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  1. Every whistleblower said they heard that some one said what Trump did was bad. WoW! Nailed to the wall! The only actual question is "Are people that believe this is evidence playing dumb or are they actual idiots!
  2. Because nothingburgers are all there is. Ask the idiot Dems why they feel a burning desire to get porked by Trump every two weeks!
  3. Bribery? How much did they pay Trump to not do what the Democrats say he did?
  4. My gut feeling is that the internet is not the best place to safe guard your privacy.
  5. Exculpatory evidence??? She defined the term supposedly for Trump, implying there's someone on this earth dumber than her that is not a Democrat. It's her party of morons claiming hoax # 9 was the real thing and that they had the proof. My barber's 3rd cousin heard a guy at the watercooler say that some guy in a crowded restaurant overheard BOTH sides of a cell phone call. Meanwhile all the people that actually have knowledge of the correspondence between Trump and Zelenki, including both of them, say the fantasy the Dems are pushing never happened. Meanwhile, Trump can't even provide a transcript of every conversation he had since he was a fetus. Yeah, a smoking gun, Trump is toast!
  6. That's how they got to be pro impeachment.
  7. Schiff just reported that RBG is feeling much better!
  8. You're pretty funny yourself, you should have been there.
  9. Taylor was laughing thru much of the testimony. He seems to realize the mistake the Democrats made by hanging their hats on his worthless testimony. I like the guy.
  10. I like this guy, he realizes how silly this is.
  11. You could get 25 Democrats to say Trump is a Martian Unicorn if it will get him impeached. I knew this was a farce but after listening to Taylor's testimony I realize it's a skit!
  12. This circus is guaranteeing a second term.
  13. Taylor is the defense. Just let him talk.
  14. Defense? They need a defense for THAT???