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  1. As someone noted elsewhere, it was in Greenwich, Ct in the am, and on the south shore of Long is. at 10pm. Most likely went through NYCs East River. Unlikely it went all the way around Montauk, or through the tidal Hudson.
  2. Hey, it’s their playground and home court. In 1986 Capt Mundrus caught a 3447 lb. GW around the corner off of Montauk, NY. And the 1916 attacks off NJ were the most horrendous attacks ever in US waters. It is still disputed whether a GW or Bull was the culprit in 1916.
  3. You can catch with a lure and just a piece of string, so the lure is more important than the rod. The fisherman is the most important of all!
  4. Usually August/September the western sound flirts with cool species like humpback, Albies, or dolphins. This is a first time recorded event for my area. I have caught a few early bass, but I don’t know what it’s eating, I have not seen any bunker, blues, or even a sea robin. Maybe he’ll chase some fish my way on Wednesday.
  5. Fishing near there Wednesday, I’ll be looking out
  6. Only a deterrent, but I got a cable through these two conventionals.
  7. After a fish, or a less than stellar line level with a CT reel, I take some half casts to get my line right. No mater how careful, I sometimes have to do that backwards walk to get that &$@MF loop out
  8. There are not many tips or tricks for throwing a SP minnow into a headwind with a round reel. I stick to 15, 17 or # 20 mono, and an Abu 6500 CS mag. reel. At night I stick to heavier plugs/tins. The Abus are so small that I usually have a backup in the bag, saved me more than once.
  9. Change ‘at the least’ the split rings on the SPs, they are a joke.
  10. They are usually mono numbers unless it’s a braid specific or jigging rod. I double those mono numbers when using braid.
  11. I don’t read fishing books or watch any fishing videos, but I know he is famous. With that much recognition you probably get your kayak comped, or maybe even some endorsement $$.
  12. I feel bass tend towards smaller baitfish, and blues can and will take any bait. When bait is mixed or plentiful you sometimes get both species feeding simultaneously. I LL bunker often on the kayak, and catch only bluefish, only when chunking do I see a bass. I prefer bluefish because they fight harder, and if you wish to harvest a fish, any size is legal.
  13. Chicken turkey and duck eggs
  14. Housed at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. Ellie the barn owl. Little moon, an Eastern Screech, and Willy, a barred owl.