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  1. Attaching midship in calm conditions is ok, until a big wave or wake comes calling. Thinking out of the box here. How about running a trolley inside a 10’ section of 3/4-1” pvc pipe that is attached to the seat/ cooler, and lashed to the bow. A tie off cleat could be attached to the pvc by the seat.
  2. The Henry Hudson, and the Palisades cliffs. Gorgeous day to get the cobwebs out!
  3. PayPal Friends and family payments are not allowed, check the rules on top.
  4. When they pry the paddle from my cold dead hands.......
  5. You may be able to find a copper bolt or fastener, if brass could substitute a long Johnny bolt. Bronze may work also.
  6. I tighten down the drags on everything before a heavy rinse. Isn’t it true your drag lbs. only needs to be 1/4 of your line pound test.
  7. You can’t beat the old school threaded rod/metal Clevis hanger combo. Always heard the Romans invented the clevis hanger.
  8. There should be straps every 4’. It looks like the 3” run has dropped a little. He may have forgotten to glue that joint, but it looks more like a break than a pull out. If there is no cast iron elsewhere it may be original to the house. Good time to add a clean out if none are present!
  9. It’s a tie!!! In the Atlantic the blue one. In the Pacific the green one. Wear an orange top because neither one stands out
  10. Yes, a hook caused it, but how many bass and blues pushed on that hook, and caused the other 1000 tooth marks.
  11. On a double uni I do 2 more turns with the braid than with the mono. Alberto is easiest for me, but I’ve had a few slip over the years. If a rod has a large tip guide I’ll sometimes use a micro swivel that easily reels through.
  12. Was given this today as part of a lot of old plugs and noticed this awesome bite pattern. I’ll be fishing this one for sure!
  13. Was just given these today. I recognize the Creek Chubs, the Superstrike popper and a few others. Any other classics here?
  14. Possibly a blockage if it’s coming out of that rolled up 3” TY. Stuff a rag in there that won’t get sucked in to limit the leaking and odors. And don’t take a bath or run the dishwasher.
  15. I have a 4500 on a quality 11’ rod and it’s nice and light.