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  1. I started hunting in 1961. Back then there was no bucks only law and the season was only 6 days.
  2. I use a Thermapen MK4 from thermoworks. It works very well. Certainly worth the money.
  3. Steve - do you blanche them for 3 minutes and flash freeze prior to vac sealing like R.R.Bridge fisher did?
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a try. We've got "tons" of squash this year.
  5. R.R.Bridgefisher: Did you blanche the squash prior to vacuum sealing? thanks
  6. If I'm not mistaken, juvenile mountain lions are spotted.
  7. Sapowski's Farm Stand, Granby, Mass.
  8. Farm stand up the street has posted on FB that they will be selling their corn on the 4th of July.
  9. Very nice video, Captain.
  10. Bought Driscolls Blueberries @ Stop and Shop this morning. Product of Mexico.
  11. For additional information on heating Teflon and its effects, google "Teflon Fever."
  12. I agree with P&T. Plan A is mace. Plan B is 40 S&W.
  13. Lurch4004......what state is Wellsboro in?
  14. 6" in Granby. Snowing hard. Winds have picked up significantly in the last hour. Visibility less than 200 yds.
  15. Thanks for sharing. I'll try them for next season. I too am not happy with Hornady SST accuracy.