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  1. Call dig safe. Its free. They mark anyplace that you cant dig. That removes liability, most of, if you hit something.
  2. Realistically, out of 2.5 million people, ambition has like no chances at all.
  3. Theres a lot more than blacks taking opportunity to act like animals. Those 3 and others like them will bear the burden.
  4. You would have to require a couple years on a police force to qualify for law school. Then your numbers of school applicants would plummet. But some of them might stick around.
  5. These riots don't help any cause. They highlight a need for more cops. That makes union more powerful. We don't have as many riots as when obama was president but we could slip back there real easily.
  6. I am not a republican. I will vote for Trump again.
  7. Thanks. I thought titanium was higher level but I looked on ad and vulcan is their "best" rating.
  8. Gwen stefani is amazing
  9. Doesn't take much to be better than career politicians. Watch DNC work against Sanders for Clinton and then again for biden. Hillary was bad, biden is worse. Which cabinet position will hunter get? Or will he be too busy working in ukraine with no language or skills for $600k year?
  10. Not really. I listened to a lady civil rights lawyer on npr yesterday. She said rioting and looting hurts their cause. They had a caller saying there is a video circulating of police smashing their own cars. It would seem that this is simply an opportunity for some.
  11. Trumps involvement with russia pales compared to hillary clintons "russian silicon valley", the uranium deals and biden involvements. besides reading, you need to actually admit truth.
  12. Most of outcry seems to be manufactured.
  13. There's a massive divide there that's mostly partisan. who provided initial guidance. hundreds of us health agencies, federal and state had no recommendation. Trump started travel restrictions from only most specific threat, china, and was met by objection from who and schumer. fully partisan politics. schumer claimed racism. cuomo said travel restrictions and shelter in place was un constitutional. deblasio saif nyc was nightlife and would not shutdown. those three cost a lot of lives, expense and media circus in ny area. There is quite a bit of partisan support for "rioting". Supposedly, police union had police trashing police cars for effect. There were a lot more riots while obama was in office. I think George Floyd would be out there looting too, if he had a chance. GF made mistakes, he was arrested for that, there were complaints about arrest. The system works, it was looked into, people were fired, charged. An investigation is ongoing. Being a victim sucks but our system works, it's fair, it takes time. People have a right to assemble, speak, broadcast their views. IMO, looting and rioting minimizes any chance of effective social change. Note that none of these social changes has happened regardless of party. As long as it's a campaign promise, it will never happen. I realize that Hillary put a lot of money into russia. Biden has connections in russia. There seems to be more democrat / putin conversation than anywhere else. I will vote for Trump again.
  14. I like lincoln 140c. Harbor freight has titanium with infinite adjustment on voltage and speed. Harbor freight has additional charge for 2 year protection plan. Anyone have any experience with warranty/protection plan on either one?
  15. There is no worry about a memory of george floyd. They are not looting a liquor store because of george. They are looting because theres enough background noise to get away with it. Groups are encouraging behavior because they have no other platform.