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  1. Fwiw - Hertz effectively went bust last night, they owned Budget and Thrifty too. Thats a real big chunk of the global car rental market just gone. They missed their lease payments on the car hire fleets. They didnt own them, they just leased them. I figure that cash reserves and hard assets are going to be King for a while with big investors until these revenue streams come back on line.
  2. Thanks J, i hope you and the fam are all well in the Hollow. I miss VA, we were supposed to back in late March but the trip got nixed. I was looking forward to those hungry spring brookies in the park. only semi-retired sadly, i'm a trust protector now, three days a week. On a third of the pay, but our expenses are half.
  3. I think the expression you usually prefer involves a blind squirrel and a nut. its interesting reading this back. Particularly for those stocks higher now than before the Virus - which were considered already overhyped like TSLA and BYND, there's a few out there. perhaps a sign of a permanent cultural change ?
  4. Its sweet that you kids still miss me. I was wrong for ever, but eventually right. Story of my life, but i knew that idiot would **** up the first crisis he encountered as is proven. so glad this was not worse. My Aunt in England died sadly. She broke her hip in a fall caught the virus in hospital. My main fund is still 50% in a Stable value fund and down 10% off its high, which is not bad, all things considered. my little super agressive fund is up now, i bought BYND, GWPH, more AAPL, TSLA, CGC but the real star is AZN. Got killed on IVR though. We're semi-retired now and living in Welsh Wales, near a Salmon & Sea Trout river i can cycle to in this lockdown. The fishing B&B business is on hold until tourism recovers...maybe next year, maybe 2022. hywl fawr, butti bachs.
  5. I think that at a Japanese restaurant to eat there I would prolly yes. but at home to cook no. wagyu brisket is like a Sage Fly Rod or Van Staal Spinning reel - i reckon you really have to know your cooking schit to fully do it justice. I've had legit Japanese Wagyu that was flown into NYC (they claimed) and it was very good, but then so is 100% grass fed beef from anywhere imho. Snake River Farm's "northwest" prime brisket beef is so close in taste and texture that you'd prolly not know the difference, and that's what most of the normal BBQ cooks use if they are cooking three briskets and hoping not to eff up one. SRF does send them by mail. peas.
  6. oh and to answer your question : the news page here is okay https://seekingalpha.com/market-news the main page will give you trending articles by SA authors : https://seekingalpha.com/ they are all amateurs or small firms on there, so i use it as food for thought rather than for making decisions. it may lead me to more research a stock or story. i signed up to join years back and I get two daily emails etc on news, articles etc. on the stocks i'm following and general tech / market stuff.
  7. fluke fishing is starting soon today maybe ?
  8. a guy on Bloomberg from CIBC was saying the trade and brexit fears are overdone. he said go for quality earnings and dividends. i'm tempted to agree. i am hoping to add to my AAPL. if Hauwei is fecked, then AAPL may benefit eventually in a kind of J curve effect - one of their major competitors being taken out outside of the PRC. my young associate has a ton of Ford. a 7% dividend.
  9. I dunno. i know some folks who have built some pretty large fancy wooden decks around theirs. a friend in Weymouth has a bar and a smoker up there and all sorts of stuff - bosuns chairs. if you just want a plunge pool next to a kickin deck, i think that's a thing now.
  10. Aretha. Amy Winehouse had it too - soul.
  11. This is on sale for the first time since 2014 : https://www.brewbound.com/news/fordham-brewing-release-rebranded-wisteria-wheat Fordham Wisteria Wheat. Its a DE brewer.
  12. Hunter mcgrady - from the SI swimsuit edition she gives a new meaning to ' double page spread'
  13. It would depend on your broker, but i think the first day.
  14. I shall wear that as a badge of honour.
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