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  1. Those appear to be in good shape. But it says online, if the eggs get detached, theres probably no chance of viability.
  2. So you could keep those in a saltwater tank with a pump, and you'd have juvenile squid?
  3. You would have to pay off right types, bigly. Easier to run a food truck and deal weed on side.
  4. Wranglers were last jean to go overseas, last longer and more reasonably priced
  5. It might be cheaper to run power to battery and then to laptop on same connector?
  6. https://www.cdrtd.com/products/laptop-battery-for-gateway-gwtn156-5-gwtn156-5bl-gwtn156-5bk-gwtn156-5gr-gwtn156-5pr-11-4v-4500mah-51-3wh-10pin-7-lines.html
  7. True. The more i weld, the better i get with a grinder
  8. Who makes the eastwood mig machines?
  9. The concept of leaving fuel on was that there would be less residue.
  10. Crazy that the air force can run wilfred hall medical center or landstuhl while you wouldnt want the doctors we had in upstate ny working on your dog.
  11. I have been told, if theres stabil in gas, no reason to turn off gas.
  12. I cut out milk sugar in coffee and lowered my cholesterol. I drink black at office, anyway. I dont normally drink soda or energy drinks. Usually coffee, tea or hot water.
  13. If they threw a line on it as abandoned. Right now a tugboat is attached to it.
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