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  1. Hey, you're not wrong about NATO being a PITA and needing their balls kicked periodically. But think about all the isolated "F the rest of the world" nations you can think of. What do they have in common?
  2. And North Korea, and Taiwan too! You know how isolated nations survive? By the government directing every aspect of their lives.
  3. In what world do you accept your neighbor dictating to you? And when he tries to kill you, you figure you should have just given him what he wants? Oh, by the way, he already got away with occupying your garden shed.
  4. Russians: “We’re taking your stuff.” Ukrainians: “No, you’re not.” Appeasers: “You war mongers should have given them your stuff.”
  5. Truer words...
  6. Ya know, we’d probably be wise to slow the population growth in the US, huh?
  7. Assuming one thing, right? That the economy is not finally, slowly crashing under the burden of decades of debt and printed cash.
  8. Maybe you can grow mushrooms under solar panels. They’re worth next to nothing as far as nutrition is concerned, but they’re damn tasty.
  9. Is that not what environmentalist DO? Progs can’t do a damn thing not completely dripping with hypocrisy.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised, or impressed really. There’s been all sorts of ways to commit mass destruction for the last 70 years. I suspect MSN getting excited about a new weapon, based on an idea kicked around for decades, has more to do with selling sensational headlines than introducing an actual game changer. Putin has shot his wad of terror already. All he has left is shooting his mouth of, and his proxies with him, about using some sort of nuclear weapon. An act which would likely put his nation at risk of destruction where failure in Ukraine presents zero such risk. No one in their right mind wants to be stuck occupying Russia and dealing with those people. In fact, on the whole, they’d rather deal with a strong, peaceful Russia instead of a bunch of pathetic wannabes letting their strongmen play tough guy. They’d rather stroke their egos with conquest than make the effort to build a nation.
  11. Thousands of acres of farmland and forest turned into government subsidized solar deserts in Upstate NY. I cannot think of a single more obvious condemation of Prog stupidity than solar farms.
  12. No. NOOO! Not THAT!
  13. You can deflect all you want. The fact is solar fields are an environmental disaster.
  14. Oh NOES! Another scary nuke thing! The "Weapon of the Apocalypse." LOL. The media loves them some excitement.