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  1. Watched a sharpie with his skates on try to mug a 13 year old fishing the pulpit the other day. Spent some time in his hip pocket. The minute he left the scene of the crime the kid hooks and lands a 9 pound female. Could not have been scripted any better. Brett was two spots to my right in the pulpit and IMO the mug was directed at the piece I was working since I caught the big girl's bigger brother 10 minutes before and we were under close surveillance form across the bow. The Captain immediately came down and congratulated Brett. Anything can happen when togging !!!
  2. Nice memory.......Got get over there and fish with you guys soon. I'll bring these little tog snipers to fish next to Geoff. And yes......that is all part of the lesson plan
  3. Great day on OE today.....Had my three tog students out today since they had the day off form school. The boys made me proud.....Two nine pound fish caught by our Tog Team.....One by my son's buddy Brett who is 13. Nice double header keepers by my son RJ. and my 8 year old put 4 roasters in the box.
  4. Booked trip on Miss Barnegat Light for Sept 20 -21. Boat leaves Thursday at 5pm. Just informed that a group cancelled and trip is in jeopardy unless they get enough for the trip to sail. Boat takes 25 and only has 9 right now. Great boat....fish it every fall for the tuna run. $285 for trip is good price. Includes bunk, terminal tackle and bleeding, collaring, icing and loining your catch. Most boats charge xtra for that service. Super fast , super wide 100ft catamaran. Chunked and jigged lots of tuna and caught 300 lb swordie on this boat. Call Marion to make reservation. 609-494-2094