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  1. Well, one might suggest if a business is still making money, it hasn't outlived usefulness.
  2. Well, if ever there were experts on emasculation....
  3. There's caring and there's CARING. I care (small font) because I think silly virtue signaling PC nonsense should no longer be ignored. It costs me a few lines of text, rather than gas money to the demonstration.
  4. I find it embarrassing as an American that this puddle-of-dumb thread made it 15 pages.
  5. A female "Bond" will get as much play as "Ocean's 8."
  6. Bond is an attitude. No one but a few nutcases cares what color he is. We gonna worry about book-accurate hair color too?
  7. Capital idea. Problem solved.
  8. What's right is that these folks ARE taken care of, by their employers. NY passing the buck because they spend too much money buying votes and other progressive crap is BS. We have a system...use it, dammit. Quit crying to the Fed every time you don't want to pay YOUR bills.
  9. Idriss Elba would have made a perfect Bond. A female, of any color, is just silly. It'll tank. There's plenty of tough female fiction characters out there. None of them named James Bond.
  10. So, you're saying if an arsonist sets a building on fire, it's not the city's job to take care of the firefighters? Or are you saying that there's some legal principle that says all first responders are instantly federalized as a result of a terrorist act?
  11. So, the Feds are now responsible every time a local responder suffers injury? Nonsense. Those guys did what they did no matter the risks. They were on site before any analysis was done because that's what they do. They employer takes care of them because that's what THEY do. Do the right thing, New York. Take care of your heroes.
  12. But what does that have to do with NYC covering its employees? Or NYS? This is the first or second most tax-crazed state in the nation. Why are they not able to cover their obligations?
  13. Phooey. This is what we old guys call a "bulletin board." Its also the ONLY site I've posted on for the last 18 years. Really, it's the only one I read, come to think of it. I do have a Facebook account I never look at, so that I don't get Zuckerberg's curtain of denial when I try to look at a business' Facebook page. Don't have a single social media app and couldn't care less what people do on them. Hell, I don't care what people post here, I just ignore the dopes. Keep the govt out of personal interactions.
  14. I can't be the only one that doesn't give a damn about social media and thinks that govt should stay out of it. Secret manipulation of search data is one thing, social media blather is another.
  15. Built on a wobbling stool.