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  1. Sorry, may he rest in peace.
  2. But, they werent identifying as that. They were outspoken as minorities. I think in at least one case, he has a point where we invite everyone to participate, we get standard pro-palestine garbage and these representatives should acknowledge that they wouldnt have these oportunities
  3. Is it a conundrum if we require other countries to have minimum wages and environmental requirements at a percentage of ours in greater interest of all humanity?
  4. Did you put adhesive on entire frame before plywood? That might isolate it.
  5. Especially with current tax code
  6. Be fun to watch him get carded
  7. Democrats paid more for russia and ukraines help.
  8. But baby daddy did all right
  9. In ma, I have a sticker for a dump thats $150. Before this, we bought city trash bags for $1 a bag.
  10. The mbta has it in contract that has to stay a state job. The state could sell entire shebang and be the only fix for it
  11. I am cheap. I would start here. If it needs more attention, get buffer
  12. I think a buffer, rubbing compund and polish. Thats pretty light, might not need rubbing compund.
  13. One of those cowboy belt buckles?