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  1. Out front MoCo last Friday. 1 spanish mac on a gulp teaser and one tiny fluke. After I caught the one mac by accident (I was targeting fluke) a school moved in. Threw everything I had and could not buy a hit. Saw another guy working them and he said he had the same issue.
  2. It really isn't a park yet. The park system bought it and are working on the area. Just today the old deli that was there was demolished. Lots of unpaved parking. Very shallow, even at high tide there can be little water.
  3. Seconds if this falls through for some reason.
  4. I use the sheath made by flatlander. Works great.
  5. For similar garden solar lights I have thought about using a headlight restoration kit. Also thought about just throwing them out and getting new ones, but hate to be wasteful for something that I could fix. I have also heard about putting clear nail polish on the solar cell to keep it clean and prevent it from getting hazy.
  6. Seeing this job in person I can testify that John did an incredible job! It looks awesome!
  7. Any luck?
  8. What about tennis ball tubes? Cut them if they are too tall. Or tubes from shampoo bottles, fiji water bottles (square), etc.
  9. Thanks. I’ll have to check it out
  10. Check out tinman dan in the commerical BST. He makes great stuff.
  11. Checked and was not successful. OK great. Thank you.
  12. ISO Shimano Baitrunner 4500B part rd7451 (bail). I have looked online and can't locate one. There is a new replacement part which requires buying other new parts and I can't find anywhere that has all of those parts either.
  13. Just to clarify (in case this changes anyone's response), this is the vertical line where the two walls meet. The crack goes all the way up the from the tub to the top of where the tile goes.
  14. Has anyone had any experience with this rod? I tried to find some more info after seeing them in a local shop but there does not seem to be much out there. I am specifically interested in how accurate the ratings are.
  15. I have some grout in my shower that is cracking. Mainly it is the vertical line in one corner. I did some online research and some places suggested just filling it with caulk while others suggested a more involved procedure with removing the old grout and re-doing it. One site also said I could just put new grout over the old. I am confident with caulking but have no experience with grout and don't want to mess it up. Any advice?