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  1. I'm 60 this year and don't have a problem with a heavier yak even with a lifted 4wd ute, you just have to budget for some lifting device and the right plan.I even have a step to stand on as I'm not real tall.
  2. We get at least a couple of people dead a year down in Australia, a tow ball might look strong enough but its a very bad idea to snatch off it.
  3. Back in the eighties we'd pour two pack foam into the bow and stern of our canoes, I did the same with my Jackson Kilroy and it's totally unsinkable and with the floor you feet never get unless you take some waves over the side.
  4. I believe the Deeper app can export a CSV file to work with Windows programs such as Reefmaster however I've been discouraged from buying one as the GPS can be inaccurate, I would definitely buy one if they fixed the GPS issues.
  5. An Australian called Cliff Martin patented such reel over forty years ago called the Seamartin, it competed with the Alvey sidecast for around twenty years but never took off, a relatively simple design but light weight was not a feature
  6. The Kayalu and Yakattack lights are made by Tektite, I would recommend the 4 LED version if there boats about.
  7. Halco does a surface lure called the nighwalker, it features a luminescent bib and works well, I'm not keen on a fully glowing lure, you can slide a glow in the dark bead over the hook shank for a tiny bit of attraction. Charlie
  8. If you using 3/O or larger single hooks they are usually made for offshore jigging and have extremely thick wire, this is why you loose fish, a thinner hook holds easier but of coarse can straighten out. Can't explain that video as I have never lost two fish in a row using singles as long as the initial hook set holds.
  9. If you google "haswing kayak" there is quite a bit about them, I've never seen one on the water but definitely only for calm water or they can sink.
  10. Its a Knucklehead by Sevenstrand, i believe the design would go back to the sixties.
  11. I have a Jackson Kilroy which is a sit in with raised seat, the advantage of going higher is better viability and comfort, the disadvantage is some loss of stability,and you need a longer paddle which is heavier. I brought it to fish from and If you want to fish all day then I need the raised seat, I not really into arguing if it's a real kayak or the correct way to paddle.
  12. I'm sure the bat do OK, people have been throwing the rat and duckling lure for good effect fishing for murray cod down in Australia.There has been a swim bait craze lately and once people up sized their rods all manner of large lures have been used to with good results.
  13. It's an Ecooda jerk bait or possibly a Zerek, same company I believe some lures are cross marketed, the face and sideways hook hook hanger is identical to the Ecooda minnow I brought for barra fishing bout five years ago.
  14. I had my sounder mounted in the powerboat with a single 1/4 inch t bolt and it failed, I know there is a lot more vibration in boat than my yak but its something to keep in mind since it's it less than 1/4" with the threads, I always use a backing plate and two bolts with my rod holders . The carpenters track that kinghong posted is good value however a very tight fit with the yakattack t bolts.
  15. It's been a few years but I brought mine from rodringsandthings in the UK, it's lasted well.