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  1. No matter the label or taunt, it is a constitutional function of the Fed Guv to defend the borders. Doesnt matter if its strawberry jam.
  2. Just a small point of order "Trump's wall" == "our wall"
  3. I wonder if Russian subversives post here in an attempt to influence vast swaths of the American opinion-scape?
  4. I sense a lot of Christian hate and Conservative hate in this "discussion" I would also add that the basic discussion seems to be fueled by quite a bit of shallow understanding of Christianity. Not that many threads in the PC are fueled with accurate info. Ah well.
  5. What function was he performing for me and all us taxpayers?
  6. BTW executive orders are law and that power is ceded to the president by the congress. So the only issue is whether the order is something that is grossly illegal. Simply illegal or unconstitutional wont do. Mistakes happen. Lots of congressional actions get branded unconstitutional and no congresspersons get impeached. BTW impeachment is not something that has a fixed set and agreed upon list of infractions for. Impeachment can happen if congress comes to work one week and feels over gassy. No reason is needed. Articles drafted by the House, and bingo! impeachment has happened. If the Senate is convinced, bingo! it's done and impeachment becomes removal from office.
  7. Its only impeachable if the president in question is white and (R) didnt matter for black and kenyan
  8. three pages of arguing with a fine SOL contributor over a well-know term he happens to not like... and the thread is perma derailed. It never ends.
  9. 50K in Brooklyn... will that even buy a Starbucks each morning and some Fiji water?
  10. I'm old enough to remember when Dan Rather made up fake news from whole cloth to damage our President. And to remember when his fake new colleagues forgave him because he was well intentioned. What a complete, total, and colossal horse's patoot
  11. Are we not at the point where there were about 25 people total in the audience at the actual show, and somehow 100 people claiming to have seen her there?
  12. "Defeated Amazon Corporate Greed" == "Sent millions of $$ in local taxes to some other state and neighborhood" yay
  13. You posted right at the limits of my ability to read on the first cup of coffee
  14. Not arguing... just opining here... good luck systematically differentiating between politics and "comments on our times"
  15. If you believe this thread is dead you are a conspiracy theory loving loon.