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  1. Ducky McDonald from Father Judge HS?
  2. Penn 716 on a seven foot Ugly Stick UL rod.
  3. A Penn 100 attached to a lite or medium action rod, couple of Door Gunner’s float rigs, No Bones T-shirt (for proper Mojo), nice weather, a cold A-Treat birch beer all in a nice Garvey. Heaven for back bay fishing.
  4. Yes. 146, 180, & 100 all same size. Each has different features. Use my Penn 180 in the bay behind Stone Harbor/Wildwood spooled with 20 lb test braided Dacron. Just the right size and weight for Fluke etc.
  5. To keep the rig in the old school Penn family: 2711 or 2712 Slammer rod.
  6. Thanks DG, but I already have them and they work. Work even better with the Mojo from wearing a No Bones Bait & Tackle t-shirt!
  7. it's a rebareled large ring military WW2 98k early war issue. It has been reblued and not polished well. 220 Swift not too popular a varmit caliber. Trigger is the military two stage. Before doing anything check the condition of the bore as the magazine shows extreme rust which could indicate that it was not cared for. VERY IMPORTANT: have the head space checked. Brownells does carry upgrades. Careful what money you put into it, as it can fast become a money pit.
  8. Another inexpensive option is to deform a few of the Nylon threads on the Nylon wing nuts with a Sodering iron and rescrew them onto your threaded rods.
  9. McMaster-Carr has them in Zinc Alloy with the Nylon inserts. Not cheap. In lieu of inserts try Loctite.purple.
  10. Wawa French Vanilla please.
  11. Try coating with Brownells Aluma-Hyde. It comes in black and clear.
  12. The only problem with older Penn's with the exception of the 704/706 is the availability of parts. Some of the parts are hard to come by. However if cared for they last for ever.
  13. Heat the bearing recess with a heat gun. Apply the nut that holds the rotor on to the end of the pinion gear and pull the assembly from the frame holding the nut with pliers.
  14. When Philadelphia Police switched over to 911 from 231-3131 it was advertised as nine eleven. We received many calls from the public asking where the eleven was on the phone dial!
  15. Bought this 1951 Studebaker Commander in 1967. Drove it many times to Pt Pleasant NJ and Barnigat Light from Philadelphia to go fishing.