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  1. If you have PVC screw couplings, check them to be sure they all have their O-ring. I had the same problem last year and one coupling was missing its O-ring. Caused a lot of air to get into the system.
  2. My apologies to the SOL community but I have to close this thread. My wife's sister decided she wants the yak. Kayak no longer available. Joe
  3. For Sale: Hobie Kona Tandem Kayak. Kayak has had little use since purchased new in 2009 (I have a second rigged for fishing, not for sale). It has the usual beach/sand rash on the bottom and some on the sides as seen in the photos. Kayak comes with everything seen in photos including 2 seats, 2 paddles, wheels, flag and dry bag. There is a sag in the bottom that I hope shows in one of the photos. I have no idea how it got there (storage?). Does not seem to have any effect on use of the kayak (paddles well, tracks well, etc). Does not seem to have affected the structural integrity at all. Just wanted to point it out so there are no surprises. I'm moving and do not have room for two kayaks in the new house. I am willing to travel within reason BUT I will only have my vehicle for two more weeks! I am located on Long Island (Nassau County). Asking $600. Cash only. Joe
  4. Looks like a 4 finger laboratory glassware clamp. The fingers would grip a flask, condenser, etc. The long stem would be placed in a bosshead/clamp on a lab stand.
  5. I've just experience the same issue twice in the last two hours. "Softwareupdaterlp" and the browser locks.
  6. Yes. Very recently. Stay far, far away. Horrible experience. Took forever and final approval came right down to the wire for absolutely no good reason other than incompetence on their part. Even more recently, we refinanced an existing home equity with them and another bad experience. Never again. I guess I learn things the hard way.
  7. Maybe this link is what you're looking for.
  8. I'm in Nassau county and I've had Perillo Bros. Fuel Oil Co. for about 20 years now. I've never had a single negative issue with them. Their service has been top notch. I needed a service call on Christmas Eve once at 7:00PM and a service tech was there within an hour and the problem (clogged filter) was resolved quickly. They have always responded quickly to any service issues I've had. They also installed a new furnace when we moved into this house 16+ years ago and added some additional baseboard for us. Their work was excellent and they were clean and efficient. Hope this helps. Joe
  9. Ant, Google the LuHi summer programs. They run a fishing school. My son went several years ago and had a great time.
  10. Not sure where you are on the north shore but the tackle shop in Kings Park has a good selection of fly tying materials you can use for your jigs, bucktail, thread, tools, head cement, etc. Not too sure that hot glue is a very good choice since it won't penetrate the thread. Use either head cement or you can use clear nail polish like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. As far painting your jigs, how about trying different color nail polish, easy to get in a ton of different colors and a reasonably hard finish and quick drying. You'll need some kind of vise to hold the jigs while tying. Just make sure it is capable of holding the hook sizes you'll be working with. You can probably make do with a pair of vise grip pliers clamped to a bench or table. Also pick up a thread bobbin as it make tying much easier than trying to hold the thread spool in your hands (they're inexpensive). Do some searches in this forum and the fly tying forum. There's tons of info on here that I'm sure you will find useful. Good luck and happy tying! Joe
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