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  1. In season its now $5 for residents with a county park pass. Couldn’t tell you if the park is actually opened. Once they started pushing the additional boat launching fee on yaks, I stopped going there. Fished there with many SOL members over the years, by going real early we never gave them a cent.
  2. Glen is. was much quicker to get out into LIS from the launch. At Orchard Beach in NYC, the long rowing lagoon out to LIS is kinda boring. But fish do get caught in there all the time. Fishing OB tomorrow.
  3. Inflatable hybrids with enough inherent bouyancy to float you without any inflation are a nice compromise.
  4. My pedal and paddle yaks are set up like this. No interference with paddling or reentry. For kayak use, handles longer than 12-13” get the hacksaw.
  5. That’s my exact issue with inflatables, you have to pull the cord to see if it works
  6. Last summer they were on Rose of Sharon, Salvia, Columbine, Beebalm, Cardinal flower (lobelia), Sweet pea, Morning Glory, and Scarlet Runner bean blooms. I have two friends in Putnam county, NY, who already have hummers.
  7. When my buddy runs a ff out in the Hudson the bottom is plastered with channel cats. Great summer fish when most bites are slow.
  8. It’s in their interest to keep this virus front and center! You would think they would inform the public that Driving around alone in the the car Does not require a mask.
  9. Go to a field with several rods and reels. Place a cone at 75 or 100 yards and cast away. Try all the different combinations of rod, reel, line, casting styles, weight, etc. and see what works best for YOU.
  10. Since changing an avatar is so easy, there could be a site wide unmasking! On a given day, post your mug in your avatar for the world to see.
  11. There has always been a NY law stating that the ’dreaded’ switchblade is legal while actively hunting, fishing or trapping under license.
  12. Belt aside, no one has mentioned the ‘breathing’ compression buckle Tiderunner or vintage Tekna offers. Two inches of secure travel while bending, moving etc.
  13. Length aside, the Pursuit is 35” wide, to paddle fast in wind something 26-30” wide may work better. ‘Standing and fast’ don’t really play well on kayaks!
  14. There is a company called Ocean Kayak, that’s a Perception Carolina kayak.