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  1. I would try reeling it in front of a hot hair dryer, might disperse or free up the grease.
  2. Longshot- check the rod eye inserts for cracks. Line could be hanging up and causing overrun / breakoff.
  3. Would need a pic of the front to confirm it has an internal tankless coil. That control is probably a tempering (mixing)valve to control the domestic HW temperature. If it is a tankless coil its probably offline as the water lines to and from are closed.Oldtimers used to say the steel push nipples between the cast iron sections could develop leaks when the boiler sat offline all summer. Also, the gasket around the tankless coil can leak. That's what I had to change in the picture below. The hole in the front of the boiler in the pic is where the tankless coil on the cardboard would get installed.
  4. Gas was a better bargain the last five years, this year its up 25%.
  5. Years ago they offered 10 and 15 rd. mags for those, probably illegal now. I have a 982 m-1 from the 70's that takes the same magazine.
  6. Im happy with this cord, it may be a little over . With some Westchester county prices of $350, the $225 hurt alot less.
  7. If its a 1 pipe system put a small shim under the non valve side to raise it 5/16" or so. Also, check for a clogged vent or get a vent with a bigger orifice.
  8. I've had good results lining the inside of strap down hatches with stuff like this.
  9. If the split is not too large it can be squeezed back together and soldered. Otherwise a sleeve or coupling may be needed.
  10. On reels with different length sideplate screws I lay them out in order, or mark the hole that gets the long screw. I grease all sideplate screws on reassembly. On older reels I make witness marks on the gears to get them back to meshing exactly as they were if any issues occur.
  11. You pick up capacity as the 40# braid has a smaller diameter. I use braid for everything except conventional plugging. The different plug weights and constant casting are more consistent for me with mono.
  12. No drysuit here, ill be wearing these waders and Aquaskinz, or a wetsuit on the yak out east this week if the wind ever lays down.
  13. Good, steady action out east today.
  14. Try a bucket half filled with water or a similar baited water trap. Stage it so they can fall in. I often find voles drowned in a ground level half 30 gal. plastic barrel mini pond/fountian in my yard. I've heard planting castor bean will keep all subterranean varmits away in the warmer months.
  15. Get a slightly lighter finish, add drops of black paint or a dark mahogany stain to get your match.Test on a scrap piece!