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  1. I would go saturday just for dag nasty. I should see if tickets are still avaialable. Been slacking on this.
  2. I haven't been on the trainer much this winter. Mostly sucking it up and riding on the roads or hiding in the woods when its really cold. So I haven't had a real reason to try zwift. My trainer isn't compatible, so I would have to get the dongle adapter, etc. and haven't bothered. It looks "fun" though and if I was going to be on the trainer all the time, I would get a compatible trainer or the set mine up for it.
  3. I have only been to Porta's once and it wasn't burnt and pretty good. But I told a friend I was there and he asked me how I liked burnt pizza. So it must be trademark. I am glad I got one of the good pies out of the oven. Leggets in Squan can make a decent pie at times and Squan tavern is consistently good.
  4. There has always been some discussion on what is a floating needlefish. IMO, a foating needlefish never sinks. You cast it, it hits the water and it floats on the surface. There aren't many needlefish made like this. The Gibbs comes close and I have been told that one of the Afterhours models is a true floater. I have never fished it to personally know. Everything else is a sinking needlefish, its just a matter of how fast it sinks. The Choopy needles with the shaped heads are all slow sinkers. They will sink to the bottom if you give them enough time. But they will come to surface very quickly. DMag and BM both make very nice lures and I am sure you will do very well with either of them, whichever you can get your hands on first.
  5. I dislocated a finger this summer and went to a hand therapist in Wall who is awesome. Let me know if you want his name/number. I would also reccomend doing the same to all your other fingers so they don't become envious.
  6. How do you mechanically move sand where it belongs? Isn't where nature moves it, where it belongs? What imbeciles!
  7. Mike starts pedaling this weekend. Lets send him off with a few more donations for this great cause!
  8. BUMP. One month till Mike is pedaling away for 200 miles. Lets give him some incentive to ride fast, fast, FAST!!!
  9. Lets add these to the bag and get lots more money in the pot. :D A few "harder to get" Choopy Lures that I have only made for the flea markets or limited runs. A Magnum darter in tog, a 2H darter in sea bass and a JBSC needle in chicken scratch.
  10. No more pony's. You can have the last eel needle though.
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