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  1. Every politician?
  2. What do you think about the dead sea scrolls?
  3. I am not reading all that
  4. A second rate team with a backup quarterback. Just like saints winning right after katrina. The nfl scripted for highest profit.
  5. Kept me busy
  6. I quit drinking and switched to instant decaf to quit. Takes a while to drink booze without thinking about smoking.
  7. My coworkers nephew caught a year in prison for threatening a radio station. Its not free mental health. Your better off getting a doctor/lawyer and providing an alternative, like a mental health facility.
  8. Damn assault rifles
  9. Get some flyers for storage units and leave them in his mailbox regularly
  10. A coworker had a neighbor raising chickens. One was a rooster. He complained on zoning multiple times. He recorded rooster crowing at oh dark thirty and added it to the complaints. Took him about eight months to get rid of one rooster.
  11. Cameras is best idea. Especially if he retaliates.
  12. My coworker got a whole basket of hanukka cookies cheap after holiday.
  13. I spent a couple years in boonsville. I thought it would be up there.
  14. Hicksville ny is long island?
  15. Hey, that's more offensive than the photos