i'd be lost on that one , what we do is fish the back bay or the AIMD pier an catch them an put them in an airrator bucket round or semie round cooler , ( if you don't they will bang against the side an kill them selfs). trout an flounder love live spot , if I use them for flounder I put a sinker on it an move them every so often , use a flasher to guess I got carried away on that one )
  15. thanks CG an kim for the comment on the jeep lot of time an effort, but the best 4wd that I had for the beach was a 1970 international travel all, what a horse ( cladsdale ) I can not even count the number of vehickles I pull out with that , fm we missed ya buddy hope all is well for you