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  1. Never was a reason
  2. Dim-peach him... please ASAP What are we waiting for?
  3. "Safe space that we have paid for" Yow. Time to flush this society and start over.
  4. We all know this is how the system is made to work. He didn't win American Idol either. Which has no bearing on winning a presidency. So tell it to the hand.
  5. Journalists? Are there any? Is this not similar to asking why unicorns eat so much?
  6. Barry Larry Terry
  7. "4 dollars good, 2 million dollars better"
  8. Yes indeed... time for a good ol' fashioned healing drum circle Speaking of drum circles... we saw one in Asheville NC... it appeared that both drums and clothing were optional... my wife says " wow... it's like a bluegrass jam, but for people with no musical skills "
  9. I love her. She sticks in all the right craws
  10. The leaders of revolution DESERVE more than the hoi polloi They earn more than you because they are ... yes... strong visionaries... they see the true truth.. of egalitarianism... and they make "all equal" happen... so they deserve more in the final world of equal.
  11. This is why I detest the continual use of "exonerate" Trump was not guilty and not charged... except in the minds of opponents. There was nothing to exonerate. The right word is "Dems accusing are shown to be partisan hacks... yet again"
  12. bet he's not earning his keep today for the NH taxpayers
  13. The judge should rule thusly: "Proceed with damaging your son IF you are willing to have the same treatments on yourself first."
  14. "But... we found no evidence that he did NOT collude with aliens"