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  1. hey squid whats up i finally got help to reg.now i have to learn how type ha ha see u at foodtwn digger

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  7. I will take the whole shabang for $35 shipped. Will pay by postal MO.......Thanks
  8. "If somebody is getting hits and you ain't gettin 'em, watch what they are doing with their bait and try that. " AND do not do like Russ and RAPE the guy to get on his productive piece....... LMAO......
  9. My Mom taught us that one.....old school A little cereal in the formula ...shake well...feed baby and you all get a good night sleep.
  10. I will respectfully offer $135 shipped. I see it is an original model with straight handle. How old is the reel? I do not use paypal but could easily send postal money order. Thanks
  11. and I will enforce the law......If not....call the guys with the guns and badges !!!!
  12. Never said I was wronged........ Just added a couple of opinions. It is not that big a deal. I also spoke to the Seller and he knows how I feel. I actually told him immediately following my second post to do what is right by the site cause I am not looking to create any issues. believe me guys ,,,, its OK. Not something that is needed. Just another toy.
  13. It all comes down to respect for posts..... I am interested in my title clearly showed my interest in the quad. I have been on this site for years and I always give way to the initial interest and will ask like a gentleman...... Are you taking the merchandise ? I live by... " treat people like you would like to be treated." I Look at the bright side.....This will save my wife some grey hairs since it was for my boys. Amen.
  14. Asking price is $1500.00. I respectfully offer fishpro $1600.00 cash for the Polaris 325 Magnum 4 stroke 4X4 quad. Thank you Squid
  15. I understand but would like an official ruling from Tim S. I expressed almost IMMEDIATE first interest and PMd a question and personal contact information for contact with the seller. No offers, trades or solicitation occurred. By rights I should have the opportunity to carry out my transaction. Maybe I was premature in using the term "negotiation" since we did not get to that that point. Considering the type of purchase here there really should be some flexibility for questions and item review. Ultimately it is the sellers decision on who the item is sold to and under what terms and conditions written or not.....I respect that.