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  1. The circuit doesnt work. If you kill that circuit, how are you gonna see problem? i have a tracer that has one end that plugs in and a reciever which sounds tone. I have an adapter for light fixtures. Otherwise, i have a multimeter. I follow the circuit path by voltages.
  2. Its really a fine line.
  3. The bad folded prion causes the disease. Other prions carry resistance to disease. Bacteria is critical because the entire digestive tract is bacteria. Bacterium subtilis will destroy prions but cant survive digestion. I am pretty sure subtilis will eat any prion, good or bad
  4. Apparently, its the same as alzheimers, mad cow disease, cjd and cwd. Actual kuru stopped when they stopped eating brains of their dead. Majority of unaffected had evolved a resistance which they carried as a prion.
  5. I dont know enough to call anybody wrong. Most People have a natural tendency to place faith in a greater being, some people have a natural tendency to assume being that greater being. The vedic traveled from turkey through persia into india. When hindu thought overwhelmed the vedic, it spread from india through persia into turkey. The hindu thought, mostly, that one god with three appearances, defined existence. Its prevalence in the area may have impressed Moses. The old testament declared paradise of heaven as a reward for accepting God. The new testament became stricter and the islamic version strictest of all. I prefer to follow the concepts of the hindus that seem reflected by Moses that places all human creation on a plane that guarantees we are all equal. In the way of the old testament, i accept God and in the wisdom of the Buddha, i seek enlightenment.
  6. If everything failed is after the switch?
  7. Supposedly, they isolated resistance to gene sections 127 and 129. They have a prion that carries the resistance into the genes. They isolated the prion from resistant people on papua new guinea. Most people and animals are resistant to cwd. If not, any contaminated prion ingested will carry infection. The cwd prion is absorbed in the intestine. They found bacteria subtilis will absorb the cwd prion. Subtilis is considered safe around animals and people. It wont survive the digestive tract. If it did, it could be added to salt licks and animals would spread it around. It has to be manually spread in all bedding areas. Why most people or animals are resistant may be from biting insects.
  8. If the wally world battery has johnson controls on label, otherwise advance auto.
  9. Stopping ddt had an amazing effect. In some countries, ddt is word for bug spray. It needs stopped everywhere.
  10. Your stomach and intestines have a lot of bacteria making your whole body work. A bad one will kill you. Doesnt take much. glad your better
  11. Congrats. He has two kids in college, he wont have money for next 20 years.
  12. The early dean koontz. Whispers, watchers and strangers. anything by joseph wambaugh, The monk and the marines by philip kingry.
  13. The current group of candidates, for all religions, may be highest risk group for pedophiles.
  14. A lot of it may have been excuse for draft during vietnam.
  15. Islam was really developed as an extension of christian and jewish beliefs. The prophet took it to the native tribes that had already refused religion. When he requested christian and jewish soldiers to overthrow specific tribes, they refused to and were cursed in the koran.