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  1. Only problem with traps in MA is you have to break the law to be successful

    in getting bigger shiners I believe the law on it is 1x1 inch diameter entry hole does me no good , if it's on private property Great! Don't quote me though cause I don't know if the law has changed .


    you can alter a minno or eel trap just be careful and use black rope (parachute chord is best ) and hide it well .wink.gif Trust me .

  2. View PostHey genius, what's the gestation period of, say, a Sperm Whale? How many pups do they have? How many can be killed in a day when there's 100's doing it? Do the math whalehole!


    What did we do to the Right Whale Pop. right here in NJ?


    Mike Rowe stuck his arm in a cow's vagina and butthole to impregnate it.


    You just can't do that to a Whaleredface.gif


    Im no scientist but would love too see how a cow got pregnant in the butthole and I really hope he washed his hands note last I checked whales have buttholes too