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  1. Hi Barry. Bob and I spoke fishing and traded often. Redhead hab's and parrot beachmasters plus everything else. How years pass by.. RIP our friend bs4shore
  2. popi. don't know mully. prob never will. if he catches fish or not, doesn't matter to me. ask mully he was the one on the boat.
  3. I do agree. Much respect for the release. It takes a special dedicated angler not to carry a good fish back to the tackle shop.
  4. I do use 10lb braid and 20 lb mono Berkley big game for leader. In 5 ft or 120 ft of water. I have never used flouro for the price factor and probably saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars on line. I have landed many large fluke over my life. My 2cents.
  5. the only time I had seen flouro line work for me, was in the blue clear offshore canyons for tuna. which you better tie good knots because you stepping down lb test to get the bite. When tuna are turned on throw the flouro out the window.
  6. what he said
  7. Probably more the skill of the angler and his tackle than the flouro carbon line.
  8. Great catch!Congrats on the release
  9. gags flippin mullet
  10. perlon nylon leader strands. this is from terminal tackle catalog. if the op looks around he should find some.
  11. snelled thousands of hooks with it over the years..
  12. skinny ill take blue darter.
  13. most tackle shops sell it..
  14. perlon leader material
  15. some more