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  1. View PostStamina(Lure Parts Online), Janns Netcraft or Cabelas should have what you need. What type of spinners are referring to? Bass style or inline trout spinners. I used to put together both from kits. The trout ones are fun to experiment with. Different bodies, beads and blades. In a couple hours you can make more than enough for a season. You can go with a pair of round nose pliers or regular needle nose pliers to make the top loop, either way works.


    what he said

  2. View Postcaught one small one on a hula popper. White with red/white tail. Been slow in my usual from shore haunts here in southern MA. DD, are you fishing at night or during the day?


    Lately during the daytime I will start fishing nights with live bait when it gets colder like ice cold


    I have only been successful with the spinner baits by doing the slow bump the bottom and dropback technique they are'nt active they are just sitting down the bottom anywhere from 7-20 feet525 picture #15 is the color im talkin about