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  1. It’s not that easy.
  2. To be fair you should have a vote for moron of 2018.
  3. I like @fishfigure for real estate advice.
  4. Rusty was a scholar.
  5. I clearly remember my younger brother having bruises from the belt. These days the wrong look your in trouble.
  6. Mini split with high seer are amazing. I installed one in my basement and garage, perform great for both heating and cooling.
  7. Latest excuse to try to justify their fare hikes because conductors don’t want to do their job. LIRR.pdf
  8. Walking around like a king, meanwhile how much does he own in taxes? Anyone else would be behind bars.
  9. Or Marty?
  10. New, never used. Plastic is off handle and has been registered. $420 PayPal shipped.