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  1. Price drop $35 Shipped
  2. Tube and worm tubes for sale. Some Need new hooks. Size from 18"-30" asking $40 for all or $8 each. PP only please. Ill handle shipping. Thank you.
  3. 12 yak feet and 12 rowboat feet.
  4. I put a couple old Gatorade bottles that have been frozen in them and they last all day in the truck.
  5. I found one at ocean state job lot for 10 bucks. I use it when I get back to the truck and filet the fish. that way the fins don't wreck the cooler. It looks like this.
  6. I do as well. I wonder if they are as good as they're supposed to be? I like it for snow blowing and skiing or fishing when its cold as well.
  7. Upon further investigation of my bank account, I will have to pass. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Hmmm let me see what I have Might just do cash if that works too.
  9. Where are you located I might be interested. also, what are you looking for in trades? Firewood? Plugs? Senkos?
  10. I have been using the cork tape for years. Double layer it if you want thickness. When it gets nasty I just replace it.
  11. It was explained to me by a salesman that GPS tracking is just plotting your course with a line, sort of like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. There is no depth contours marked or bottom features marked like there would be on a chart.
  12. double check to see if they have a chart option or just GPS plotting. I am thinking of getting the hook 2 5 split shot with chart navigation and sonar.
  13. I'll take the kast king for asking.
  14. still looking around for a good deal. Narrowed it down to whaler or seaway/ eastern. Thank you for all the help.