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  1. I'm in. Thanks.
  2. Update: took a while but after bringing it in to a shop determined that it was the aftermarket trailer light wiring (warning: never use UHaul for this job). Somewhere along the line it was causing a short. Disconnected the hitch wiring and issue resolved. Reconnected it and blew the fuse again. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  3. Remote start was professionally installed by a reputable company. No check engine light has come on.
  4. Thanks. Much appreciated. I figured it was a short somewhere and you helped confirm it, just trying to narrow down leads now if possible.
  5. To clarify about my post. I have a lifeproof but don't intentionally put the phone in the water. Phone goes into an internal pocket if there is a lot of spray, or an external sealed pocket on milder days. The lanyard attaches to the jacket and serves to prevent the phone from falling if I drop it. I am not wetsuiting or swimming with the lifeproof. Overall it has worked for me, but the lifeproof on my wife's phone makes it really hard to hear her. They do have a decent warranty (and should based on the price) and I have never had an issue getting a new case if there are any issues. They used to also make a foam surround part that would float. The phone would snap into it while in the lifeproof case. Not sure if they still do.
  6. 2009 Nissan Xterra, aftermarket remote start, aftermarket towing harness Recently the VDC off and Slip lights started showing up on the dash intermittently and for no explainable reason. At about the same time the truck kept running once I took the keys out when I had used the remote start to start the car. Running I could even put it into drive (with no keys in the ignition). Also just realized that the brake lights are all out (including the third top light). I get an error code C1116: stop lamp error fault. Here is what I have figured out so far: Fuse for electronic back up was blown. Replaced, lights worked again. Fuse blew within 10 miles. Stoplight switch (that plugs into the brake pedal area) replaced, did not solve issue. This forum has solved a lot of strange problems in my home, let's see how good you are with trucks! Thanks everyone.
  7. Always a great show!
  8. I do the same thing, but my phone is in a lifeproof case. Attach the cord to the headphone port cover.
  9. Only used the bw but they work.
  10. Any chance you are attending Surf Day this weekend?
  11. You are spot on with your thoughts! No doors, totally possible that warm air from the room is going up and condensing and freezing about the roofline. It is pretty much a straight shot up. The only damper is the top pull down damper, there is not one in the fireplace anymore because it broke and was removed. I am thinking that once doors are on that this issue will go away, does that make sense?
  12. Good call! I will check on how it was applied. I only assumed it was rolled on, I don't know for sure. Is there a type of silicon you think works best? Or a certain company?
  13. Got it, thanks. I will look into a further inspection. Wasn't sure how intense that needed to be.
  14. The mason took a look and did not see any issues. There is a liner in the fireplace flue, not sure about the other one.
  15. Good to know that at least that is going the right way! Thanks