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  1. If it does not work out with "ugly", I will take the reel cover and spool band for $20 Paypal shipped to a west coast state.
  2. I am ok with paying with USPS money order. Please pm me with your address to mail the payment. Thank "sicboy" for the courtesy.
  3. I will take it for $750 shipped. Paypal?
  4. Received the reel in good shape. Thanks.
  5. I have several pairs of waders, one pair is a custom made by specialized USIA company . The waders that my son and I used more frequently in the last 3 summers are from LLBeans, which has one of the best warranty (100% satisifaction, no-question-asked warranty). The custom made USIA waders will last forever....I think.
  6. I think the Daiwa Emcast surf rod in the range of 10ft/11ft will better serve for both crabbing and surf fishing. The rod cost under $100 and easy to find. The 8ft length seems too short for surf fishing in the ocean. There are other shorter/loger models for your choices. 10ft/11ft rods should still be managable from dock/pier/jetty crabbing using the crabhawk/snare. The 10ft spec : EC 1002MHFS line weight 15-30lb lure weight 3-6oz The 11ft spec : EC 1102HFS line weight 20-40lb lure weight 4-7oz
  7. I like the Zeebaas better. Line lay on the Zeebaas is better, translates directly to better distance comparatively. Easier to take a part and put back together, meaning easier to maintain. Aesthetically nicer appearance. I have seen mixed color designs, the designs are elagantly designed. Easily adaptive to different spool designs for capacity. I also observed that owners seem to hold on the the Zeebass more. Less Zeebaas listing for sale.
  8. I would appreciate a more committed action other than 2 private messages of "I will ship..." My payment was immediate and extra to cover the fees.
  9. Paid with Paypal. Thanks.
  10. I will take it for $60 shipped. Paypal? If agreeable, PM me the information for payment. Thanks.
  11. Sorry. Misread..... The Surf King is more $. Retract offer with OOOPPPs!
  12. I will take the Lamiglas Surf King. I can pick it up and pay in cash when meet for $25. PM me to arrange meeting time and location. Thanks.
  13. I will offer $170 cash, pickup locally in Beaverton. I have purchased and picked up a one piece 10' Lamiglas rod from you before.
  14. I will take them both for $90 shipped Paypal. Please pm me with Paypal info. Thanks.
  15. Both spools are still availble? Are you asking $95 shipped for both?