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  1. You would need that AND an anchor for the city (and state) because Wall Street is going going gone , maybe an HQ for a big tech...nevermind The 2nd thing besides another Rudy and an anchor industry , would be a middle class. That's mostly already gone or what's left of it will be soon
  2. It will be 20-30 years before this ends
  3. it is like history is almost repeating itself. except in this case there exists a good chance the shots fired call from ( the ALMIGHTY solution to all WOKE white college kids - teckmology ) shot spotter technology from gun shots and/or fireworks Read Circle of Six. Or Murder at the Harlem Mosque by French Connection legendary NYPS Det. Sonny Grosso ( likely you won't be able to find this book). It is the story of how Patrolman Philip Cardillo was ambushed and murdered after receiving a call for help from another patrolman in a Harlem Mosque by the BLA, and the city's liberal Mayor John Lindsay (a wannabe JFK and POTUS hopeful) ordered the PD to stand down after cornering the cop killer in the mosque. Charles Rangel, Louis Farrakhan all here , involved with letting the cop killer go. As bad as things are today, this hasn't happened yet. Just a matter of time. Before some SCWMBAG politician lets a cop killer go PRE- arrest and prevents documentation/investigation for effective prosecution. Watching the few minutes of this video, it is amazing, truly amazing, that there exists white libs, that live in white suburbs, never once stepped foot in a true ghetto, or project, and think that those conditions are what their number one voting block wants more of. Fact is there are good people in those neighborhoods that have jobs and struggle to raise their kids right, and are now going to be pinned down in their apartments except in the eartly morning when they will be able to get out for a few hours. YES PINNED DOWN, no cavalry coming to the rscue, because the SJW say that's what EVERYONE wants?!
  4. WHAT?! Police unions ARE THE PROBLEM. The REAL problem, I read it here in the PG, just ask that poor bastard in Atlanta how well it's working out for him. Funny when people think Chicago is setting a standard for violent crime. NO idea how bad NYC was late 80's early 90's.Toward the end of that mayhem, the peak 92 or 93, one police precinct in Brooklyn , about 5 square miles, had more murders than most cities have. in any year. The 73 and 75 pct are still very similar to what they were back then, still run down third world looking places, albeit with some of the hipster benefit of gentrification here and there, the only thing keeping the lid on the violence in those places has been pro-active policing ( which keeps old ladys, and little kids safe, as well as businesses) . But many other PCTs , like the 69, Canarsie, back then was working class, middle class, cops, FFs, blue and white collar mix, now it is a neighborhood that has a somewhat nice appearance, but has the feel of the 67, which was destroyed by crime and abandoned by those that could leave early 80s. It is going back to those days, BY DESIGN. not by design of police management or patrol, not by design by people who have means and ability and choose to live in NYC until they are risking their lives, but by the DESIGN of largely theoretical college educated sociology majors. educated does by no means equal smarts. And NYC has NO MIDDLE CLASS backbone anymore. It isgoing to be very ugly unless there is a quick shift in the paradigm by politicians and media. Because those two groups CONSISTENTLY SILENCE the voice of people that want more police/less crime. I have read in numerous twitter comments, that NYC began to clean up under Dinkins, and that Giuliani's Police management PARADIGM shift was just an excuse to harass people!!!! absolutely GAS LIGHTING if you lived through it, as I and many of us did. Analogous that give credit to Obama for the economy , in lieu of Trump ( pre Covid commie bomb in March) The weird/sad part is that what is happening/about to happen to NYC is analogous to what is about to happen to our country. As soon as Trump is gone, either a few years or 4 years from now, whoever comes in will put the nitro boost into their accelerator of destruction, just as "woke" pols deBlasio/Cuomo?Albany Legislature/county DA offices have.
  5. You were a shop steward?! Oh my!!! You don't understand anything. This poor cop in Atlanta is facing the death penalty if things go really wrong. Why? He has no police union. Were the stakes that high in the shop you ran?
  6. NYPD was in process of switching and I think either Mayor or City Council objected
  7. depends if they are in a right to work state see Atlanta PD a few days ago
  8. you are bringing up something you do not understand an ACTIVE good cop is going to have many complaints and frivolous lawsuits ACTIVE good cops is what the public wants just because a cop has many complaints/lawsuits dont mean sh1t in the litigious society
  9. There's a difference between bad cops and BAD cops. Training needs to be improved in many departments.
  10. Someone is trying to buy a riot later this afternoon in Downtown Brooklyn. Paid demonstrators with advertisements asking others to bring PPE and get ready to escalate. This is what the DNC wants. Hoping it will open the eyes for some people
  11. Everyone is missing the point. The more people that get this the better. It is highly contagious so it will spread. It spread in NYC when it was completely locked down. The faster people/population get it and have a resolution ( recovery with immunity or death) the better. It will then be irrelevant.
  12. Did their hospitals get over run? Specifically, ventilators. And other specialized respiratory instruments. No. Then it fits in perfect. Will contribute to herd immunity. Which is called science. Because that was the plan.
  13. The idea of the lockdown was to flatten the curve to prevent hospitals from being overun. Prevent the need to out 3 or 4 patients on a vent, when only one vent was available. That was the mission. It was accomplished. What the ffwck is the mission now? Flatten everything seems to be the answer, especially by the media and lefties. Flatten the economy. Flatten the healthcare system. Flatten the American spirit. Flatten constitutional rights Flatten self-evident rights as the founders believed. What is the fear? Yes people will die. They die everyday. But right now EVERYTHING is dying. Can anyone here answer? What is the mission now?
  14. Not even close Little. For a man like you that has seen the USA from touring, somehow you are 100 percent clueless when it comes to this scam. Like I said unless you live there, you can not possibly understand. From what I've heard of some of the Amish, theses people are like an Urban version but on steroids and as scammed up as any mobster ever was. Probably more. There are two movies on Netflix right now . I watched one , it is a documentary, shows a scratch of the surface of the "community," in Brooklyn. The other I have not watched yet. There is also a movie on Hulu, that is based on a book. I haven't seen that yet either. But I would bet a LOT it sugar coats the " community."
  15. The members of that Jewish community do not follow any rules or laws other than what the rabbis tell them. They consider regular American citizens to be catttle. The only reason police would not follow orders is because the mayor NEVER backs them. Eric Garner died because some politician called the local pct commander and told him to stop sale of "loosies.". Then when Garner died , due to being a fat fcck , the pols backed off and said what? Who? We never said to do anything like that, now throw thosexols in jail. GTFO of here. Unless you live in NYC, specifically Brooklyn or Lakewood NJ or Monsey in Rockland Cty NY, or Monroe in Orange County NY could not possibly understand THAT Jewish community. They have INCREDIBLE power because they vote in blocks and get away with EVERYTHING up to and including murder/rape. The rabbis that run the "communities," do not allow educaction. DeBlasio was finally right,but he has no power anymore , none respe ts him at all. And the NYPD did nothing, as their commanders will be around long after deBlasio is gone and they will still have to answer to the higher authority of the Jewish religion. State and government seperation? Ha! Not in NY.