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  1. what he said. it has nothing to do with reel seat. its the ramp to transition from top of reel seat to meet the grip. could be thread, tape, shrink tubing. Put a coat flex coat same thing will happen again, by the way if you do yourself the rod has to rotated for a few hours.
  2. web. ill pass on those..thanks
  3. mw. no thanks..
  4. looking to trade for pichney.. sm or lg troller. thanks
  5. wtb habs new or used. have many traders. thanks for looking jointed danny cowkiller herring swimmer elite needles
  6. mahi
  7. nice fv..your well stocked
  8. 16-11 Fuji -hardloy, silicon carbide, alconite, etc 20-11 not a fujj product
  9. gota hab it
  10. nice mahis
  11. go to choose picture, click picture you want, press + insert into will see picture before you submit reply.
  12. All are new..36 each shipped pp. thanks for looking
  13. heres one..
  14. Nice Habs FV