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  1. Add Tony Luke's to this group of way over rated and over priced Steak joints. Fortunately there are quite a few local neighbor hood spots that can make a darn good cheese steak. I use Dattilo's Deli here in NE Philadelphia. You must start with a crusted hearth baked roll with or without Sesame seeds, finely chopped boneless round beef. Good sharp Provolone cheese and than add what even fixins you want : salt, pepper, Catsup, sweet or hot cherry peppers. Cheese Wiz is not cheese but a mixture of ingredients that resemble processed cheese.
  2. If what you think is a 704 handle on a 710 hits the bail, is the washer missing on the handle stud? Part -17-704 called " handle washer" on the parts list. All of the 1 st generation Spingfisher reels have the same 1/4-24 left handed threaded stud. The only one that has a different bend is the 700 handle and only a 700 handle on the 700 will not hit the 700's bail/ rotor assembly. They is no timing issue with this series of reels. 706, 704, 710, & 712 handles all interchange with 706/704 the longest while the 710 is shorter, and the 712 is even shorter.
  3. Be careful leaving exposed equipment in you auto. Your insurance may not cover a lost. It's called a moral in liability coverage and you have caused fault by leaving equipment exposed in you auto even though you have the vehicle locked. It is case law here in Pennsyvania. Your basic coverage in your homeowners renters policy is only about $500 USC. A rider would cover the rest.
  4. Been using a pair of Sergeants for over 40 years. Keep them oiled to control rust. Also have a 20 year old set of Manley's same maintance. Also have two smaller pairs of Sergeants for fresh water use.
  5. Do to a health issued he is not fixing any reels.
  6. OCD in Florida. handi2's shop.
  7. Because it's not on a public street Neighborhood Service can't remove it. You as the owner of the property must have it towed. I believe Philadelphia sanitation yard may take it. Try calling 311 for information. If it is a very old boat the boat may never have had a title, but the trailer should be titled.
  8. Broken window policing doesn't work. The USA was founded on protest. The problem is when the line of peaceful protest is crossed and you get into a major problem like we had twice in Philadelphia called Move and a third time with Act Up.
  9. A 2711 Penn that I am waiting to fish. Will use one of my Penn 710's or 712, or maybe my Penn 5500SS.
  10. Whole mess Is a ploy to go after the Murkowski and Collins vote.
  11. Shame the H and R Handys are no longer made. I bought mine used for $125 with a 2 1/2 power scope in 45-70. Sent the receiver to H&R under their barrel program and added 20 Guage shotgun, 22 Hornet, 30-30, and 12 Guage rifled for slug use in Pennsylvania's special regulation area in SE PA. Wish I got another one before they became unobtainium. Would like to have like one in 7-64 Breneke or 7mm Mauser. There used to be a Handi site on Yahoo.
  12. They are a press fit. Sold as part of the housing. The one's McMaster Carr carries are too big. Might be able to drill out hole, tap it, and use a set screw to fill hole. This will give you a way to oil the gear shaft without removing the main gear. But it's not really needed if you just grease the gear shaft when the reel is broken down for service. Hole can be filled with epoxy
  13. No hole drilled, it's just a missing oil port.
  14. Per Keith via the Pensacola fishing site: he came home Friday but has bed sores due to substandard nursing care in the hospital.
  15. Mystic has them.