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  1. I’m fairly sure that’s international protocol. I’d expect we get the same at any meeting overseas.
  2. Well, this is wonderfully capitalist. At least, as long as you completely ignore the government interventions screwing up the labor market.
  3. Some absolutely did, but I’d suggest he drove a lot more Progs totally insane. The reality that isn’t really captured here, and you’re not helping your cause if you ignore it, is that many more on the right spent four years in a permanent facepalm over Trump’s rhetoric, but were amazed and pleased at the sane policy rolling off his pen. I am absolutely convinced that virtually every policy-related complaint from Progs is utter BS. Russia was BS. Ukraine was BS. The impeachments, the alleged racism... all, BS. Had Trump kept his mouth shut, and just governed, he’d probably been re-elected. And that just shows how shallow most American voters are. Hell, had he been a Democrat you guys would have loved him. Spent money like a drunken sailor. Didn’t cut entitlements. Didn’t fight the lockdowns. Instituted the travel bans you complained about until you decided travel bans were great. Had he been other than a open, monumental narcissist he’d have been a great Democrat. Your leaders try to hide their own narcissism. Trump practically celebrated his own.
  4. I don’t know what your problem is. Government has handled this entire pandemic brilliantly. Restricting rights, destroying businesses, enabling people to stay home while building crushing national debt. Lying about data. Actually managing to discourage vaccinations. They’ve been brilliant. You need to get your mind right.
  5. Um, DHS advises and coordinates with private companies. It does not actively defend their systems. Nor does it actively defend State or even most Federal systems.
  6. Because at the moment, they’re competing with the government. These are typically not new jobs, but businesses trying to hire back people they lost, from a massive pool of unemployed, largely made up of folks who don’t want to work, and/or who’s previous employers were forced out of business by COVID restrictions. And when the new employers, the ones who survive, are stable and paying more, they'll pass the cost on to fixed-income granny while we all watch our own spending power evaporate.
  7. GOLD STAR! it’s always fascinating to see another brilliant @7 Rivers rebuttal.
  8. A right-winger called it before you, dumbass.
  9. Seriously. It’s time to just raise the BS flag on masks.
  10. 1.6 - 1.8%. On a good day. What a bunch of idiots.
  11. Ya just can’t trust a forehead like that. No way.
  12. Kinda matters who he was snitching on, though.
  13. Hell, I thank you for wanting to work! Well done!
  14. So I'm sitting here doing the "observation period" following the second Pfizer jab. No ill effects so far, but suddenly 'free rent for all' seems like a great idea.
  15. Are you serious? Because intelligent people are sinking their money into physical things while that money is still worth something! If you can, you buy outright. If you can’t, you fix a mortgage NOW and pray you can keep making the fixed payments after the cost of everything else in your life skyrockets. You’re 401K? And if you have metals? You might want to get it out of your safe deposit box, or other easily found place.