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  1. remember how they profiled the kid wearing a MAGA hat....ohh , right, was a hoodie, same - same
  2. Trump is not a punching bag, which is what the left DEMANDS of their Romney, Bush 2, Kasich, McCain.....the left needs to be able to hit, w/o getting it thrown right back in their face, the left likes to punch and watch as the little Rep SCHMUCK stands there and smiles all the while. If Trump didn't stand up for himself, no one would. And it is not just for himself, it for the great majority of Americans who love this country more than foreign countries, love babies more than DEATH, love freedom more than the false chains of manufactured virtue signaling, love their daughters privacy more than the "rights" of perverted old men to expose themselves in a bathroom, list goes on and on, but you get the point
  3. So VA is okay with this heainous violent sex assault against females? should not BE FORGOTTEN and should be brought up regularly
  4. gotta keep them on the plantation, only to freed 1 day in November
  5. so racism is okay, by your brethren in SE VA? Is SE VA known for its' racism? or is that an across the board thing in VA? got it sure will NOT BE FORGOTTEN you reap what you sow
  6. Did the BLACK ISRAELITES make the list? no, ? not surprised
  7. What did they say about the Governor and AG of VA? How about the sexual predator Lt Gov of VA? Did SPLC say that hate was fueled by Trump, or just typical, disturbing DEMOCRATIC PARTY racism/violence?
  8. LOL What a moron. Then again, that JV team was HIS team. What don't the people want? Perpetual war? That only the USA pays for ?
  9. What started sometime towards the end of Bush 2s second term was a TURNING of the traditionally liberal media. It didn't just have a liberal slant, it started picking sides and straight up EITHER COVERING UP LIES or outright LYING , whichever worked better to protect what was once liberal politics and has now morphed I to outright socialism/destruction of America from within. And it has only gotten much worse since then. Of late the media ' s story du joir have been outright FICTION ( COVONGTON, blaseyford, Smollett) or total and complete blackouts ( not just covering ) like VA KKK governor or VA ltgov rapist.
  10. 1) A problem? Specific to this individual? Yes there might be a problem ( sarcasm). If facts of story are correct he should go to prison for the maximum possible. .....a problem generally with junior CG officers being like this guy? NO 2) WHAT should be done? Like all criminals , prosecute to full extent, no decline of prosecution or PLEA DOWN TO LESSER CRIMES , through criminal POS s into prison that is not a country club. Treat prisoners like criminals , so as to determine crime revolving door.
  11. SO,,,,,any progress yet? LIBS ....any progress on this or are we FULL HYPOCRITE MODE?
  12. SO,,,,,any progress yet? LIBS ....any progress on this or are we FULL HYPOCRITE MODE? or is , the TRUTH, DEMS ARE RACIST!!!!!! has been said for years, this just PROVES IT
  13. How's that VA governor doing? hypocrisy!!!