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  1. I only go there for beers, burritos and dental floss bikini's on the beach....
  2. So they do not bother eve stocking the shelves? I hope that doesn't tie up the gun counter too much
  3. Previous hunting license from any state should be all you need to get a NH license, but be aware they have some shotgun only zones as well
  4. If you don't want to lose cameras look into spy high camera mounts. been using them this season
  5. Yes I believe it is
  6. I almost slept with mine the first night I got it. I was sitting in bed watching tv, and working the bolt for an hour. It isn't super smooth, but I have not had any trouble cycling the bolt quickly and emptying the gun. The trigger is a rifle trigger not a shotgun trigger. The owner wanted to build the gun as a rifle that is able to shoot slugs. The only issue some people have complain about , is not cycling a new shell from the mag after firing a shot. I have never had that issue, but after some research I believe it comes down to how you load the mag. Some guy really force not shells back in the mag, and what happens is the top one's rim slides back over and behind the bottom one. When that happens the top round will not slide forward. The trick is to force the bottom round all the way back, and just place the top round easily on in. By loading the mag this way I have never had any issues
  7. Barrelexchange. one place you can try.. I'd be patient what model
  8. Quite a few bifgger shops got ammo shipments last week or two. 3 or so weeks ago a shop got accused of price gouging. They had to explain themselves on Facebook. The gist of it was, they put an order in from their distributor, the distributor told them no ammo it's all been allocated already. They had customers clamoring for it, so they bought bulk from Target Sports USA, only to pay high prices because of demand. When they received their shipment, it was shipped directly from Target sports distributor, who was as you guessed it their own distributor. They were miffed, cause now they are essentially dealing with a middle man...
  9. awesome
  10. Just buy an 18" barrel....
  11. Thats my sister to a T, did that at my grandmothers funeral in front of a full church, DRAMA QUEEN
  12. My 220 Accutrigger is sweet...
  13. If you are patient and know a good shop, you can find one reasonable..... Heck last week I found probably the last 2 boxes of 12GA Accutips in Mass and at regular price
  14. Congratulations