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  1. Very interesting. Google "Eastern Coyote Research". The guys name is Jonathan Way. He lives somewhere in the eastern part of Mass. He's made a career out of studying coyotes and may be able to share his experience regarding the issue with your dog interacting with coyotes.
  2. Bob_G: Where do you buy Alaskan Fish Fertilizer?
  3. I live in Western Mass. (Granby), There is a male oriole that has been visiting the jelly feeder for 2 or 3 days now.
  4. Haven't seen a catbird yet at the jelly feeder, but did see first female oriole this morning.
  5. I haven't seen a catbird yet.
  6. First male oriole at grape jelly feeder a few minutes ago. Location: Granby, Mass
  7. I saw our first of the year male hummingbird at about 11:00 am this morning. Grape jelly in the oriole feeder, but nothing yet.
  8. Rumor in the western part of Mass has it that Gillette Stadium is giving the vaccinations to those who are phase 2, step 2 , 65+ years.Can anybody comment on this?
  9. SIM

    RIP Sim
  10. Looks like the old mill structures down in Bondsville.
  11. For chipmunks, what do you use for bait? I've shot many this year with a .177 Gamo , but I'd like to place rat traps in areas where shooting them is difficult.
  12. bob_G, FYI. If you are on FACEBOOK, there is an Ooni users/owners group that I stumbled onto the other day. Plenty of comments, recipes, techniques, etc. Unfortunately, I can't find the group again. Perhaps a "search" of Facebook would find it. Good luck. I have since found a "search listing at the top of Facebook pages. You'll find plenty of Ooni sites to check out.
  13. nice report. Thanks
  14. Looking to get fresh maine lobsters and maine steamers for Father's day. The fish market is open Monday to Saturday. Any tips for purchasing them on Saturday and keeping them until Sunday.
  15. These pop up adds are very annoying. Just started getting them this morning.