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  1. Get into those rivers with some crayfish patterns! Some really nice smallies up that way. Also some exellent brown trout fishing as well. If you're on lake O work the weeds with a huskey jerk or a mepps #5 spinner, lake has some really impressive pike.
  2. Going to have to retract my offer, took on some extra work and not going to be able to gey away for a while... FHR
  3. I'll take this if you don't mind waiting till thursday for me to get down there. Cash in hand. FHR
  4. If you'll take a pmo l'll take the speargun. FHR
  5. If you'll take a PMO l'll take this. FHR
  6. Money sent.. Thanks again! FHR
  7. l'll take this. pp FHR
  8. Ok, I'll take the pants. How much to ship to 11746, plus pp fees? FHR
  9. How tall are you? I'm 5'9", will these pants fit me? I'll take em pending some questions answered. FHR
  10. I'll take this... PMO tomorrow morning. FHR
  11. I'll offer you 95 shipped for everything but the boots. FHR
  12. Where is Local for you?
  13. Would you concider 350 for the VS with-out the line? If so l'd take it pending pics. FHR
  14. Hight? Weight? I'm 5'9", 140... Would this be too small for me? FHR