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  1. Say what you want about TRUMP (he would defend your right to do that) every decision he made, action he took and deal he cut, was to benefit AMERICA and AMERICANS. We have the exact opposite now!
  2. A real medical reason would be an allergy or some other reaction to the vaccine that would put the recipient in danger.
  3. I have a SITEX 8 inch LED color sonar that I like very much to the tune of $800. One of my fishing buddies has a $3000 Humingbird with chirp, sidescan and down imaging. (and probably a bottle opener and microwave oven). All we ever use on his boat is the conventional color SONAR with CHIRP. All we ever use on my boat is the conventional color SONAR (no CHIRP). His is better as it shows more detail but I'll mark any gamefish on mine that he can mark on his. The difference is when his is picking out small individual fish mine might show a bait ball if the fish are packed tightly together. That improvement might be worth an extra $2200 cost for some people but not to me.
  4. Double UNI. I used to be an Albright fan until an accident screwed up my left hand making Albrights nearly impossible for me. The double Uni seems to work just as good and is easier for me to tie.
  5. Albies, Bonito, Stripers
  6. I think anyone who doesn't get vaccinated with out a real medical reason is a fool. Do I support mandatory vaccinations? NO! This is the last country on earth where you have the right to be a fool.
  7. Guess who thinks the president of the United States gets involved with killing puppies? Biden can't even get involved with running the country!
  8. Biden is trying to counter TRUMP with his new slogan. MESA Make America Suffer Again
  9. You spelled TRUMP wrong.
  10. I didn't know Trump was a scientist but I can tell you that the "other" scientists would have taken 5 years. You know, the ones that were around before Trump expedited this vaccine.
  11. If not for Trump we would even have the vaccine for 5 years. If it weren't for Trump setting up rapid deployment systems for the vaccine it would take years to vaccinate America. The best that we can hope for is that Biden gloms onto Trumps success, continues his programs, and takes credit for it. If Biden has to come up with an idea (any idea) on his own, I won't live long enough to see people walking down the street without masks.
  12. Trump asked for a clean COVID bill. McConnel asked for a clean COVID bill. The Democrats held the country for ransom for 6 months by refusing to take out the pork and by trying to use the pandemic to bail out failed blue states.
  13. It's obvious this election was stolen It's obvious no one has the balls to challenge it. It's obvious that when Trump signed that pork fest of a relief bill that even he has given up all hope of an honest count being restored to this election. When he signed that bill it showed us what a great pro-America president he really is. He knows the lying Democrats will forever blame him for this corrupt legislation because he signed it. He also knows that if he didn't sign it, Biden will sign it anyway and the people would only end up waiting another month to get their paltry relief package. Now that the Democrats have a proven plan for stealing elections, congress is next.