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  1. its rare for sure any instances before Trump? Or does the data so far say Mean Time to Event is 230 years?
  2. To get term limits on the President it took a constitutional amendment. Same for elected Senators (they started out appointed by state legislatures) So no Congress will ever initiate an amendment limiting their ability to enrich themselves. Its a flaw in the original Constitution... assuming voters are going to care more about fidelity and morality in government than their own pocketbooks. As De Toqueville said... its a great system and it will work beautifully until the people realize they can vote themselves a share of the treasury.
  3. Trump he's good for at least two more years of slobber and phauxm
  4. relying on the media? I learned that with Reagan as a baby political animal recall that washington and jefferson railed about the vileness of the press people are people and have been since Cain killed Abel with a rock. its not gonna change because some braindead teen says "we should all just hold hands... forever"
  5. I dont think virus management is a thing whole world is having problems "controlling" the spread of vapor on a planet wrapped in a blanket of air. But Orange Man Bad
  6. ^^^ simple isnt it
  7. Oops!

    i thought perhaps Lyin Hiden a person should be clear if he/she wants to be understood
  8. :)

  9. :)

    ^^^ its a street fight mentality we want to follow the biggest banger cain killed abel with a rock and its been downhill since then
  10. Wonder if Dems would go for this. Mail ins allowed... fraud away... we count them all on October 25 and that's that. Post the numbers. The election day happens and the R's get to respond (as much as needed). When things look tight... we leave the polls open... maybe a few days if needed. Y'all come on down... help out the team here. When D's show up to the polls... we tell them they are closed... sorry. Sounds ok doesnt it?
  11. :)

    I have already called the gov and told them to send my tax money back to me
  12. or enjoy his remaining years spending his billions R's tend to be less vindictive than brain damaged D's McCain notwithstanding
  13. i of course left off the wink wink
  14. Oops!

    like following a cow hoping for gold to come out