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  1. There is a place in Lakewood bamboo and ratain they had 20 ft calcuttas last time I was in
  2. fine from the sand 30 is more than enough ! inlets and rivers present more cut off dangers.have landed many 40-50in plus on thirty from the sand never worried about the line .my biggest on 30 was 53 in and huge
  3. Dude it is soo good to hear you sounding so much stronger. Keep up the good work and call me when you can. Looking forward to a more active passenger in my truck for the next visit.
  4. More than a bump.A lot of new guys and girls have gotten into surfcasting,You have to realize the danger on a sandbar with heavy water. Allergies are acting up again reading this for the first time in many years,had to share it with a dear friend. This stayed with me as it did to all involved . Be safe that ocean don't care and won't quit
  5. Fished the new BG 5000 this fall and loved it smooth powerful great handle and drag Hundred plus fish on it and it still feels like right out of the box. Check out the alan hawk review best bang for the buck IMHO
  6. Thanks for the update. Fight the good fight my brother...Get Well!
  7. prayers and best wishes for my friend
  8. Prayers and best wishes for my friend.
  9. Nice to see some some old names on this POS site
  10. Will always miss Mike Gone way too soon Rip Jeepster
  11. How sad,I've missed having Mike around.He was a fun thoughtful guy,who use to make a game outa sneaking up on me in the middle of the night.My condolences to his wife and family RIP MIKE
  12. I only got bit once by a blue,but he chomped and locked.Had to cut his head off to get my finger out.Thankfully it was a 2 lber
  13. I love my kunan rods,My first was a 8.6 competitor (the dark green rod) I can't read the specs on the rod anymore,but it is a great plugin rod,and was sold as a steelhead rod.The sweet spot is about 1oz ,and can go up to 2oz,perfect for bomber,sp minnows ect.Also own a few of the advantage series(redish brown)rods,my favorite is the 8.6 also I use it for lighter stuff mambos and fluking.The black series was their top of the line,but I like the competitor series better,probably because it was all I used for many years those Kunan rods,and use them every season