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  1. If you're an illegal alien posing as some one else when you go to vote, no one can ask to see your ID. Now THAT'S freedom!
  2. Obama spend 8 years blaming his failures on the previous president. Now he's trying to take credit for the successes of the next president! What the hell was HE doing for 8 years?
  3. I'm looking to hear from people with 3 kids. You know, one of each.
  4. My boat but not my fish.
  5. I'm sure you realize by this thread and others that trying to have a discussion of the issues is a waste of time. Evidence doesn't matter, logic doesn't matter, being right doesn't matter. The next day you'll still be getting bit behind your knee.
  6. CLIP0028.AVIAll Ct. None are from this year due to knee replacement. CLIP0028.AVI
  7. Just the fact that he said there was no wiretap should be proof enough that there was one.
  8. Just so that the head in the sand crowd doesn't sprinkle fairy dust on this ^^^ Comey said publicly at a press conference that Hillary sent and received classified material on her private server. He then went on to say no reasonable prosecutor would charge her for that??? I thought he meant that a reasonable prosecutor would be afraid of committing assisted suicide but he later clarified that he would not bring charges because there was no "intent". First, to prosecute under the law intent is not required. Second, if she had no intent, why did she hire a company to delete he emails so that even the FBI could not recover them?
  9. Ya mean the moron who got a purple heart for an accidentally self inflicted wound that was patched up with a bandaid? That war hero?
  10. ^^^^^^^^ Where are you getting these numbers from? Per the TAX POLICY CENTER - FEDERAL OUTLAY AND RECEIPTS Actual deficIts thru 2017. Projected deficits 2018 and later. (these figures do not account for any increased GDP growth due to tax cuts) Obama first term deficits 1.4 T (actual) 1.3 T (actual) 1.3 T (actual) 1.1T (actual) Trump first term deficits 665 B (actual) 832 B (projected) 994B (projected) 986 B (projected)
  11. ^^^ This whole post is BS. The deficit projections for Trump's first four years never hit a trillion dollars.
  12. Trump's tax bill actually raised tax revenue collected by the govt due to growth. In his first year, Trumps deficit for 2017 is 665 billion. Obama's first 4 years ran deficits of 1.4, 1.3, 1.3, and 1.1 trillion dollars. So, apples to apples, Trump's deficit is running half of Obama's at the same point in his presidency.
  13. This is about results. Trump gets them bigtime. There is no one else. Ryan would just get us back to the old circle jerk, each side blaming the other as to why they accomplish NOTHING!
  14. So who at fault here, Trump or the Russians? I'm guessing Trump because anyone who can cause a hurricane could conjure up a shark with one hand.
  15. Not only is this whole thing (Russia farse, letting Clinton let off, media leaks, ect) the biggest cover up in American history, but they're not even covering it up that well. It's like they're just thumbing their noses at America and don't really care if it's obvious.