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  1. Perfect time for flounder fishing in the back bay and surf fishing the beach.
  2. Number wise Its been a very poor season for me. I still go every day but its basically binary duck hunting, a 0 or a 1. That said I went 2/2 on fat black ducks this morning and quit at 7:15. Basically shoot one good duck in the morning, eat it that night, work sleep repeat. More bluewing teal for me this season than normal and I seem to be seeing a bit more mallards that typical. Some new birds did arrive last week, but the warm up coming this weekend should put a halt to hunting for a bit. Hurry up February sea bass season...
  3. Saw two redfish last week in the shallows south of chincoteague. Was setting decoys out and bait (silversides) were jumping everywhere in my duck boat spotlight, starting shining my flashlight around and there they were. Came back that afternoon and only caught a 24" rock to show for it.
  4. Oh and this guy was hanging out
  5. In Texas, they have some wild flats boats down here.
  6. Commercial fishing is not included in their emergency protection plan. Remember they are a conservation leader!!
  7. We all knew it was going to happen, even they knew it was going to happen well before their "MEETING" they pulled the trophy permits from their website over two weeks ago. The meeting was just a feel good public show. “Virginia has always been a conservation leader, and this is a time to step up." Virginia Marine Resources Commissioner Steven G. Bowman said. As they increased Omega quota of menhaden last year..
  8. Comms still get to make sets and now we cant keep a single fish if we wanted? How does that seem fair? If they want to fix it then treat us all equal and shut it down across the board.
  9. I used to enjoy spring surf fishing... On April 23, 2019, the Marine Resources Commission will consider an emergency staff proposal to eliminate the Bay, Coastal and Potomac River Tributaries Spring Trophy-size Striped Bass Recreational Fisheries described in Chapter 4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq. The justifications for this proposal include the status of the coastal striped bass stock that is overfished. This means the spawning stock is low and not biologically stable. Overfishing has been occurring for several years meaning the rate of striped bass removals from the stock has caused an overfished condition. The number of striped bass harvested recreationally by Virginia fisheries has declined markedly since 2010 when 368 thousand striped bass were harvested from all tidal Virginia waters. In 2018, preliminary recreational striped bass harvest is less than 52 thousand fish. The reporting rate for the trophy-size recreational striped bass fisheries has been low and ranged from 37 percent to 50 percent, from 2015 through 2018. All these factors have contributed to the staff proposal for these emergency actions, and section § 28.2-210 of the Code of Virginia authorizes these amendments for the protection of the striped bass resource. The emergency amendments proposed by staff include: 1) elimination of the open season for the Bay spring trophy-size striped bass recreational fishery of May 1 through June 15, inclusive, whereby a 36-inch minimum size limit has been in effect; 2) elimination of the open season for the Coastal spring trophy-size striped bass recreational fishery of May 1 through May 15, inclusive, whereby a 36-inch minimum size limit has been in effect; and, 3) elimination of the open season for the Potomac River tributaries spring striped bass recreational fishery of April 20 through May 15, inclusive, whereby a 35 inch minimum size limit is in effect. Staff proposes an effective date of April 29, 2019 for the emergency regulation. If the Commission adopts the emergency regulation, a public hearing on this issue would be requested for May 28, 2019.
  10. We spent the better part of an hour playing snag + drop and casting lures trying to get under them, the big fish just were not there. It was like they were feeding and it was the first time I've ever hooked bunker in the mouth. 30% were mouth, the rest snagged. Brought home a flat for bait for the rest of the year, so thick we could dip net them. It was actually sort of fun on the light tackle.. Could have literally filled the boat if I wanted to. Tackle shop told me the market is flooded with bunker at the moment, more than he has ever seen. looked like this the entire day. Bunker boiling
  11. They have mostly been giant pods of very large bunker. They were so thick that they were actually eating storm shads when casting to them last week. There is some rock on the schools offshore right now, the inshore / backbay pods have just been bunker only from what I have seen.
  12. Last day of waterfowl season in Virginia yesterday.
  13. With temps hitting the mid 60s, Pickerel and bass fishing was on fire new years day in the millpond. Normally we would see that type of action in March. Togging has been slow, had to work for a limit yesterday and no giant fish. Found a nice pod of gannetts but they were on Dolphins only.
  14. Admins, I'm not sure if this is OK to post here, if not I apologize. I know this group is more of a surf fishing crowd but I wanted to make every angler aware of a project that we have been working with the Virginia Saltwater Sportsman Association. This is strictly a non profit organization and the goal of this reef book that we have created is to fund more artificial reefs in Virginia waters. Every penny above the printing cost goes directly to funding reef building. Virginia is the only state that has really dropped the ball on a reef program and they will not spend a dime to get it going. What we are trying to do is raise money for materials to build reef outside of the state "program." We have full approval from the VMRC to be able to add reef material. This is one of the few ways we can give back to the habitat of the sport which we all enjoy. More reefs do mean more fish. The info for the book and the VSSA program is below. VSSA is pleased to offer our new Artificial Reef Guide that is now available for purchase for $50. To purchase this book, follow the link below. This 20 page full color book provides detailed images and highly accurate GPS locations to the artificial reefs in Virginia. Each page shows the image scans of the reef itself plus GPS locations in lat/long format so you can go directly to the structure shown in the book. This book is only available in print form. All proceeds for this book will go towards new reef material to enhance the Virginia Artificial Reef Program. This product is sponsored by the Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association (VSSA). By purchasing this book for $50, you can join VSSA for one year. VSSA membership is currently $25 per year but by purchasing this book you will receive a one year membership/one year renewal at no additional cost. Current members may renew their membership by purchasing this book as well. To receive your free one year VSSA membership, just send a copy of your purchase receipt to: *
  15. In the spring when the VA netters are setting for rock there is a lot of bycatch dogfish / sandbars etc washed up on the beach. Could be some of that you might be seeing. They are setting for spot now. I expect any rays you see up on the sand are left there by people. I have a dock pole I use to drag the big ones back in the water by their mouth.