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  1. Maybe old man joe will give the Haitians a few apache helicopters or a few hundred thousand m4 rifles On the other hand *Biden left behind hundreds, thousands , ten thousand AMERICANS in Afghanistan , so why would he care about 13 Americans.
  2. This is called gaslighting. A perfect example, really.
  3. No you said the premise that gas was $5 is a lie. You either were lying , or more typically gaslighting. Nobody buys your bull ****.
  4. It seems the scum bags' initial argument that $5 gas is a lie , shifted to the $5 gas is not *Biden's fault.
  5. Is he the one that eats dirt? *Biden should tell him to take an early weekend and pack it in.
  6. It's simple. You are a Biden voter, so you are a moron. You are trying to complicate something that is simple. Biden has foisted on us insane inflation, high gas prices, high energy costs, dishonor and distrust among our most important allies , an absolutely amazing bad covid response , and his dementia to too it all off. Goes out and begs BEGS OPEC to pump more. Cancels pipelines and drilling. He is a loser and a piece of **** , and he is directly lowering my standard of living. Which is the goal of you, him and everyone on the left!!!
  7. The way the moron Biden voters see it, you are saving 7% because you don't have a 50% increase.
  8. What **** is wrong with you? Biden is president. We have $5+ gas Done.
  9. That's your problem right there. You are unable to think. You are also a liar.
  10. "Y'all?!" Are you from Texas or the ghetto?
  11. North of NYC , like Massachusetts? helpful, lol. Everything you posted is E of the city. Try driving there. You'll go through half a tank of gas and it will take forever. Democrats DESTROY things that are good to hard working , patriotic ANERICANS!!! Losers, like you and every other Dem voter , only like anti-American scumbags and leeches.
  12. Hey look , a "true conservative"
  13. First review when .......edit: double post
  14. First review when I checked the lying , garbage app that commie bee and bass2 keep using to reference gas prices -----
  15. LOL, never been to NYC I see. why do you and commie-bee have to lie and try so hard to defend Biden causing gas prices to rise so high? You know, a POS that doesn't hustle and work for a living doesn't have to worry about gas prices.