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  1. So, its really a simple nics change
  2. The govt is purposely crushing lower class. Here is a property auction of 50 acres that had been uscg housing. Within walking distance to commuter rail into boston. We paid to demolish 165 housing units. https://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucbystate/?sl=BOSTN121005001
  3. But if he had that idea four years ago and he chased that dream? Another week wouldnt change anything
  4. If someone is going wait four years, whats another week?
  5. The 10 year olds must be uvalde and embryos must be abortion
  6. Or the people, either one is good
  7. True. The court has gone from impartial to requiring oversight.
  8. I posted a link to a true accounting on video of what happened but i guess it didnt get past mods
  9. And do you know how otterly ridiculous you are?
  10. We have an old groundhog in back. We brought home a 3 yro lab from shelter. The lab chases chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels and skunks but has never bothered the groundhog.
  11. Correct but if people are polarized, your just waiting for a problem. I think every state should have one elected position thats identified as head of militia. And 30 round magazines etc allowed for home possession but not public unless theres a call for militia to assemble. And all self-feeding weapons restricted until your a range member for x years or 21.
  12. 59%

    Grading on a biden curve of how badly biden ****s things up. My point is there is a percentage of supporters that have been told we are winning While european countries are capitulating for oil.
  13. Sorry. I responded to previous posts before i saw yours