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  1. Take a look at the newer (2016 I think) Daiwa TD surf 9ft rated 1-4. Less than $200 and a joy to fish and catch fish on. I'm liking this model better than their older model. I've thrown 5/8ths up to 1.5oz so far, mostly topwater, and it works them just fine. 70/30 split, but isn't an issue here.
  2. Nice, you'll like those
  3. Crush the barbs
  4. The only reason i'm even hesitant is because it is so rocky here. I've lost countless lures with fish on., either getting tangled in line or running to rock piles cutting me off. The big fish are smart, no doubt to being hooked many times i'm sure. They know right where to go it seems. Even if I can keep them out of the line and rocks, they still have a bend they can go right on around. That's where my last Big Fishcer pencil popper went, Current is so strong where it bottlenecks, short of jumping in the river and trying to float through the bend, they are gone.
  5. One more 2nd Bar
  6. Appreciatei it jbaer Best of luck to you this year also!
  7. Yak---> I'll Take them! The ever-growing collection is looking great man
  8. Peanut from 2006, signed Keith Thomas
  9. If I fish any of them, it'll be the 2.7 in the pic there. Just holding them in hand, I have no doubt they would fly a long way
  10. 2016 Mike
  11. Some are definitely larger than others. The two here weighed 2.7oz and 3.1oz I suspect if I weighed the others that I have, a couple may go above 3.1, just looking at them. They do feel right for throwing a long way, but as Mike said, I haven't brought myself to throw one yet, so cant comment on the action.
  12. Very nice Mike! I dig that yellow colored School Bus looking one. Those 3-D's are sweet too
  13. Purple Mak. Probably my favorite
  14. Couple for Saturday
  15. Never have RR. I can't catch on a needle type plug. I've thrown and thrown those SS stubbies just knowing i'd catch, and have had 1 bump in like 6 or 7 years