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  1. Looking for habs snr Mullet 1.25 oz needles Pencils. regular or flat bottom Thanks
  2. SJ. is that the larger 3oz one. Thanks
  3. Habs Snr. NIP Looking for habs 1.25 oz needles Post Pics. Thanks
  4. Mr. Fixter. worth a try anyways.
  5. flipped your pic..looks stargazer
  6. Anyone got oneThanks
  7. Looking for this Fixter color or something similar. Thanks
  8. Pics of tip top? The size of tip top will help figure which blank it is. If its gsb 1361mh you will throw 6oz with head with ease.
  9. G2

    MW. looking for other sidekick, woodo, or handcarves. Harder to find tiger colors. Thanks
  10. zero. ill offer 175 for yellow 3oz darter new & used snr troller. Thanks
  11. G2

  12. G2

    Gary2 sidekicks. Both are new Looking for other G2 lures Post Pics. Thanks
  13. not hab's they always look like this