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  1. another costner movie - Robin Hood.
  2. PM=

    you should have put him in the Real Pizza thread.
  3. oh, and Bloomberg's war chest is $500m. of his own money. he was in NH Saturday Night
  4. he still won't win. unlike 2016, trump will be running on his behavior and track record, both of which are very poor. plus its very likely he will face a primary, where his base will vote for him but no-one else will.
  5. That sucks. at least you tried your best.
  6. How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman ? None.
  7. never heard of him, any relation to Charlie ?
  8. he's never happy when he has to resort to blaming his own people. it means he feels like he's not controlling the narrative.
  9. ##MESOUIX is what i saw this morning most people are missing the important part of the story - she also releases her college and post grad applications. they prove she never used her ancestry to gain federal or state funding. I think she's going to run - it would be awesome to see a woman beat trump, but i think Patrick will run and win.
  10. you humps should remember this at the end of the year, this is has to be eggy worthy, Shirley ?.
  11. well, they just had so much money - at one stage Bill Gates was having to sell $500m of MSFT a quarter just to diversify his wealth.
  12. she owned him : i sense a defamation suit coming on, prolly two. he did not tweet her back, but : he's not a happy little soldier today. poor Tiny
  13. trumps deficit spending is up 17% on last year. and this is in a growing economy ! he only has himself to blame for rising interest rates.
  14. when he was not on it, he let researchers have Octopus for free and he pays the running costs. it used to spend 3-4 months a year in Georgetown Harbour. He also retrieved the Ships Bell from HMS Hood who had been sunk by the Bismarck and donated it to the RN Museum. he was a good dude.