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    nope no details
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    Fishin dummy why else would I be here
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    Sea Devil Lures Cape Cod

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  1. looking 4 thule castaway 885 fishing rack..
  2. that is sweet bro ! I have a bunch of em .
  3. I think I'll stick with the Ronz , I agree with Mike a little late .
  4. There is a river system near me that dumps into saltwater I have caught some LMBs in near saltwater ( highly brackish areas ) thought that was weird.
  5. Don't fish too much or someone else might hit it.
  6. Only problem with traps in MA is you have to break the law to be successful in getting bigger shiners I believe the law on it is 1x1 inch diameter entry hole does me no good , if it's on private property Great! Don't quote me though cause I don't know if the law has changed . you can alter a minno or eel trap just be careful and use black rope (parachute chord is best ) and hide it well . Trust me .
  7. What is the difference between a woman from Maine and a moose from Maine ?
  8. They might have to go kill themselves for looking so stupid in public
  9. Thing is sweet. I want some, are they available in the US ?
  10. If it happens, I won't have to leave any of my fishing gear to anyone in my will.
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