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  1. PM Sent Books Sold
  2. I will let you know
  3. Northbridge MA. I will also ship for free
  4. Several striper fishing books. 15 bucks for the lot. PP prefered
  5. Old plug rust on the duct tape bottom
  6. Looking to give this to a kid or someone just starting out. It is in pretty rough shape so it's free you just pay to ship. See pics and feel free to ask questions.
  7. 18-Month-old lab named Cedar.
  8. We got a pup from Marantha kennels in Maine. They breed cadaver and field trial dogs. The pup we chose has amazing drive and great with our children. I am looking forward to hunting testing her in the spring. I highly recommend them even though its a bit of a ride.
  9. That will work. Ill Take em Both.
  10. Are the pants still available? Would you consider combining them into a package deal?
  11. I'll Take Lot 4.
  12. That was a great time.
  13. Price drop $35 Shipped
  14. Tube and worm tubes for sale. Some Need new hooks. Size from 18"-30" asking $40 for all or $8 each. PP only please. Ill handle shipping. Thank you.