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  1. I would assume , had the buildings collapsed due to faulty construction or some other event the state/city could possibly have prevented , it would be on the state/city. But it was the first shot fired in the war on terror. Or do you think that's not a real war?
  2. There are overwhelming medical studies linking exposure at the time to cancers ( some very rare cancers that are far more prevalent in those that were there) and other medical conditions. That not good enough for you?
  3. Nikita was up against AMERICANs, like Eisenhower ( a R who would probably be accused of being a lib today) and JFK ( a D who would probably be accused of being a con today) , of courSe they both LOVED AMERICA , and believed in her sovereignty. If ole Nikita was around today he would have tried the outside route while Obama was president , or he would just sit tight until Trump's term is up. He would not at all fear ANY of the other options ( the 15? that primaries against Trump last go, or ANY of the 20+ Dems that are primary-ing now).
  4. Thank God NY doesn't have that problem.
  5. "Trump's actual crimes,"?! LOL How about those men that died , that had actual skin in the game. They are just political pawns to a guy like you. Trump marrying a supermodel and banging pornstars must really make your limp wrist hurt.
  6. OP really nailed it with this thread.
  7. This^ Rip a screen door off of your house, or even better, to keep the bugs out of your place, your neighbor's house. Next, spray completley with FLEX SEAL. Then attach to boat. Done!!! YOUR WELCOME
  8. The R party could put some of the begining of your rant into a dossier and weaponize the FBI, CIA, etc against whoever runs against Trump in 2020. It's about as ridiculous as the pee story you fell for Hook line and sinker.
  9. Clearly, he violated it. But nobody ever , ever gets prosecuted for it.
  10. I once spent a week in Oxon Hill MD, like a third world country, this was 20 or so years ago, If it's anything now like it was then, they have their hands full already, no need to let more foreign illegal alien savages in as well.
  11. What the **** are you saying?
  12. ironically, even they call it "jewish lightning."
  13. Didn't old Joe use this kid's military service as a political tool? ( before he was thrown out for drugs) Yes? then he is fair game
  14. why so racist? any awareness at all , his son has an afro and his wife is a black lesbian pot head"?