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  1. Try Medfords in New Jersey.
  2. i have learned a lot just by watching Marlin baits videos, I like his style as well. I watch all the lure building videos I can find , my latest fixation if stick bait videos,
  3. Likewise for me also, I haven't been much help but I have made some great friends and mentors that I would not have met had it not been for this site. Thank you Tim
  4. My condolences to you and your family Tim.
  5. I give them a break until next season, too hot for me.
  6. Pretty work lonellr, I am also seriously considering going to one hook on my plugs.
  7. Same way, swim shads mainly or big curly tail grubs on the appropriate size jig head .
  8. You all catching any?
  9. Beautiful work!
  10. I gain better control with the square ends on also using the belt sander.
  11. Very out of the box Livefreeordie, I have been contemplating a plug like this for river I fish for several years.
  12. I float jigs for gills, crappie and trout, my plastic is usually two inches or smaller, i base my float on what size jig head I am using, and the distance needed determines what kind of float I use, short distance I use a round float, long distance I use the cone shaped ones in varying sizes, a 1/8 jig head will make a small float rider too low in the water column, to heavy a float and the jig will wrap around the float on the cast.
  13. Bennie, now is the time. you have a good chance of landing a trophy blue cat this time of year, I am in Richmond and I know several trophies have been caught already, Beastly and several others have given you excellent info, remember to stay safe the temps are a little cooler now days.