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  1. $98 shipped. Paypal only. New
  2. He will be replaced and then called a loser.
  3. You like swimming in ****?
  4. So that mean's it should be left open and the benefits of getting across illegally encouraged? What dem is currently campaigning the border needs to be fixed or any thing about immigration? A sanctuary city screams come here, your safe.
  5. If you can easily cross the border, people will come illegally If you can live in a sanctuary city with no worries, people will come illegally If you can get a drivers license, people will come illegally You can't really think people are just coming to work? Too many other gifts to pass up. Much more encouraging this behavior than not.
  6. How does that work with sanctuary cities? Or like my great state of NY granting licenses to illegals. Don't see much fighting happening, more encouraging.
  7. Please refrain from posting during non business hours. All posts will be answered the next day. Thank you -Frank
  8. Like impeached?