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  1. If you decide to split combo I will offer $130.00 cash for the Avet and will pick it up. Thank you
  2. Been looking for an Avet for my son for his birthday in February. He will be 12 and loves bottom fishing. This is perfect !!! MO will go out Monday... Thanks again..
  3. I respectfully offer $165 including the shipping with payment by MO. Thank you
  4. Thanks for accepting my offer. I picked up address from PM.....
  5. Will you take a Money Order......will save you the paypal fee.
  6. I woulds like to offer $70 shipped ....payment by MO is no problem. Thanks
  7. Saw pics... thanks...... Can you rate reel...... scale 1 to 10 .... 10 is best Cosmetic Rating --- Mechanical Rating --- Any idea how old the reel is ?? Thanks in advance for the info...
  8. I will respectfully offer $180 for both reels shipped. Thank you
  9. How much to ship #11 ??
  10. Hello Max I would like to respectfully offer 140.00 for the avet. Thanks Squiddy
  11. Tried to get late reservations down there but flights were $$$$$ crazy. Ended up in Sanibel Island Fla a couple of weeks ago..... Thanks
  12. to the desired length and duck tape the cuff to the inside of the leg... works great. Have done it for my kids skins and adjust the length as they grow.
  13. and we wrecked the fish.......10 fares today.....One drop nonstop tog marathon until limits ++++ were had and we pulled the hooks early. If you are a hardcore togman these are the type of days you live for.
  14. 2 sticks butter 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Oive Oil 1/2 cup chopped garlic (or more depending on your taste) fresh parsley, rosemary, oregano and basil salt and pepper 1/2 cup white wine Place all ingredients in sauce pan and simmer for 15 minutes now add 1/2 jar of spagetti sauce and stir well into scampi sauce (Homemade spagetti sauce is best) Bring back to a simmer and add blackfish fillets. Sauce should come 1/2way up fillets. Simmer for 10 minutes.......turn fillets over and simmer until fillets break apart easily with fork. Serve over linguini with fresh garlic bread and a glass (or two) of the remaining wine and enjoy. Sometimes I will kick it up a notch and add some ground red pepper flakes to the initial ingredients. Tog also makes excellent fish in chips when made in an outdoor propane burner deep fryer. Get deep fryer good an hot In a ziplock bag mix an 80/20 mixture of corn meal and old bay seasoning Place fillet pieces in ziplock and coat well. (Fillet pieces need only be naturally damp...no need to coat with milk, water or egg.) place filets in screaming hot oil for about 1 minute or until corn meal begins to brown and remove. Fillet pieces come out supper moist and not greasy at all. Serve with fresh cut potatos cooked in same oil. (Do the potatos first). I find Canola oil works best. I do a buch of fish fry's all year long....works well with fluke and sea bass also. I only use fresh fish. ENJOY
  15. OK Outback I think my youngest is ready for private boat togging next year !!!!!! I'll give you a call tomorrow. Only 7 keepers between the 3 of us yesterday but we had the one that counted. Did you mkae it to the spot that we talked about on Sat night ?
  16. Blackfish Bobby togteam strikes again......8 year old Andrew battles a 10.2 brute off the structure on the OE yesterday. Its a Beautiful Thang !!!! $415 in pool money ..... He now needs a bigger piggy bank
  17. ....and caught my last limit of the 8 fish season......bingo fish was a doubleheader including a nice roaster and a short. Captain moved us inshore for a nice steady chew. Plenty of fish in the freezer. Time to stock up on blue girls and jumbo rock crabs and fish for togzilla and win that OE $1,000.00 dollar pool. Gotta love those Asian Markets for tog bait. I was also on board the OE on Sunday when the boat was railed and a six year old hooked the pool winner for an $850.00 dollar payday. Very Nice.
  18. On Thursday.....Just needed to keep the bait on the bottom and work the chew. Good call by Bill H on port to sail from. Sometimes the conditions are only an excuse. We did extremely well for the actual amount of fishing time we had due to long ride out and tough anchoring. Capt Tom on AS worked hard to keep us on productive pieces.....Could have easily anchored an let us sit. Gotta love rough water togging !!!! Ripping current, huge ground swell and togmasters hunkering down in the bow. Either you got it or you don't in those conditions. Going Sat, Sun, Mon and hopefully Tuesday. The toggies are hungry !!!!! FBN....Where you been? Need to cut the BMH umbilical cord. May see you Sunday. Time to get some sleep.....lots of work to do tomorrow. Good luck out there tomorrow.
  19. Santa delivered a little present that I field tested today on the AS from AH in a screaming current and 8-10 foot ground swell. Saltiga Inshore Rod..Medium Heavy 7 foot bias construction rod. SACD 701 MHFB. This rod was fantastic. I fished it with 30lb mono and felt every chew despite sloppy conditions. Hoisted 20 togs with 12 keepers and the 9 lb pool winner. This rod made 12 ozs. feel like 6ozs when on the bottom. If I can find it with the same action in 7'6" I am buying five of them. Gives the lami inshore a run for the money.
  20. Should never be used in a sentence together......Serious tog fisherman will understand this !!!!!!!
  21. and enough line to just hold bottom........LMAO. Dudes.......just like other things in life.... its not the stick......its the MAN behind it.
  22. Men Men Men Men Manly Men Men Men.....Fish the Bow !!!!! Merry Christmas and big tog in the New Year !!!!