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  1. Test stand number one and the rocket sled itself got LUNCHED! By a famous mountain-in and his small, wooden wife
  2. The first noteworthy piece of real estate they destroyed was Edwards Air Force Base.
  3. I have at least 6 hummingbirds buzzing around possibly more.
  4. "Dow da dow dow...as Billy had just leveled it"
  5. "La la la nice lady"
  6. Oh boy! I sure hope the wuhan lab is working on this.
  7. I hope I don't miss the moment when Rocky fish slaps you with a fluke!
  8. Finally! Someone to neutralize Spaz!
  9. That;s a lot of words to say yes
  10. That was Anne Hathaway.
  11. NO Send them to the outpost or the dungeon.
  12. Immunity boosters!
  13. I hope you find relief.
  14. Newsflash...it's summer. I poured lead today
  15. Thompson model B circa 1962. I used to have a Renzetti traveler but that corroded pretty bad after leaving it next to my saltwater fish tank too long, so back to the Thompson.