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  1. IMO, the audit wont prove anything. Investigating 20 secretaries of state will provide the proof.
  2. Thats more than peaceful protesters! Would those 139 be on security video?
  3. Thats power of controlling an election
  4. I need two 13" rims with 4 lugs. 4x100 with 60" bore. Original equipment on most 80's economy cars? Anyone have some chevette rims in garage?
  5. I am more of a Buddhist. I am not converting. Its interesting. I had an earlier reference that the prophet had visions of the angel Gabrielle, messenger of God, and today I see that Gabrielle was changed to Gabriel. Which is same as Catholics did. The angel Gabrielle visited the parents of John the baptist and Mary, mother of Jesus.
  6. Your right. 73 must be a reference to dead sea scrolls or something. I need more time for reading
  7. Thats reaction after funding the attacks
  8. Watch the weather channel during any hurricane prep. You will see at least one actor braced into wind, water up to knees. When the camera pans away, people will be casually walking by and water will be only puddle visible for area.
  9. According to the chart posted by 757saltwater, one flash on rev with 4100 is rpm. The chart does not have a flash for systems check.
  10. Thats much easier to understand
  11. Your teach goes to 7000, so there's a sequence. The tach indicates a systems check with flash, then indicates over 500 by a flash, then moves needle for engine hours to 500. So one flash and 4100 is 410, two flashes and 4100 is 910, three flashes and 4100 is 1410.
  12. I googled it and common setup is 10x actual hours. 4100 would be quite high.i would think 410.
  13. Trump started the national garden of American heroes and Biden cancelled it to accommodate cancel culture.
  14. Or there is a different emphasis on a daily basis. CDC is all about extending lifespan of the CDC.