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  1. Canada is immense, and probably doesn’t have the resources for better forrest practices and management. Droughts seem to be the new norm, so we may see other similar events in the future. Mother Nature is amazing, She will clean up this current mess. We picked the right week to go to Fla.! No noticeable smoke down here.
  2. Consider a small to medium glass front modern airtight stove like Jotul or similar. You can then burn hot, but the drawback will be reduced burn time. Catalyst stoves are the most efficient wood burners, but what you burn and how you light/burn it may be different verses a non cat airtight stove. I can burn anything at any temperature without fear of damaging a catalyst. Ours is on one end of our home so a window is always cracked in that room. I’ll go to the other end of the house and crack a window open to draw the heat across. A lighter or candle held near the cracked open windows can confirm the airflows direction.
  3. A Bubble box aerator in an old cooler that has a drain could work. A small drilled hole near the top for the airline, and the battery/pump could hang off the side.
  4. I used to laugh at the ‘Wheel in the keel’ design, but now I’m a believer! Even my wife can easily wheel this 12’ 6” , 70 lb. tandem over pavement and grass. The molded in bow loop handle makes that possible. You can wrap your hand around the molded in side handles which is real nice for solo lifting. The 2 tethered rubber press on hatch covers are real basic, all the seat attachment points are flush-mounted, and there are 2 paddle keepers. We got this used, but new, as the young family never even put this in the water. We got it on FB for half of the $900 retail. Plenty of room for two and a dog, and it paddles amazingly efficient for a high freeboard tandem. The 32.5” width helps a lot. We had a tandem 20 yrs ago for our small children, now we have one for retirement.
  5. Rain and wind, cold or hot have little effect, barometric pressure drives the bite
  6. A wide Velcro band over waders/ wader pants can limit most infiltration. But- burp the air out before belting up!!
  7. Balloon wheels float over that long, lowtide walk, but I still try to fish, launch and land around the high tide at that area. Been skunked over that way 2 out of 3 times this spring, but rumor has it the late fish and bait may have arrived.
  8. The Western Sound has great bottom fishing all season. But the bass and blue day bite slows when the huge bunker pods show in Summer. The October fishing makes up for the slow summer bite.
  9. I’ve never used it, but with my kids help I have utilized the FB marketplace. Yesterday my kid posted a barter offer on the Town FB page for me. I needed some straw/salt hay for a grass reseed job. I offered Mint, Beebalm, or Lettuce/Romaine plants and sealed the deal in an hour.
  10. Nice work, looks like some commercial sailboat dollies. Can the wheels go wider, for an unladen yak they look close to the hull.
  11. Time on depends on the hang angle! You can lie at 45 degrees all day, but totally inverted only for minutes. I like to balance on it horizontal and watch tv, eventually I dose and I wake as it falling!
  12. Perfect kayak weather yesterday on Western LIS. Jigged and trolled in 40-50’, nada. Inshore-Released one bass, saw very few bunker, and had a few medium sized bass splash near the yak. Blues and huge bunker pods are a month away this far west.
  13. Build some small replicas out of pine or cheap materials to learn the process, angles, fastening, clamping etc.
  14. If you harvest fish don’t forget to adjust your ‘keeper’ mark South !!!
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