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  1. Hey, another conservative just got assaulted at Berkeley. If that halfwit Pelosi wasn't in state it never would have happened. Really, the best way to handle these fools is to let them talk.
  2. Texas found what, 95000 illegals voters on the roles? I tend to think that's a problem, and a BIG one. As for these guys, max sentences for all. Hold a new election and let the voters decide.
  3. There is no sane excuse for these Dems not to be arrested for criminal negligence.
  4. What you really won't hear is "Hey, Jussie made up a BS story to malign White hetero males. That's a hate crime."
  5. At some point you've got to accept that you're completely wasting your time.
  6. A lot of good stuff here. Some may be fluff or exaggeration, but it's a good starting point going in to the next election.
  7. There's articles from major media sources all over the net about the Obama admin manipulating job data. It wasn't a secret.
  8. Rich, single, old widower gets laid. Trump was in the country. News!
  9. If only he could LEAD instead of blather and badger he could be so much more effective. He makes it so easy to dislike him, Republicans don't feel obliged to support him. They all get away with total BS like our fiscal situation, failing to get a wall built, etc. And then...they do so poorly they lose the midterms.
  10. "Normallizing behavior that was previously unacceptable?!" OH Lord, the irony. It's killing me.
  11. So, someone check me in this. Kraft pays for sex. Therefore...he was aware of and supporting human trafficking, and Trump lives down the street so it's his fault. This is completely idiotic, right?
  12. LOL. That is about the most unadulterated bit of hero worship as I've ever seen. Well done.
  13. I tend to agree. That said, this government is so broken that we're now operating outside of anything the framers ever imagined. As great a document as the Constitution is, it has some fatal flaws. We're lucky it took so long to see them start to destroy the nation the Constitution created. The document didn't go far enough to limit the power of government, or define the roles of its institutions. As a result, you have one class of citizens openly preying on another, steadily curtailing their liberty, and taking their property. All perfectly legal. You have a Congress that can utterly abandon its responsibilities without repercussions, because the framers overestimated the vote as an effective remedy. In short, we're so far gone, to the point were US citizens won't enforce the sovereignty of the nation, or demand fiscal responsibility, that all that may be left is getting the right thing done however you can.