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  1. as noted their "playing politics" is campaign contributions.
  2. why do you care?
  3. All the world watching the drop boxes dont matter if there is no verification of who is "voting". I am not allowed to take a person into my polling place to pull the levers for me... I should also not be allowed to gather up a boat load of ballots and drop them "on behalf" of other people. And no matter if I prove who I am... the problem with drop boxes (meaning vote by mail) is the fraud all over of mailing people multiple ballots... unasked for. It impossible to trust the process, esp with Dems using fraud as a matter of course even before this season of extreme fraud opportunities.
  4. C'mon man! Half for Pops !
  5. whats that one the death star blew up? Thats her world when the Trump-star flies by on election day
  6. "Poor men are as smart as white men"
  7. " Dear Joe.. WTF?? "
  8. We already heard one regular here say ... outloud.. that the laptop is "not real" and repeated it to be sure not to be mis-understood. Anyone else willing to say outloud... this is made up stuff... a hoax... a complex hoax involving the FBI, Hunter, Joe, Hunters 2 biz assocs, independent American working laptop repair citizens... Rudy, Russians, China, Ukraine, etc... Anyone?
  9. I bet she and Joe are secretly ticked that they have been hip deep in graft for 47 years and still cant afford a compound on the Vineyard.
  10. Perhaps um.. the press? could ask
  11. Ma Barker Biden
  12. declaring a lid with Joey
  13. Russia! Russia! Russia! ... um... Hoboken! Hoboken!
  14. Someone should clue in Joe's handlers... that "a lid" is an unfortunate choice of terms when one is hiding from pics and vids of drug abuse