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  1. Try a bucket half filled with water or a similar baited water trap. Stage it so they can fall in. I often find voles drowned in a ground level half 30 gal. plastic barrel mini pond/fountian in my yard. I've heard planting castor bean will keep all subterranean varmits away in the warmer months.
  2. Get a slightly lighter finish, add drops of black paint or a dark mahogany stain to get your match.Test on a scrap piece!
  3. Hobies come with a clip on flare system- split your paddle!
  4. Other than the thermocouple I've seen flue spill switches stop nat. gas from lighting. If there is a sensor in the flue above the unit, jump out the two wires to test it.
  5. Mine got just like the picture after my wife painted it with regular paint. Our painter said best to let it dry 48hrs before taking a shower.
  6. Before you spend, you could try to make a coarse slurry of oxyclean, or cleanser with bleach or softscrub. Toothbrush it in and let it sit. May do the trick. Oaxolic acid is also known to remove rust stains from masonry.
  7. We quick squeegee the tile walls and glass surround too as a further measure. The less moisture and humidity, the quicker the space dries out.
  8. Getting out with other kayak fishermen taught me the fishing part of the equation. In this sue me world of liability, formal training is probably wise fir the group.. Efficient paddling is an art. It took me many years and miles to learn to push the high dry hand in addition to pulling the low wet hand.
  9. Wood bleach is the same stuff.
  10. I unconsciously pull the line taut in addition to closing the bail manually. Nothing worse than that little loop causing 2 lines coming off the spool.When you reel a spinner with the drag slipping your line is really twisting badly! Think of line twist as coiling up a garden hose. If you dont impart some anti twist the coils twist up.
  11. Three, and an Abu on a snag rod when menhaden are around.
  12. You can't buy it, get off the internet and go here.
  13. Sturgeon!
  14. I used to make them with 1/4-5/16" inside diameter.
  15. My port rudder line screw was half stripped and slipping. I put thread locker on it, wrapped the line counterclockwise, and added a crimp as a stop. .