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  1. Here is the VS please dont mind my messy room
  2. Hey everybody, sorry I have not had a chance to checkout the thread until now. Looks like some activity I have to sort through. I dont have PP. Looks like the 706Z went to Blibo pending. The VS looks like it goes to redhawk. And FID I would like to respectfully wait out the 704z but will revisit your offer if need be . Here are pictures of the 706z and VS. They are a little dirty as they were stored in my garage.
  3. Sounds good my friend I will send you a private message. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I posted a WTS thread about some reels and notated that I would post some plugs also. Here are the plugs. It should be noted that there are a number or RMs here and all but one (the peanut) are marked by Ryan that "did not make the cut" to sell. I literally don't know what is wrong with them, but he did say that some may have a chip here, or a measurement might be off there. I bought them a couple years ago, and he asked not to resell them at a profit, which I won't. Anyway they are great plugs even with their "blemishes" .. I think he is just a perfectionist and will not retail plugs are not of the finest quality--kudos to him. Anyway. There is some wood and some plastic. Theres some yo zuris, a stillwater smack is, a bomber, some tsunami stuff, gibbs stuff, a brand new JNSKI herring pencil (which cost me like 25 dollars a bit ago), some RMs, some Gordon Wrights, and theres even a megabait with the orange belly-- yes the good one! Anyway there is a decent amount of plugs here and they are all in very good shape. Some are fished but fished very lightly. There are really in good shape. Anyway I would like $125 for these plugs, which is less than 5 dollars a plug. I would prefer to meet in person and do a cash and carry thing, but I guess if I can't do that I would consider shipping. I live in Brick and you can come see them if you want. I am on a strict schedule and am only home 6-7 pm at night. If you have questions I can provide you with my cell phone number. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. Bills are tight and they wanna shut my electricity off so here goes all my favorite fishing stuff :-( Ah well ! Ill replace it some day. Van Staal 100 - Black. Used but not abused. No box or paperwork. Bought it from a member on here, I forget who now. It has some scratches, but after all thats what these reels are used for. Mechanically it works great, and it was a good reel to me. Has power pro on it -$375 Penn 706z- I traded a guy a Penn 704 z for the 706, which was literally brand new. I used it sometimes but it is in GREAT shape. It is loaded with power pro. - $125 Penn 704z- Newer edition Penn 704z complete with bailless kit - $90 . Very good condition. I take care of my stuff and work in the fishing industry. I can provide pictures if someone it interested, but these are some of the most popular reels in the game and I am sure you guys know what they are all about. I live in Brick, NJ and if you want one of these reels you can come by my house and check them out. I am on a really strict time schedule and work 7 days a week so the only hours I will be around are 6-7 O'clock at night. I need to get rid of this stuff, and even though I think I do have pretty good prices on my stuff, I am willing to come down a bit, but truthfully and honestly would like to get what I am asking for the stuff. I am going to post some plugs in the plug section as well. Thanks for allowing me to post this, and I appreciate the feedback. I am an honest person and can provide my cell phone number if you would like more information or arrange payment/pickup. Thanks again
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  11. Hi everybody. I haven't been keeping tabs on the value of these old Penn reels and have a few in good condition. I have (1) Penn 706z and (2) Penn 704z's which are all in good condition. Can anyone tell me roughly what they are going for? Thanks
  12. PI I have it on an 8 10 1 pc G loomis. I am going to try to keep the rod though. It easily fits on 7-8 ft surf rods as well and is a tad small on a 9 but I still used it and had fun with it. Thanks squid I will consider it
  13. Line 8-17 IC66MH. My rod building friend stripped the cork and applied cork tape.
  14. Hey everybody,it is time to regretfully sell my toys. For starters... Vs-100Black . I bought it off of a member on this board and it was in good condition and still is. I did not have it serviced it has a little rash but it is, in my opinion, the coolest light tackle reel that is made. $400 (what I paid for it). Avet SX Blue on 6ft 6 Lamiglas Inshore classic with custom cork tape. The reel is mint and the rod is in decent shape as well $250 I will soon be listing my 706z and 704z's. This breaks my heart but you guys know how it goes. --517.imageshack.us/i/72048798.jpg/][/url] -- URL=http://img156.imageshack.us/i/86023780.jpg/][/url] I am in Brick, NJ. You can PM me.