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  1. This might be a way around 711 handle problem. All of the first generation Penn Spinfisher reels right handled handles are interchangable with one exception the original 700 ( different bend). The right handed handles are tapped 1/4-28 left handed. Check the threads on the 711 handle stud and see if is 1/4-28 right handed. If so Pick up a new 704/706 handle and retap it 1/4-28 right handed it should fit or even a try to find a 710/712 handle and retap. If the retap does not work you can drill and tap the mounting hole and use a Helicoil or a thread insert matching the 711's stud threads.
  2. The drag knob is the same as the 710. There is a replacement part:52-550G. It is a little smaller but it does work. I use it on my 710's. The handle is going to be hard to find.
  3. The cone is used on the reissued 706’s. As to the loose handle nut, try the rubber contact cement.
  4. Is it the handle itself coming loose from the gear stud or the nut that tightens up to allow the handle to turn for storage? I just apply more torque to the joints. Never had to use Locktight. Is the washer ( part 17-710) in place between the handle and gear stud? A little rubber contact cement will also work.
  5. Go to Harbor Freight, buy a set of magnetic towing lights. They can be attached to your trailer via the magnets. Remove them before dunking your trailer.
  6. Using a two D cell flashlight painted OD green with the light part 90 degrees from the battery part. Taking the empty soda bottles back to the store for the $ .02 deposit. Wooden handles on salt water fishing rods with metal reel seats. Loosing the rubber bumper on the end of the wooden handle. Braided nylon Squidding line. Blue Jeanes being called dungarees, made in the USA, and purchased from an Army Navy store.
  7. Old school: Penn 712 or 710 or try 450/4500 SS or 550/5500 SS. 713 /711 if you prefer left handed.
  8. Those who serve aboard her protect us from harm's way and deserve our respect, support, and prayers for claim seas and fair winds.
  9. Try No Bones in Wildwood if you want to fish further south. You might meet the Grand Mufti!
  10. Fred: Just watched Thursday's opening day 2019 fluke show. Excellent show Keep up the good work.
  11. It not a Pith Helmet. It's called a pressed fiber sun helmet.
  12. Finally found the show on Direct TV : Thursday at 6.30 PM channel 4. Fred any new shows this year?
  13. Be careful using wheel weights as some are not lead but die cast zinc. They will spoil you lead mixture. Lead is mixed with antimony and tin to make casting easier and to fill out the mold.
  14. My Penn green is from a spray can I purchased on Flebay. It was mixed by a company called CFI. They matched any paint color. They are long out of business. The original Penn 700's were a differant shade of green, darker than the later 716, 714, 712, 711, 710, and 713. The 704 was never painted green, they used a matalic blue green. When the Z series came out the green was discontinued and they all became black. There are some 710 .& 712 pre Z's painted black, flat or gloss. The 720 was also never green being blue or brown prior to the Z's.
  15. Fred, aka Doorgunner, are you running the Jersey Cape Fishing shows this year?