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  1. Awesome. Just in time for the second wave.
  2. Why use a fish eye lens at all in this instance? Just curious.
  3. The fire department is bad too now? WTF
  4. Thanks for the visual
  5. The pizza doesn't have hairy legs and reek of patchouli?
  6. Of what? An imaginary trip?
  7. Hmm I never did a control test with blackfish. I kinda knew captivity would speed things up but that's a lot.
  8. I once baited a number 16 hook with a tiny piece of sandworm and caught a 3" sea bass. I also caught some lizard fish and other assorted small stuff. I took the sea bass home and raised him up to 12" in a year. They grow pretty quick.
  9. Never did the fabric on the trap thing but as far as bait goes nothing beats fresh string beans.
  10. May the Peace that passes all understanding blanket you and your family Bob. I pray the rest of your journey is pain free.
  11. Indeed I did.
  12. I was told to get lost
  13. Just some nasa guys talking on vids I saw a while back, I don't think I could find them again.
  14. You are daft, there's a bunch of reasons why they would. Meanwhile all we hear is we're going to mars blah blah blah but these idiots can't even get back to the moon. They say they lost the telemetric data (how the hell do you lose something so valuable?) So the computers and know how was better in the 70's...laughable. They come right out and say they can't get past the Van Allen Belt.
  15. So you admit to the trickery?