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  1. Posted August 13, 2014 ยท Report post 3-5 times a week...But this time of year around here, i'd say 2 of those days per week is more like casting practice than anything... ======================================= 5yrs later and the above still applies
  2. Alright guys Everyones plugs went out this morning. I have no idea who is getting what, as I let mom put names with the boxes, since they are down from Tennessee visiting No junkers, can either be fished or collected, your choice.
  3. Phil, That's very nice of you! Thank you very much. PM coming
  4. It is. Hawkeye (Seabass) picked it out
  5. Crush those barbs man. Had one shoot in the front side of my thumb the other night. Popped it right back out. I feel your pain
  6. PM coming...
  7. Sounds good Tb, no rush here. I'll take it then
  8. I work the weekends. If you have time during the week, I don't mind driving up. I'm off Tuesday-Friday most weeks, unless mandatory ot, which isn't an issue right now. I could bring $$ and rods, that way you could take your pick.
  9. Concord area? If not much farther, I may take this. Drive up and pick it up if that would be an option
  10. Where in NC TB
  11. Jus trying to have fun is what it's all about
  12. Have way to many of these. Would like to trade these 7/0 34184's for some 34185's in either 5/0 or 6/0. The 184's are the long shank. Bag is still stapled and quantity is 100.
  13. You'd hate to see my mirrolures then. Package says suspending, I call them sinking. I've never seen a fish swimming around with a scale
  14. Alright, think I've PM'd everyone in the thread..
  15. That LS69 darter is sweet. It has refective tape or something under the finish