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  1. bingo and the group that needs least coverage costs 100 mil $ thats $1000 per person for 100,000 people
  2. personally I think most socialism "lovers" are simply responding to the picture painted by the pols who toss the term around as a synonym for "we take from makers and give to you so your life is easier"
  3. oh... and the man who got Clinton elected with only 43% of the popular vote but no one's perfect
  4. the X axis on those charts and graphs stops at 2019
  5. Dont bite on the liar's bait
  6. who gets his $43 in campaign funds?
  7. Fun thing about more money chasing goods and services... price go UP ^^^. Try to explain that to people who can have their votes bought with illegal proposals.
  8. Racist if you are not racist
  9. Seems tailor made for deciding to be "of color" for a day. Id hold out for "ladies get in free" night.
  10. If you have nothing to say other than quoting your college profs, then you are a brainwashed virtue-signaling baby
  11. Please... say it ain't so... who could ever see that happening?
  12. Perhaps if this rule goes into effect, we have have a companion rule keep the troll argument posts out of the cartoon thread
  13. Reports are coming out about AOC at the border... seems she got off the bus and was immediately screaming at ICE agents. No matter that (as the Hillary sycophants here say) I am really really afraid of her... she was clearly setting up -- stupidly and hamhandedly -- a giant predictable photo op, antifa style. The press licked her toes and printed all the lies they could manage to make up. Predictably. What a dolt
  14. Unless I am wrong, in the battle at Fort McHenry all the airports in existence were in fact taken by the Colonies... and no one was more dominant in the air than the Colonies. Fact checking is tricky business
  15. Yes indeed.... she gonna run train on some old white righties said so herself next time you see some damning questioning please please please point it out in a timely fashion... I want to see who is being damned