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  1. You shouldn’t be. Gami and Gotcow are objective in their positions. For that, for not being a mindless follower, Gotcow gets called a “fence sitter.” Gami tries to see the truth of a situation. I can say that and still rarely agree with him. For can’t complain about a problem and not offer a solution. Your criticism should be based on knowing there was a better answer, or how can your criticism be legitimate? That said, no, Trump is no leader. He’s a CEO. Americans knew that when he got the job, and the results are about what they intended. Like we’ve said a dozen times, we ignore the man and look for the results. The results are far better than any Democrat offering could obtain. Clinton? Biden? We’ll all be fine waving goodbye to Trump, after four more years. I can’t wait to see him go, but you know perfectly well that when he does, a Republican replacement would be treated by Democrat leadership exactly the way they’ve treated Trump. The personality doesn’t matter, only the contest.
  2. Jesus. Did you see me ask about shackles? Can the perp cuffed to a vehicle? It was a question to a law enforcement officer. What additional methods could be used to end the physical, as in personal contact, part of restraining a perp so the cop cannot be accused of applying force?
  3. I see you’re here Quonnie, you going to defend your nonsense about November?
  4. Seems to me like simultaneously condemning this killing while threatening to shoot rioters is the right answer all the way around. No more excusing violence. Including the violence that shall not be named.
  5. Yes, we know this. My point is that if officers had a way to better restrain perps they were concerned with, they wouldn’t need to do it physically themselves, which in turn would remove any question of excessive force. We need to come up with a better way to protect cops from mistakes, liability, and becoming the next excuse these animals are looking for.
  6. Have fun with that.
  7. Seems like if cops had a better way to completely and quickly safely restrain perps it would be better for everyone. The quicker they can release physical contact, the better. Would shackling these guys immediately be legal?
  8. Oh look, another lefty lied and fled. SOP.
  9. They withheld information to make sure the disease got out into the world to even the playing field. They released the sequence data so that more competent people could create a vaccine once they had shared the virus.
  10. Incidentally, let’s tell them not to give this money to anyone else. Keep it in the freaking treasury to pay down the idiotic debt they just created.
  11. Two Bells & Sixty Tickets. Genius.
  12. Their are enough countries right now looking at their treasuries and thinking to themselves that the WHO is worthless. And know the Chinese connection with it. Don't be surprised if Trump is in fact a trendsetter here.
  13. They lie like it’s their job. And then cry about being regarded as fools.
  14. No they won’t, but we also know the guy wouldn’t be dead if the cop hadn’t helped him die. And besides, mobs don’t care about information. They care about a fake, thin veil of justification for criminally, courtesy of the left.
  15. Another left-wing nutbag.