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  1. Mokes forgot to wipe his shoes again.
  2. Far as I know antibodies is blood test only.
  3. Just looked it up
  4. This should not be overlooked. Also vitamin K if you are going to do lots of vitamin D
  5. Yup it's been crazy for quite a while now. Some real nice fish with some beasts thrown in.
  6. LOL nice. I kept one a few weeks ago that had 33 peanuts in it
  7. If it was tight to a tree and moving quickly it could have been a brown creeper
  8. Well I'll still have a backup for you just in case.
  9. Aren't you bringing a surf rod?
  10. Hope she recovers well.
  11. Oh no, I missed it again?
  12. I you're gonna be super cereal the asterisk is your friend.
  13. Safe and effective
  14. Wasn't it Nancy who said "they'll vote for a glass of water with a D next to it" ?
  15. That's the way I understood it to be.
  16. Not that I needed it but thanks for the warning.
  17. Tofurkey? You got the wrong guy.