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  1. A big part of longevity with newer plumbing is water quality. I have great Catskill water, and have never had to change a washer for 20 years, or a disc either for the last 10 years.The ceramic discs in cartridges can’t tolerate any scale, debris etc.. Modern cartridges leave you little to fix, and they’re expensive. Repairable for pennies, ‘Old School’ washers and seats are just about extinct in kitchens and baths.
  2. Fish can see color......... but they can’t count.
  3. Nice modification, my scupper cart pulls double duty too.
  4. It’s easy, quit buying and start fishing more! Do you NEED it or WANT it? It amazes me all the new rods, reels and gear you can buy on SOL, it gets bought, but not used???
  5. Geico-( Government Employees Insurance Company) They have been good for our homes and cars, no complaints. Bundle and save more!
  6. City Island, NYC. Several party boats and bait shops, Orchard Beach, Eastchester Bay ( free parking by the NYC police firearm and ordinance center).
  7. He’s Mr. Campo’s son
  8. Fall makes up for the summer striper lull in NY. Starting mid Sept, out east, LIS or the Hudson are safe bets.
  9. Many waters have holdover and resident fish that may have spawned. The Hudson spawn takes place around now, (60-68 degrees water temps). Only 62 in Albany today.
  10. You would do better looking for a 8’ SOT kayak, many 6 footers are WW boats. If SOL doesn’t come through, Craigslist might work.
  11. Take this one! A box trap and some relocation could work too.
  12. If you split it up for some reason, I would be interested in the mesh pockets if they’ll fit a 2011 Revo.
  13. The 525 with the mag and spool tension adjusted just right will cast very far. I have two extra mags on mine like the ‘super’ model. It can consistently bring you to the edge of fluff, but if you get greedy with the adjustments you’ll be walking backwards pulling line off the reel I speed jigged mine on a Panama kayak trip for 5 days and it was awesome with the 6.0 :1 gear ratio. The drags are good, around 20#, and they are adjustable. Maintenance is fairly easy, only one bearing is a PIA to get to.
  14. It’s like boat and kayak fishing, very similar, but also very different.