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  1. It does to me. My mortgage interest is too low. The SALT limit at $10k and interest places me in standard deduction with 2kids.
  2. I would agree. If you saw a healthy acting deer get hit, i would consider it salvageable. Cjd is another prion disease.
  3. Best of luck.
  4. When Jesus met with the Angel Gabrielle in the desert, Satan took her form and attempted to decieve Jesus. The prophet attempted to convert the native tribes of arabia. the Quran was dictated over 23 years from meetings with the Angel Gabrielle. When the prophet reached out to Jews and Christians for soldiers to crush the tribes, both groups refused and were condemned. It would be fairly easy to interpret, in my view, that certain interpretations in the Quran were attributed directly to Angel Gabrielle when we already know from hundreds of years earlier, that Satan takes other angels forms easily and other interpretations in the Quran were directly weighted by the prophets struggles against the native tribes and within the tribes. But jimmy z states the same thing quite well.
  5. For poison ivy. I would rather find someone with a goat. They eat the stuff. But I bought the poison Ivy killer by Bayer several times now. It seems to work without affecting anything else. We spray the leaves.
  6. Eva Gabor
  7. I was on a jury. All the candidates were white, male and female. It was a poorly constructed malpractice suit against one (black, immigrant) intern on a huge medical team for a percieved hour lapse in coverage. The families views were pretty apparent and an AA juror wouldn't have helped them.
  8. coast guard is almost military but not quite. I would make calls to the local PD with plate number and situation.
  9. That reads just like a BA joke
  10. He had a box truck for his day job. The buyer must have supplied him with the tank.
  11. Pretty lucrative for stealing stuff, IMO. Something like $100 bucks an hour?
  12. Julia Child, the french chef, served in oss during and after WWII. You were on one side or the other.
  13. Women know that woman is fairer sex. They just look for a guy who appreciates looking at them and all crappy stuff like plumbing.
  14. Squirrels and chipmunks are nasty