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  1. Sorry for your loss bfd,
  2. One more try, to the top
  3. The news reports are ridiculous.....firefighters on the interior have to evacuate the people, while at the same time search for and locate the fire, then get hoselines into place and operate them. It takes a tremendous amount of manpower and places firefighters at great risk to perform these searches, especially in a building under renovation. Just because from the outside it doesn't look like water is on the fire, has ZERO bearing on what is going on inside. media....helicopters? it is NOT a forest fire, again ridiculous as far as fireboats, no idea if Paris FD has a fireboat capable of getting into that part of the river with a stream large enough to reach the cathedral, even if they did, that is not the FIRST move, not while other firefighters are removing people and conducting searches on the interior of the building for unconscious/injured victims.
  4. Lower price $55 PayPal.
  5. Bmjgf
  6. Sold!
  7. I am a New Yorker , not a lefty by any means. I am beyond disgusted by what she said. Words can not describe.
  8. It is all a package
  9. St. Croix is a great company, been using them since I bought a Doerr Surf rod 20 plus years ago, at a tackle shop that has since gone out of business....
  10. Pics
  11. Pics
  12. Bushnell Falcon 10x50 these are used and show it, but still function i used to carry these all the time to look for birds, breaking fish, bait etc. $23 shipped
  13. $65 for a pair of Oakley Sunglasses: Oakley Sunglasses, bought these years ago and only wore them a few times , look like new to me. ( the gold metal frame ones). $65 pay-pal shipped. I do not know or remember the model number/name but these were around $150 when I bought them Including all of the following : ( these are going with the gold metal frames above ) Also including a good condition silver frame pair ( the lenses look good to go, but the ear guards look sligtly worn). Also 2 pairs of plastic framed Oakleys ( frogskins and minute )that are scratched up , but could be worn as safety glasses. also 6 Oakley cloth type sunglasses bags and 3 Oakley clam shell zipper protective cases.
  14. 2 Airflo 8 wt lines, used once or twice each, very good condition One is an older airflo 40 plus with clear front section the second is a ridged coldwater airflo int 8wt both on spools but not original spools $40 shipped paypal for both lines