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  1. I'm in! Thanks!!!
  2. Practice and get to know your spots during the day. Or find spots with some more light that you can use at night, such as spots where streetlights provide some light to the beach so you are not in total darkness. Pretie leaders, and have extras. A redlight is better than white for night vision. Shine lights away from the water if you need to use them.
  3. Breathable waders with layers underneath. Having a zip up top instead of a pull over is a lot easier but not usually as waterproof. That usually isn't much of a big deal unless you are getting slammed by waves. I have a wading jacket that I got on the buy sell trade part of this site that is excellent and does the job most of the time. Layers are the way to go since often it is cold in the morning and then as the sun comes up you want to layer down. Reverse the system for night.
  4. Got it, will text soon. thanks.
  5. If you would be willing to do $200 cash (avoiding the PP fees), picked up in Lavalette or I can meet you on your way down there in the Sandy Hook area, I will take it. I also could throw in a plug or two to make up the difference.
  6. I will take it! Thanks
  7. Next if this falls through or if @chitala383 does not want all of it.
  8. I also have the LL bean rod and I like it a lot except that the guides rust/corrode very quickly, even when being rinsed after every outing.
  9. Got out late last night with @Ripnowell45. MoCo out back. Found a few but it was slow work and a lot of hang ups. I think I donated a full pack of shads by the time we left when the rain kicked up.
  10. I had a similar issue with a penn slammer 3 and couldn't figure it out. I had some braid get wrapped under the spool and had to take the spool off to clear it (user error). Once I put the spool back on the click was gone.
  11. That is what I thought, however this jerk watch my buddy catch a blue from the pod and even commented that it was a bluefish. Maybe he doesn't know that they bite?
  12. Thought about it! I really couldn't believe it. I had talked with the guy about 10 minutes prior and he said how cool it was to see the fish out there and that we were catching. He also mentioned that fishermen don't like him because he has done this before. I sort of thought he was kidding but I guess not.
  13. Tried MoCo out front with @Ripnowell45 yesterday afternoon. Was going for fluke (bucktail/gulp) with no hits. Saw an osprey pick something so went to that area. Small bunker pod (full adult bunker) that seemed to be getting harassed. @Ripnowell45 picked a small blue and we both snagged some bunker. Worked really hard to fish the edges of the pod so that it would not break up until some guy came swimming through the pod. Worst part was that I had spoken with him about the pod and he saw it while he was on the beach and he then left and swam back up the beach right in the middle of the pod. That shut everything down.
  14. I think I saw two swimming together but by the time I realized what they were was they were gone.
  15. Finally got into some fish this morning. Surf fishing, saw a bunch of bunker as soon as I came over the dune. Snagged a few trying to see if there was anything under them hitting them. Coolest part was my 2 year old daughter got to help me reel one in. There was a lot of bait but not much on them. Went for a swim and saw some small fish in the wash. Tried fishbites on a small hook and ended up with a few kingfish (sea mullet) and I think a small pompano. In the afternoon went out to Jennette's pier and met up with DaBig2na who was nice enough to show me the ropes. Watched some big fish get caught off the end which was very cool to see. Ended up catching a few spot but nothing else. All in all a great day!