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  1. Wouldn't dissing the closest advisors to the president by a close advisor of the president qualify as, leaking?
  2. I thought you drank the Kool Aid, but you are the Kool Aid.
  3. Interesting. Considering the topic of the conversation if Mooch did think it was off the record, wouldn't that make him a "leaker". Wrap your head around that.
  4. I just realized Mooch thought he was talking off the record. Sad.
  5. If they are so incompetent, why does Mooch go to The NYT and go on the record saying f'in this and sucking C--- that a out the presidents closest advisors?
  6. Do you read the titles of the topics you post in? I thought we were talking about The Mooch.
  7. How do you call the media "fraudulent". They quoted the guy!
  8. So let the country go down the toilet just because it's not Hillary doing the flushing. If you sit there with your brains in your hand an tell me and others here that if Hillary was doing what Trump is doing you would be fine with it, you're just not worth further discussion because you are either brain dead or just a low life troll. by the way, if you think that wall will ever be build or that in the end Gorsuch will be the Duck's butt boy you're a fool as we'll.
  9. Including a little thing called, Civil Rights? Gunning down presidents, candidates, civil rights workers and advocates. Jim Crow, WW2, Vietnam, Enron, Nixon, Highjacking, Pentagon Papers, Olympic massacre, OJ, missiles in Cuba. Thats all all I can think of at the moment without hitting Google.
  10. We all have a clear understanding of your vision of right and wrong from posts in previous threads. Way off base.
  11. Actually, no. The large majority of Obama's golf was played on Military bases, except when he was on vacation. So inflated costs for security and use of the course along with Trump's cut can't be factored in.
  12. It's a shame that we have a system where a life long politician and man of service can only find the courage and do the right thing and stand up to his Party and President when faced with the Big Sleep.
  13. No, pinhead. That's what it costs you. He only clears a couple of hundred thousand out of that.
  14. Do we even need to go that far to call him an legitimate president? I don't think so.