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  1. Any chance you could do $25 cash and I’ll take this when I pick up the tv?
  2. Please give me a call on my cell and we can set up a time for u to come here and pick up the tv..my saturday is pretty busy but sunday I am free the whole day...my cell 732-687-7759




  3. Perfect I’ll take it. Pm sent
  4. I’ll take it but I just want to make sure it is able to fit in the space I have. Can you please list the dimensions of the tv? I know you put 55 inch but what is the overall height and width?
  5. I’ve fished with her and will 100% agree she can out fish me all day.
  6. You could try calling Do It and see if anyone local carries their molds. A quick online search came up with nothing
  7. Found it thanks! Gear aid makes it (and a lot of other great products)
  8. Thanks. I looked it up and found a shoe cleaning product. Is that the correct item?
  9. What type of sealer?
  10. I like fingerless wool, fleece mittens that fold back to fingerless gloves, and sealskinz. All of their purpose/time/place. I also use handwarmers either in the gloves in my sleeve. Also keep your core warm so that your body doesn't pull warmth from your extremities to stay warm. I have also heard of wrapping your reel seat and stem in electrical tape to insulate your hands from the cold metal.
  11. Does the sheath fit on your belt? That is frequently the issue I come across, the sheath is built for a typical belt not a wider surf belt.
  12. MoCo out front about 8am-2pm. Nothing. Wind was ripping S and rain but water looked great. As the day went on the wind shut off and so did the rain and the water turned to chocolate milk. Didn't see many others out. Saw some gannets way out of casting range.
  13. This is the main issue I was thinking. The way the line comes off the spool and if/where it hits the first guide in theory would make the most difference (all other factors remaining constant).
  14. There are way too many factors to consider to make such a broad interpretation.
  15. Got a few different pairs to try about a year or 2 ago. They were all terrible. Sizes were off, they are not comfortable, did not keep my hands warm, etc. Styles with the flip back finger parts are poorly designed, there is a hole without coverage that allows the fingertip to fold back and the velcro does not hold. Their customer service is also not good. Not worth the money.