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  1. Cheap safety from nature. To check for leaks tie off a dry sponge and toss it below deck. Pull it topside to gauge any infiltration, or to clean up, cool off, etc.
  2. Nice ride, good luck! May be tough to paddle that ‘kayak’!
  3. Many touring kayakers carry a pump to empty out the cockpit after a capsize. A pump is a great idea to address a slow leak, or a leaky hatch on a SOT. I like a pump that will accept a length of hose to the suction side. In the event of a large split or catastrophic failure a radio or swimming skills may be more valuable.
  4. I’m on a yak in the western sound 2-3 days a week and have not caught a single large bluefish. I did get one around 16” a couple weeks ago. Chunking and LLing those hard to find bunker have yielded nada. Small cocktails are hitting my plugs, and they are quite tasty. I have not seen or heard of any true snappers being caught by the pier fisherman where I launch. I remember 3 seasons or so ago, the snappers were completely no show.
  5. Platform question-Not asking for numbers or any specifics whatsoever, but... If one owned a wildly popular fishing website, could one quit their day job?
  6. Borrow your wife’s or daughters nail polish.
  7. Old timers often refer to these filter feeders as ‘moss bunker’. The lowly bunker are often cited as the most important fish in our seas.
  8. I ‘donate’ 60+ hrs per season on my bunker buddies because sometimes it’s the only midday action around. They must see or hear well, they often splash and scatter before the snag even hits the water. I agree they are sometimes impossible to snag when in small schools, although at times it’s peanuts and the snag is too large. With LI Sounds huge schools they are indeed often useless, chunked or live lined. But when huge bluefish are crushing them there is no thrill like a 36” gorilla with two 8/0 hooks in its gullet. Plenty of cocktails around now, but so far this season the big Yellow Eyed Devils have been no show.
  9. Wow, and I never considered slower retrieve rates with ease of thumb line leveling! Keeping up with the 6:0 ratio of the mag 525 is a PIA burning in tins. Yet I barely had to level the line vertical jigging it with 50# braid.
  10. I spend about an hour per trip seeking/LL or chunking with Atlantic Menhaden, but at times I feel they are playing with me. I do realize it’s just bunker being bunker,....but. How come they pop up all around you the second you remove the snag and quit chasing them. How come when you motor towards a huge school in the distance they completely disappear before your even in casting distance? When you give up on a school and move on why do they instantly start splashing directly behind you. How does that bunker you thought was swimming hundreds of feet off your starboard sneak back under you and wrap the rudder or another line. I know they are not evil but...
  11. Many here have had failures, many more have not. Any kayak hull can be breached. For every busted Hobie on YT there are probably thousands more like mine that have been trouble free. Sixty trips per year since 2011, scupper carted over sand, rocks, curbs, and lowered down a staircase at one launch. Caveat emptor if buying used!
  12. Avatars are SO telling..............
  13. Top pic is a spud wrench, bottom pic is not for compression fittings, it’s a flaring tool
  14. These options may be less $$ than a Hullavator, but you do have to slide it up and on from the rear of the vehicle. Simple and quick- that’s a pickup truck.
  15. The reason I picked the Abu CS 6500 mag reel is consistency. My Penn 525 mag out throws my Abu, but...the Abu’s great mags and LW allow me to hit it hard every cast. Whereas with a CT reel like the Penn, after a fish, a less than perfect line lay or a miscast, I have to back off on the power and get the line straightened out on the spool. Reels are just tools, it’s the “Indian not the arrow” that determine distance.