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  1. So is fit size another name for a ‘street’ fitting?
  2. I add powdered/ corn starched latex or nitrile liners under my outer gloves, they come in many thicknesses.
  3. You may as well pick up two straight stops or sweat caps so you can turn the water back on and check for leaks.
  4. If you can’t sweat pipe wrench it out or get an inside the nipple extractor if it’s short, then replace it.
  5. If your Ride doesn’t have the WS phase 3 seat, that may work. I saw one on CL recently.
  6. NY regs.
  7. Nothing like true surf top when it’s wet and wild, and they are draft free! I can wear less base layers with a semi-dry top. But some have no hood, and my neck sautés if it warms up. Taking a wiz is a pia too. Overkill on a jetty, except when the wind is howling.
  8. If you list something here, it can’t be listed anyplace else
  9. Basic drilling and tapping is easy on ‘most’ materials. I did tool and die work and wouldn’t go near that. Drilling tiny blind holes and cutting fine threads in hardened steel, and being dead center on a possibly non flat surface could go south fast
  10. When that important nut retainer doesn’t work there is a workaround. I find a small SS washer that overlaps the handle nut and file a flat on it to lock out the handle nut.
  11. You’ll need 6 more inches, the yak is 10’6”
  12. I use both, mono on revolving spools, and braid on spinners and lo pros. Distance depends on whats being thrown. A one ounce bucktail-spinner, a four ounce crippled herring-conventional.
  13. Mine are like this picture, cheap and easy to use.
  14. Line the base of the walls with fresh cardboard before the next monsoon. Go in, find the wet spot, and trench the infiltration to your weep hole. If it’s ground water a pump may be needed.
  15. With an endless supply of pics, this thread may set records!