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  1. Shrink it with a hairdryer, and make sure the flow arrow points the right way if it’s a new pump! LOL
  2. Love how the drill is attached! For horizontal concrete we would set four Hilti anchors and hang the drill on threaded rods.
  3. Send it back and let them fix it. For the record, the Left crank arm bolt, Bottom bracket lock ring and pedal have the CCW threads.
  4. Went on this trip in ‘19, and I’m going back again next month. The Pacific Ocean fishing and Panamanian landscape and jungle is ‘once in a lifetime world class’. The journey to the fish camp is almost as good as the destination.
  5. This is my home on Google!
  6. The Topkayaker site has pages of replacement rudders/rudder kits and parts.
  7. I bet when asked if they had a license they said “ nyet “.
  8. Mine was perfect out of the box, after a few years I broke it all down, cleaned and lubed it, and it got too fast! Instead of changing bearing oil I piggybacked a few extra mags onto the carriage and it’s perfect again. Field cast it with different weights to learn it’s few quirks, it’s easy to bring it to right up to a nice fluff, but don’t get greedy. I got my best distance slightly tweaking the spool tension, once I found the best mag setting for a given payload. The slider switch can move north inadvertently especially after a fish, beware on the next cast when that happens.
  9. Congrats on an awesome kayak, happy birthday, and enjoy the next 50!
  10. Rod holders will work on any bike, a rack helps with attachment. I use a pannier for other storage ( pump, tube, tools and tackle). You won’t be pedaling in any deep sand unless you get a 3-4” wide tire.
  11. Is it just a LW that differentiates a baitcaster and a conventional, or is there more lol. The old conventional wisdom was to match the 17 lb. monos diameter with an equal diameter 50 or 65 lb braid.
  12. You can troll from any yak, but you can’t cast and paddle at the same time lol I’ve shortened the butts on most of my conventional Ugly sticks, Penns, and even a Okuma kayak specific rod.
  13. LI sound yesterday-As expected zero bunker or blues around. Pink jellyfish in the water and miniature Asian crabs under the low tide rocks at the launch. Striper bite was slow, but they are in the Sound!
  14. Western sound- miniature Asian crabs under the low tide rocks, and a fairly strong current against the yak today. I expected and witnessed zero bunker or blues, but there was a fair amount of jellyfish. Normally I don’t catch bass in the salt this early, but was pleasantly surprised today.