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  1. Ethical bankruptcy is now mainstream. True. And I'm sure you don't mean to suggest that having a majority means the majority is right. Ask how many people believe they should get a free stipend from wealthier Americans and the same pathetic muggers will give the same answer. Just like they did in Venezuela.
  2. The Flyers management are gutless cowards, and the snowflakes that complained need to be handed pacifiers and told to suck em.
  3. You better watch out Gami, she's the boss, ya know. Aint no flicking this one.
  4. We know how much the few rational Dems need to downplay her significance...but it's patently untrue. She's becoming mainstream by swinging your party, and she's been given tremendous influence, by your party. She's tearing you guys up and you're stuck with her. Hell, she's a gift from the gods. Her, Omar, and most of the Dem Presidential field.
  5. She's just so easy to laugh at, and how she's helping to divide the party and put Dems on record supporting pure buffoonery is a bonus. Hell, Dem candidates are so afraid to gainsay her they'll parrot any asinine thing out of her mouth to be "Progressive." Shamelessly grasping for power will get these people saying anything. I watched Biden talking to a bunch of union laborers today, parroting Obama's "you didn't build that" routine. It was embarrassing.
  6. But it's worse than that. They lie. They lie and then push an agenda as surely as any propagandist.
  7. You're confusing scared with amused.
  8. Sure, and by their own hard work.
  9. You stop this and you remove a primary motivation for coming here illegally. It is long overdue. Only the sheep determined to surrender US sovereignty still support it. Further, I submit that it can be done without a Constitutional amendment.
  10. The police aren't the problem, why would I give them any kind of hassle for doing their jobs? I'm just not going to help them enforce laws that I know should be unconstitutional, so I simply will not comply with the law. For the record, I am currently, and always have been, in full compliance. I will remain so if the laws don't change. The problem isn't the police, it's the idiotic sheep and the hand-wringing fools they elect. And every other weakling that would acquiesce to them.
  11. If it comes to that point I guarantee you my weapons and mags will be hidden, er, misplaced. I absolutely will not comply with any further restriction of my right to bear arms.
  12. Thread necro still won't hide the fact the there was no collusion.
  13. One of the Ventura variants. Talasea airstrip, Papua New Guinea.
  14. Glad to have them back in Southern RI. Local we know just took a picture of one in his backyard a couple of miles from us. Saw the picture, no doubt it was a bobcat.
  15. Why does anyone GAS about a 70+ year old rich guy doing what we all wish we could do if we were 70+ year old rich guys? Dude ought to get a medal for refusing to quit.