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  1. He's busy ordering china and crystal for when he is first lady.
  2. If the Dem party is truly ready to put her out to pasture they can instruct their boy Mueller to put a section in the Trump report on Hillary crimes he "discovered"
  3. Wyoming... good only 49.75 more states to go
  4. She looks like a head on a clothed oil drum
  5. Star Wars Emperor Palpatine without the bathrobe
  6. Yes I know this thread is older but I wanted to add a note Black drum taste great... when younger... almost as good to me as reds. And as for crustaceans... while they do love crabs and shrimp, they eat mollusks too, and from personal experience I can tell you the smaller ones will hit the same grubs on jigs I use for flounder and trout.
  7. Soros reminds me of Col. Kurtz in Heart of Darkness
  8. The whole MSM is a big pile of giggling snickering 8 year olds.... "He said the M-word! He said the M-word! I'm tellin' Mom! Hs's gonna get a whuppin' now" Makes me want to use the "Bite Me" word. I think many if not most conservatives are tired of being dragged back into Kiddie World when we have actually grown up.
  9. The Internet makes stupid people loud
  10. I personally believe over 500 angels can dance on the head of a pin. AND after all this deflection and diversion... McCaskill still is, and ought to be, toast
  11. Pay their salaries... and retirement pensions for decades Fed lifetime appointment employees... the gift that keeps on taking
  12. Remember he can expose all he wants and in many states the Leftists have already voted... or will have if he trickles it all out slow. Election day is gone as a concept. We now have manufactured election month
  13. who could have imagined... I mean really... who could have guessed.. that a rabid Dem would make the whole charade last until the election?
  14. No evidence found However here are 1000 pages of insinuations nonetheless.