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  1. you can say that again, lol
  2. The bucket on it was tinny, and showing its age, not to mention it never really thew snow a good distance, this thing will throw snow a lot further and that is what I need. I have an 80' driveway 3cars wide, most of the snow needs to go to the end and then onto my lawn, my neighbors driveway is almost against mine on the other side
  3. Good idea, I really like it, cause you can put all of your gear in on the way out. Had to use it again tonight, filled a doe tag. 46 yard shot, hit a little further back and got liver. The deer pile up quick though so I am thinking I also got the femoral. Freezer is filling up
  4. This one is fuel injected and is actually an Ariens AX engine
  5. HAhA I had to look, not 15HP 15 FT LBS, they give you cubic inches now instead of HP, but I converted it to HP 8.7-9 HP
  6. Agreed I love the mornings too. Supposed to cool down next week, the action should start to pick up We have been using a deer cart for the last 10 years or so, but last year one doe I shot , there was a bit of snow on the ground. It was tough with the cart coming out of the swamp. Every 10' was a stump, deadfall or rock you couldn't see, and the damn things tend to roll over. We decided to check it in at Basspro, so while I was there I bought a Jetsled. Everyone who has used them deer hunting raves about them. That very next weekend my friend Bri, she shot a big bodied buck that had already dropped its antlers. I got out of my stand and went to my truck, grabbed the sled and met her at there stand. Even with my bad hip, I was able to drag that thing out by myself without breaking a sweat. It glides over everything, you can throw your pack, bow or any other gear in with it. No more worrying about blood in your vehicle either if you are using an suv, or have a carpeted bed liner like I do. Pick the whole thing up and slide it in It is by far way better than the cart...
  7. Been putting off replacing my 15 year old Craftsman fo a couple of years, but have been doing my homework... Just bought a 30" Ariens EFI, nice machine. I talked to the owner of a power equipment place the year after they came out. He said they are awesome machines, but not so much for his business as they do not come in for carb cleanings or replacement. So we shall see. I will say though the HD and Lowes sell this machine as well. It is the only one in the Ariens lineup that isn't made specifically for the big box stores. The price was the same , and HD had none locally, Lowes up the street showed 2 in stock, but they only had 1. The woman told me they are having a hard time getting many things. As a bonus my neighbor offered me $100 for the old one. He is going to give it to his Ex and get his Ariens back. from her
  8. Look up Tommy Mac on youtube..
  9. After watching a bunch of deer and letting them pass I finally let one fly just before sunset, on Monday evening. I thought is was a good sized doe. Came in nose to the ground on my drag, should have been my first clue that it wasn't a doe, using a dominant buck scent on my drag. It happened so fast that my instinct took over, I dialed in my yardage , drew and released. Completely quartering away, entered right rear , and complete pass through in front of the left shoulder. Went 60 yards. By the time we recovered it, was dark and we came upon a spike, they really blend in to the fur when they aren't long. I have already passed a bunch of different spikes, so not too heart broken. Ice is now broken now. I really do not enjoy sitting till dark anymore, as my eyes aren't what they used to be, and more often than. not I find myself leaving 10-15 minutes after sunset when you can only see 20 yards. I do not like getting caught in the stand at dark, and having to wait for them to move on. The Rage Hypodermic did its job once again though, and it was reusable...
  10. According to my wife I am the grumpiest man alive lol.
  11. Sorry I know how to sharpen a knife, for me its about weight and ease of use , it doesn't cheapen anything or minimize the act any more than using a gun, crossbow or compound bow does in stead of stick and string..
  12. It really is super easy, once you manipulate it a couple of times you won't forget
  13. I stopped carrying a traditional knife and now use a Havalon, best thing I ever did
  14. The metal Angle handle is currently on eBay with a high bid of $12.99 there are tons of machinist wheel type handles on there I am sure you can make one work. I bought a 6" for a home made bow press a couple of weeks ago
  15. You will need the channel liner, and all of the other internals. Some stripped slides have the channel liner already installed.