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  1. The thread is a lot of fiction, not factual.
  2. When one person says something is white and another says it’s black, not everyone will be happy.
  3. You ever think about recruiting more liberals to a dominantly conservation forum? It might help the balance.
  4. Yes, I saw that too. My mistake.
  5. Maybe the true point of this thread was to get someone unhinged, just a thought.
  6. If you think nothing in there is nothing disrespectful said, then I'm not sure what the point of this thread was in first place. I'm not mincing out the obvious.
  7. You know. If he believes those to be true, that's fine. But we are talking about respect and that would not be respectful. Does't matter what side is saying it.
  8. The Nigerians are going to be more famous in the end.
  9. A presidential candidate speaking respectfully about current president.
  10. I wish Don Lemon would give us an update. He said he texts him daily since the incident. He always explains how important facts are.
  11. The anger is understandable. The only ones that are allow to do such vulgar things are leftist elite.
  12. The Lefty's Room
  13. Everyone just say you're sorry.
  14. Do you wander in neighborhoods you know are unsafe?