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  1. I've been using 80# pink fluro for rigs lately.
  2. Mexican lasagna!!! JZ is 7, Logan 2.
  3. That's a custom coral piece!!!
  4. Can't make that trip
  5. I hear the new improved version is going to slay em this season.
  6. Why are my ears ringing? Yammo, why you call forth the GT?
  7. I either just snip a gill or the skin under the gills where it connects to the body. You just don't want to cut too much that you kill them too quickly.
  8. Hit the Sea Hawk on saturday. Overall slow pick of fish. High hooks had 3. Pool fish was around 6lb. I managed two keepers.
  9. Sailed on the Sea Hawk out of Perth Amboy, NJ on Sunday. Was an open bottom fishing trip for porgies, sea bass, tog and whatever else would bite. Boat provides clams and green crabs. I started the day fishing clams as the freezer is bare and needed some tasty porgy fillets. Figure if I started with a crab that would be my entire day as I wouldn't have been able to switch. LOL. Plenty of action from the get-go though plenty of short seabass plagued us but some keepers were weeded out and fairly consistent porgy action with most being keeper size. While I was dunking clams saw quite a few onboard go to crabs and start catching tog. Lots of shorts but some keepers also were in the mix. Saw a nice fish come up and decided that I should start drowning some crabs. Switch to my tog gear and send a nice small whole greenie down. Vicious bite as soon as it hit bottom and 16" keeper over the rail. Stick on another slightly larger crab and get crushed again but rolled it. Reel up and put on another crab, cast out and HONK! "lines up" *&@*%^*&!*&%&*!%*^ Made a move and a few others after that. Had action on all but not like the first, at least for me. Decent haul of porgies, some keeper seabass, and most if not all had their 1 tog keeper. Pool fish was about 6#. I ended the day with a nice sack of porgy fillets and my one keeper tog. Also sailed on the Ocean Eagle on Monday 11/7 and had a decent bite going with the tog. Nothing big but some quality keepers onboard. Ended the day with 5 keepers.
  10. Hit the tourist spot again on this past rainy Sunday morning. Caught em well again but all shorts. Since I didn't do any fluke bucktailing this year, had to settle for this:
  11. Doing well. Jason can't wait to show his baby brother how to fish.
  12. Can we say THREEPEAT!!! Did it again on 9/17. Most fish caught for age group. Also had smallest fish but they only award one prize per person. Proud of my boy. Know what he wanted to do after this? Some more fishing!!! Casting challenge: Nemo: Weighing in his catch: Got his prize, didn't seem too thrilled he couldn't pick it this year but still was happy afterwards: Back to fishing afterwards:
  13. Did a little tog'n from shore on Sunday, 10/2. Armed with a bucket full of greenies, Jesse and I had action from the first bait dropped in cultimating to a great flurry of action during slack and then slowing down to a slow pick afterwards. Easily had 30 fish each and some pin-seabass and blowfish as well. All shorts but plenty of fun. Had my spinning rod with me asI was going to try jigging for them but Jesse grabbed it first and pulled some fish over the fence. Somehow I didn't get to use it
  14. Little late but welcome to our newest "little" fisherman, Logan Scott. Born 7/17 10lb 2oz!!! Did manage to get out and wet a line this past weekend with JZ. He caught while others drowned bait
  15. Must be genetics