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  1. G You got it MyrtleMan. Pm coming
  2. I'd be guessing but id say about 6-7 years old
  3. Selling my used Boga Grip. Grips and scale work. $75 Paypal please.
  4. Used but flash made first pic look brown which it is not so I took new ones.
  5. Up for sale is a Hunter Surfcasting Plier Sheeth. This is handmade by Jimmy who as far as I know no longer makes these. $75 shipped. Paypal please.
  6. Visiting for the week and went out last night and found nothing. Haven't been able to get my hands on eels out here but I'll be searching tomorrow. So many spots in this area that look sooooo fishy but big swings and misses every day and night.
  7. So I'll be on vacation in York Maine until Saturday night. I know nothing about the area. I spent the last two days throwing bucktails, bombers, diamond jigs, and Mag Darters from a bunch of spots that I thought looked very promising. I stuck out on every cast. If anyone is willing to shoot me a pm with a little advice I'd really appreciate it. I've got my chunking rod and my surf rod and gear with me. Where's the nearest bait and tackle shop to York? My nav says it's really far but I don't trust it. Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. Nice! I'm in York for the week. I went out on the rocks today in a couple different locations and threw buck tails, diamond Jigs, mag darters and bombers but got skunked. Gonna pick up a deady dick. Have you found any bait and take shops in the area?
  9. I have a front hitch that came off of a 2006 4Runner. Will fit other year 4Runners. Hitch is a Curt 31367. Pickup in East Islip Long Island. $100
  10. Looking to get rid of my Vezco cooler rack and cooler. Cooler is 94 quart Igloo. Cooler needs a good scrub down but will do its job. Latches worn but work. Original drain cap fell of so I have a non Igloo cap on the cooler but holds perfectly. Rack requires a 2" receiver and came off of a 2006 4runner. Pickup in East Islip Long Island. $250