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  1. I'm in! Thanks for running this.
  2. angry pirate
  3. Looks like a paper cut to me.
  4. I knew it! This is him with Bo isn't it?
  5. The stench of death hangs heavy...no Queen, no King Shall I cancel my order for some autumnal mead? Or will it be backordered?
  6. A little color on a dreary day.
  7. Yeah I like them too, got bunches of them. I have had juncos for a while now but just yesterday and today it seemed like a ton more showed up. The pine siskins have been pretty regular although today there weren't many. Still waiting on the grosbeaks.
  8. A few from today. At one point there were close to 100 birds at the three feeding stations I have.
  9. Got close to 8" of wet heavy snow here. Can't wait to clear the driveway apron in the morning after the plows eff me.
  10. Yes I missed the other posts it's true.