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  1. Will be in New Orleans the first full weekend of February. Looking for guide recommendations. I know there is a 45 minute dive associated with getting to the fishing areas.
  2. I don’t know your budget but the best bet is to fly to the out islands. Bahamas air will have you on the ground around 7:30 am and a flight back around 5:00 pm. There are numerous operations that will pick you up from the airport and return you. My suggestion would be to use black fly lodge in abbaco. They are outstanding. Good luck
  3. Anyone that can attend this should. Mark is a great teacher and an amazing caster.
  4. Jupiter, see Dino
  5. They should take all measures necessary to rebuild the stock in the fastest way possible.
  6. I still have mine hanging in the kitchen window! You will not be disappointed
  7. It’s a great lodge run by great people. If you haven’t been you should go if you can
  8. Blackfly lodge Bahamas
  9. respectfully offer $30
  10. Joey C charters. A google search should provide contact details
  11. Great post!
  12. Same here. When do you switch? After hooking up or right after the fly hits the water?
  13. It does on the iPhone until the malware runs again on the device. You can try removing ad sponsored apps. This is where this stuff comes from
  14. If you are on an iPhone try clearing your history. It’s malware injecting java script into the page
  15. ^--Learn to use the long rod.