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  1. Followed the advice in this thread and successfully made 1 bracket out of flat stock aluminum by bending it in a vise using a hammer. Tried to rush the second one and snapped the second bend. Those brackets will be for smaller speakers. Going to try and make bigger brackets out of steel when I have more time. Updates to follow...
  2. That was my first idea! I made a prototype it but didn't like what I was coming up with.
  3. I got them used, but tried calling before I posted anyway. Niles said they didn't have any brackets that would work.
  4. Picked up a few outdoor speakers but they didn't come with brackets. Looking to mount them outside so I need to figure out some sort of bracket. I looked on the river site and there are a few options but they seem like they are for lighter/smaller surround sound speakers. Any thoughts about how to go about making my own? Here are the speakers: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/259104/Niles-Os-25.html#manual
  5. Just also checked the NJ FAQ page where I found this: Individual anglers and for-hire owner/operators are required to have their registry certificate with them and available for inspection if asked by a law enforcement officer. If you do not have a printer available when you register, you will need to provide a valid e-mail address so your registration information can be sent to that address. You can then print out the registry certificate at a later time.
  6. I wish NJ had an electronic option. Based on their regs I am not sure that a picture would be ok. Below is direct from their website: Instructions: Print this page and cut along the outside border of the registration certificate. Should you choose to laminate the registration certificate, you must ensure that all sections are visible for display to law enforcement officers. You are allowed to print multiple copies of this registration certificate. However, you are prohibited from loaning this registration certificate to anyone, or from borrowing one from someone else. You may print this registration certificate on paper stock more substantial than standard printer paper. While recreational saltwater fishing, this registration certificate MUST be in your possession, and be available to be produced to law enforcement officers upon their request. If you provided an e-mail address when registering, you will be sent instructions on how to re-generate and print this registration card, should you ever need to.
  7. Could you post some pictures or describe how you made it?
  8. Took a tumble scouting a new spot the other day and got some water in my waders, which naturally went right into the boots once I took off my belt. Any tips/ideas on how to best dry out the boot part? They are rubber lined with cloth. So far I have stuck a bunch of paper towels inside and took them out after a few hours when they were soaked and had a leaf blower blowing inside the boots. I am thinking of setting up the leaf blower the opposite way so that it draws air from inside the waders and blows air out. Other thoughts?
  9. Loaded. I have not run one rigged this way side by side with a loaded with stock hooks or any other configuration so I am not sure about a difference in action. The action that they have rigged this way works for me so I haven't thought much about it.
  10. I put a single or a flag on the back and keep a treble on the front. For the single I add 2 split rings which helps the hook be in the correct position and also helps it lay flat against the plug when casting.
  11. Take a stock redfin, drill or melt a hole, add some sort of weight (water, mineral oil, birdshot, bb), close up the hole. Helps with casting distance, swims a bit deeper, and depending on what it was loaded with adds noise.
  12. If the needlefish deal falls through I would do $20 picked up.
  13. Completes sets of: 1. Deadwood 2. Carnivale 3. John Adams 4. Band of Brothers Sony portable dvd player: has it's own screen or can connect and use a regular dvd player. Great for a fishmobile for waiting out a tide. Pick up in Red Bank, NJ (contact-less: I will leave on my porch and you can leave the money) $20 each Deadwood, Carnivale $10 each John Adams, Band of Brothers $50 for DVD player Shipped (paypal) $30 each Deadwood, Carnivale $20 each John Adams, Band of Brothers $60 for DVD player If you want to combine items we can work out a price.
  14. I use a large rolling toolbox from HD. Plano boxes fit in perfectly.
  15. There have been some made specifically for salt so I don't see why the freshwater ones wouldn't work. They look like a great peanut bunker profile.