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  1. Try coating with Brownells Aluma-Hyde. It comes in black and clear.
  2. The only problem with older Penn's with the exception of the 704/706 is the availability of parts. Some of the parts are hard to come by. However if cared for they last for ever.
  3. Heat the bearing recess with a heat gun. Apply the nut that holds the rotor on to the end of the pinion gear and pull the assembly from the frame holding the nut with pliers.
  4. When Philadelphia Police switched over to 911 from 231-3131 it was advertised as nine eleven. We received many calls from the public asking where the eleven was on the phone dial!
  5. Bought this 1951 Studebaker Commander in 1967. Drove it many times to Pt Pleasant NJ and Barnigat Light from Philadelphia to go fishing.
  6. It is illegal to camp in a camper or RV not in a camp ground in Cape May County NJ. It is enforced by local PD. This includes the Wally World parking lot.
  7. Mighty Mouse Mickey Mouse Club
  8. Merry Christmas Doorgunner and to your family. Hope to see you this Summer. George6308
  9. Local Philadelphia shows: Chief Halftown, Sally Star, Captain Noah, Wee Willy Weber, Dr Shock, Happy the Clown, Big Top, Gene London, Bertie The Bunyup & Action In The Afternoon (ch 10 live western)
  10. Take a look at Lyman's 330 Gould bullet backed up by a load of 5744 powder.
  11. Pick up a AAA or Good Sam guide. They contain the info you need.
  12. Penn 10 level wind, 180 Baymaster, 100 Surfmaster, or 146 Squidder for convential. 712 or similar sized Penn Spinfisher.
  13. Only use Penn's. Having serviced them over the years I can take them apart without written help. I even have committed some of the part numbers to memory.
  14. Just a reminder it's time to renew your NJ saltwater registration for 2019.
  15. Any of the purposed drag systems including the factory HT100 will work. There may be a wear problem using the SS sleeve. The brass dog is softer than the SS sleeve and my wear out. SS dogs are not available for the sleeve 98-155. Reel seems a little on the light side for what you purpose . That being said the SS sleeve will handle more drag pressure than the factory brass sleeve. Make sure you use an aluminum spool with your build.