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  1. Kick that cancers dick in the dirt Bob.
  2. You would think an actor knows which is the business end of a camera
  3. Far shots but ok for the drama. This time the harrier won over the owls vole.
  4. I couldn't even get through 5 minutes of that crap. "Innocent until proven guilty" Maybe you jokers should try that across the board instead of cherry picking when to use it.
  5. yeah right1 Now they all want to wait for the facts...this clown, the rest of the left media, Harris, Booker. What a joke.
  6. That must have taken a whole can of kiwi
  7. politicians, actors. crisis actors...the lines have blurred, they're all the same, and it's pretty clear they'll stop at nothing to get their way.
  8. Went to see the owls again on Saturday. They did not disappoint.
  9. I agree...those 2 eagles in that pose are awesome.
  10. i only got this far into the thread. He had a sandwich in one hand, a phone in the other, a noose around his neck and he fought them off? Seriously?
  11. I feel like I'm watching an episode of oak island
  12. ELO

    Used to listen to them a lot way back when.