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  1. Walleye crappie shellcracker
  2. Yes the bigger jumpin minnow. Haven’t tried the 3/8 size with it, but I use the 7’6 odm for those
  3. Had mine out a couple days ago throwing a jumpin minnow with no issue at all. Caught 7 or 8 on it in moderate current, with biggest being 8lb range. Threw and worked jumpin minnow just fine. It’s gonna stay in the car for the time being. Fun rod.
  4. 8'6 Premier surf with a 3000/4000 sized reel and 10lb braid. I throw from 1/2 down to 3/16 this time of year. The small stuff is only gonna go so far, but this setup has been impressive for me. Just picked up a Lami Black Salt but haven't had the chance to use it yet, due to the river being closed. Have a 3000 Ci4 on it with 10lb braid also. Should be a good setup.
  5. Good looking bucktails Jim. Couple questions. What style collar does this head use, and why the fox hair. Just curious. I have some Icelandic sheep hair I need to figure out a use for.
  6. Some of my winter/spring bucktails I like to throw depending on water color and flow. The flo-pink with the blue feathers is just a weapon of bass destruction with some color to the water. As the water clears, i'll throw the shad blue with a black worm, or the white with blue or pink feathers. Everything has its day I guess
  7. I like that. I like a versatile mold myself
  8. ok, just similar to something I pour sometimes. Love the big eyes and collar. Here's the keg head also known as the beer barrel mold. Productive even in freshwater
  9. Is that the keg head mold
  10. The Mustad 32833 you wont find in either of those heads, keep that in mind. The 32786 is a pretty common hook that will fit a lot of different do-it molds. Just make sure to know what model hook is in the heads you purchase. One other thing on the twistlocks, just tie direct with those. I did get a 75 in one of the mustads, but it was more hassle than what its worth, and limited movement.
  11. These couple examples are the manic mullet and the ultra minnow head mold Top down (red hook) is a mustad 32786 in 4/0, next two down are a mustad 32833 in a 3/0 in a 3/8 and a 3/16 head, fourth is a 1/2oz with a mustad 32833 4/0, and the bucktail is a finished product of the fourth down with the 833 in a 4/0. The ultra minnow mold did not call for the 833, but its one I found and works for me. Stout little hook. I will also mention I don't fish the salt, all freshwater around here for me. That's a 75 in the 3/16's head. Fits those hook eyes fine with room to move.
  12. A Century ss1025. Custom or factory is fine, but it would need to be shipped. The saragosa has been used one time in freshwater. Way to much reel for what I need around here. I have 40lb j-braid on it. Condition would be a 10 inside and out. Not a thing wrong with it and honestly it could pass for new. I have the box and anything that may have came with it. As far as plugs go, i'll need to know from a potential trader whether they would like, something to either fish or collect, as I have plenty of both. I have BM's Black Talon, Basswood, Twisted and some others that could be available. Would really like to get ahold of a 1025 if someone has one not being used. I can post pictures of the reel and any plugs that may be of interest.
  13. $330 via check is fine stars. I'll send you a PM Just got in from work. Thank you Tim and SOL
  14. VR125 spooled with 15 pound spiderwire that i'd like to sale. I used this reel I believe one time, and that was in freshwater. Still basically brand new. Condition would be a 10 inside and out. I have the box and everything that came with it. Any questions, just ask. I'm asking $350 shipped via good check or postal m.o. , no paypal.
  15. BM spins and I have a couple Sunsets I like to throw. Have a small Hahn danny I'm gonna throw alot more this year