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  1. It ain't Israel, Tim. Its Jews et al. As for referencing Christians... Ben represents them about as well as the nut bags he uses represent Jews. Or even the majority of Israelis. Or the gang members I posted represent Asians. It's ALL asinine, which is exactly why I do it. But you know what...it's too bad it takes a non-Christian to call these guys out, when Christians ought to be all over it themselves.
  2. Yeah, Ben. People really will let you down.
  3. I met quite a few of the Soviet Era guys after the wall came down. Good guys. One time in Kyiv I recall in particular. (Big diplomatic meeting and I had flown in US Secretary of Defense, Perry.) We were on my aircraft comparing notes on flight time and established that in addition to our aircraft being in a lot better shape, I had more than four times their flying time at half their age. That's the literal truth, and it would have applied to most of our NATO peers.
  4. Dead-on accurate to anyone with a shred of intelligence.
  5. It serves as a sign-in roster for anti-semites. Good christians, all.
  6. Oh, C'mon. You know full well thats not FWWs issue here.
  7. Sending who back? Asians? That's not cool.
  8. Any of you righteous Christians want to offer your plan to deal with these people yet?
  9. I'd be more disgusted if we didn't have a handful of guys on the right here dabbling in it already.
  10. Sadly I'm afraid the Trumpsters will absolutely refuse to admit that Trump is the least likely candidate to beat these morons. And F him for not having the balls or respect to make the debates.
  11. Big deal. We've got some special ops guys that can put them to sleep with a stare.
  12. Ah, well we all know it's dirty, but I guess without a deep-dive it would be impossible to separate her role in that, or how much her husbands made from insider knowledge. Only term limits can limit the potential for corruption, and it's still going to be there. So term limits AND capital corruption laws.
  13. You sure that's the case? Is that number just her or does it involve her husband's income?
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