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  1. They only thing they understand is how to circle the wagons.
  2. Putin played Biden like his bitch. An arms dealer for a basketball player? Christ. Is there a single brain in DC? So every time Putin wants to make Biden look like an ass, all he has to do is arrest some American dope and sell them back at 10X the value. Moron. Seriously.
  3. I think your view of this has something to do with vodka poisoning. And that Russia, as a nation, is a corrupt scourge yet to pay for inflicting itself on the civilized world. Yes. I think that sums it up. When as many Russian citizens are dead as Ukrainians, perhaps we can claim a measure of justice.
  4. Everyone thinking that bill has a thing to do with “don’t say gay” is a halfwit. Not worth indulging, right?
  5. This Ukrainian invasion of mother Russia must STOP!
  6. Anyone that buys Putin’s BS is a flat-out moron. You’d almost have to be willingly stupid. “Russia the only guarantor of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.” Russians love them some despots. And they’re more than happy to inflict them on the world. Really, it’s time their enemies brought the fight to the Russian people.
  7. Behind every strongman, every despot, there’s wee, little men who keep him in power, hoping he’ll shine a little light their way. People with no hope of value except as a tool of oppression. You may be a tool.
  8. There is no state in the world with a longer or more robust history of corruption than Russia. It’s core to the culture. And they lie as easily as breathing. Yeah. Go Russia. Go Putin. Oppress us! !! !!!!!!!
  9. I personally encourage Japan to kick Putin’s nuts.
  10. If you really care…. I suppose you’d think so.
  11. It’s about attention. Always. Too many guys are happy to oblige for some reason I don’t understand.
  12. Well, I guess it’s kinda tough to enforce this law like it matters while you’re simultaneously claiming you don’t need IDs at all. Doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to care about it. I’ll get one when the only ID you can get is Real ID, and NOT having one excludes people from things like driving, voting, and working. Getting medical treatment. Maybe when you have to be a US citizen to get it and NOT having one gets you a tour in a work camp until you’re deported.
  13. Should be required to vote, right?
  14. LOL. They won the house. You're gonna love that winter, for sure.
  15. Where in hell did you come up with this? The Schindler Jews were taken from a sure route to the death camps. An incredibly fortunate few offered a lifeline. Should they not have taken it? Tell me. How many usable rounds of ammunition did the Schindler Jews produce? Are you saying there was not active sabotage taking place? WTF
  16. Equity is Marxism repackaged for identity politics.
  17. Screw SS. Just give me my money back, with interest.
  18. Raise your hand if you'd like to assert that if Republicans proposed RAISING the voting age to 21, progs wouldn't cry "election rigging!! Go ahead and claim that so I can call you a liar before I need to start work.
  19. And in this morning's news we see that Twitter did in fact suppress individuals speech at the request of the DNC. And now we will see our local progs pretend they would not be absolutely, inconsolably apoplectic had the RNC done the same. Progs, tell me why Twitter shouldn't close the accounts of all Democrat politicians and Leftist members of the entertainment industry. Or you can make excuses and obfuscations as usual.
  20. Religions don't incite chit any more than political parties. We already have laws that cover things like conspiracy to commit crimes. There's no need to single out religions other than as a display of bias. 10 years of riots in this nation. We lock up everyone fanning the flames and Democrats would never win another election.
  21. Hey. I heard this war would end if Russians left Ukraine. Can you believe it?
  22. Well, it’s government, so I wouldn’t expect it to be run very well.