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  1. That age group used to be a time when life was FUN. Drink your face off, ****, laugh , enjoy life. That age group today is MISERABLE. ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. They have been told their entire lives they are special , and victims. And to watch out for whatever the **** a micro aggression is. All of the comments in this thread dismiss that fact that this age group turned out and voted because they are MISERABLE. They are only going to beco.e more miserable as the foundation of lies and brainwashing they have built their lives on starts to crumble when stood up against reality. Enjoy fucccck-ooos!!!!
  2. the PA voting system is a joke. It goes back to the vote for Obama when those savages were standing in front of the election stopping certain people from entering based on physical traits. Nothing was done about it. Oz also lost because he was too. nice. the key to winning is being upfront and in their face with their bull **** lies. You can go about it like a gentlemen, deSantis for example, or as an old school NewYorker ( a breed that is now extinct replaced by hipster fagggots) like trump. But it has to be done. Oz played up “unity” in DC lol ….whatever. It’s better he lost. He would have been another Romney. In the long run he would be worse than the stroke ****** winner, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. fetterman will probably die within 6 years so it doesn’t matter. hillary Clinton was a carpetbagger. She won in NY. PA will be a **** hole worse than NJ or NY soon. I almost hope some of these PA voters are forced to confront what they just voted for in a close and personal manner.
  3. Here’s some advice for you ::go snort some narcan. if you think any politician , from either party , maybe throughout history , is as bad as fetterman you gotta be some kind of junky
  4. Your side has fetterman and bi-dumb so shut the fuccccccck up
  5. This. ^ the fact that Maloney is just now seeing it is kind of funny. Funny in a way…… it’s funny when a white liberal gets robbed or assaulted by a perp who should be in prison, but is out robbing, raping and assaulting because of the same white libs. **** you maloney schumer will be next when AOC takes his seat in six years.
  6. Come on man!!!!! leg hairs and cockroaches lol and the new senator in the SLUM of PA is worse , much worse than Biden,lol democrats are the enemy of AMERICANS. will it come down to a physical fight? Civil war 2.0 ? starting to think it will. Commies can only push AMERICANS so far.
  7. That is not a bad record, his biggest flop is PA and GA( (again). but PA is a disaster. It seems like all the former jersey mobsters moved to be PA and run their elections. Their elections look worse than sham elections in dictatorships. And the GOP candidate for gov was a complete zero too. not sure what GA problem is. The third candidate caused the runoff? ??? Not sure what happened there, because Kemp beat that fat slob Stacy by a huge margin. I think the blame is being exaggerated. And the media is licking its chops as they hope this final assault will be the one that sticks. rumor is Letitia is even going to add those 19 losses to a new GJ indictment!!!! lol seriously , I personally hope he doesn’t run , and deSantis does. But it will not be the worst thing in te world if he does and yesterday , the dems , The people that pull Biden-puppets strings and the media that pretended to have a presser ,…..well they overplayed their hand. , AGAIN. anyone who thinks Biden announcement to run yesterday at the fake presser was sincere , is , in my opinion an idiot. His announcement was to draw or goad , what they see as a newly weakened Trump , into definitely jumping two feet first into announcing early. they think they can create a huge drama that will split anti-commie voters into two teams trump or deSantis. a big mistake in my estimation
  8. What will happen to bitcoin and ethereum? counbase gave me free coins ( not bitcoin or ethereum) for taking quizzes with the answers attached. I then sold those and bought my first bitcoin and ethereum. This was 2 years ago. looking around the app now, I see they are no longer giving away free “coins”
  9. Well that is bad news. I just checked my Coinbase app account. It’s down from $23 a few weeks ago to just under an Andrew Jackson today. Will Coinbase still exist?
  10. What happened?
  11. again. Runoff two years ago seems like yesterday. one more GA question: Can Fat slob Stacy finally stop being governor now, or does she have to wait until January?
  12. Its out there. Along with an $8 thread. Don't worry bi-dumb will get you there.
  13. He is THAT STUPID.
  14. Oh, and Dr OZ will definitely be losing to "that evil looking guy" as my youngest calls Fetterman. It will take the morons in PA at least a week to count ( a Philly location) the number of ballots to give fetterman the W.
  15. You are wrong. Biden has stated he's been keeping the price down. After the Rs win tomorrow, Binding will have a new foil to go along with Putin . If you don't see that, .... And yes gas will be back to $5-$7 a gallon. Its already around $4 at best places near me.