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  1. Dial away! Massachusetts District Name Party Office Room Phone Committee Assignment 1st Neal, Richard E. D 2309 RHOB (202) 225-5601 Ways and Means 2nd McGovern, James D 408 CHOB (202) 225-6101 Rules 3rd Trahan, Lori D 1616 LHOB (202) 225-3411 4th Kennedy III, Joseph P. D 304 CHOB (202) 225-5931 5th Clark, Katherine D 2448 RHOB (202) 225-2836 6th Moulton, Seth D 1127 LHOB (202) 225-8020 7th Pressley, Ayanna D 1108 LHOB (202) 225-5111 8th Lynch, Stephen F. D 2109 RHOB (202) 225-8273 9th Keating, William D 2351 RHOB (202) 225-3111
  2. Dial away! New York District Name Party Office Room Phone Committee Assignment 1st Zeldin, Lee R 2441 RHOB (202) 225-3826 2nd King, Pete R 302 CHOB (202) 225-7896 3rd Suozzi, Thomas D 214 CHOB (202) 225-3335 4th Rice, Kathleen D 2435 RHOB (202) 225-5516 5th Meeks, Gregory W. D 2310 RHOB (202) 225-3461 6th Meng, Grace D 2209 RHOB (202) 225-2601 7th Velázquez, Nydia M. D 2302 RHOB (202) 225-2361 Small Business 8th Jeffries, Hakeem D 2433 RHOB (202) 225-5936 9th Clarke, Yvette D. D 2058 RHOB (202) 225-6231 10th Nadler, Jerrold D 2132 RHOB (202) 225-5635 Judiciary 11th Rose, Max D 1529 LHOB (202) 225-3371 12th Maloney, Carolyn D 2308 RHOB (202) 225-7944 13th Espaillat, Adriano D 1630 LHOB (202) 225-4365 14th Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria D 229 CHOB (202) 225-3965 15th Serrano, José E. D 2354 RHOB (202) 225-4361 16th Engel, Eliot D 2426 RHOB (202) 225-2464 Foreign Affairs 17th Lowey, Nita D 2365 RHOB (202) 225-6506 Appropriations 18th Maloney, Sean Patrick D 2331 RHOB (202) 225-5441 19th Delgado, Antonio D 1007 LHOB (202) 225-5614 20th Tonko, Paul D. D 2369 RHOB (202) 225-5076 21st Stefanik, Elise R 318 CHOB (202) 225-4611 22nd Brindisi, Anthony D 329 CHOB (202) 225-3665 23rd Reed, Tom R 2263 RHOB (202) 225-3161 24th Katko, John R 2457 RHOB (202) 225-3701 25th Morelle, Joseph D 1317 LHOB (202) 225-3615 Rules 26th Higgins, Brian D 2459 RHOB (202) 225-3306 27th Collins, Chris R 2243 RHOB (202) 225-5265
  3. "My solution" to the winter flounder situation, the cod situation, the fluke situation, the weakfish situation, etc. is to ban all nets (pound nets, gill nets and draggers) in all state waters. Most species need the shallower waters for spawning and the juveniles need those same waters to grow to viable sizes. "The commercial harvesters" like to think of themselves as "like farmers" but they are more akin to "strip miners", destroying everything in their wake. In a meeting I had with David Pierce last July, I presented my evidence that the increased winter flounder quotas for commercials over the past 6 years have led to a 90% reduction in recreational harvest in Boston Harbor over those same years. The data was undeniable. "Increased commercial effort equals decreased recreational opportunity". That is a fact. Mr. Pierce admitted there is an issue and he promised he would do something about it. He also said that if he actually did enough, he wouldn't have a job. There is far too much lobby pressure from the commercial industry on politicians and it is high time the recreational community got into the act. Call every politician you can get a number for and tell them that you vote and you want more fish in your state waters. This is a public resource that is trimmed to the lowest possible population all the time by one of the two user groups and it has to stop!
  4. And yet again Mike, you are deluding yourself. First of all, I have a passion and a responsibility to "sportfishermen". You and I were on a GOM Fishery Panel that was "supposed to be" about the needs of recreational fishermen and yet in the three years that you and I were on that same panel, I actually saw you show up for ONE MEETING. That was the only time I ever actually saw you in person and we did not say one direct word to each other so when did we actually have this conversation "in person"? Secondly, you have, bless your heart, consistently sided with the commercial side of the equation while you claim that you represent recreational fishermen. Who's side are you on? Thirdly, I say to commercial fishermen: "live and let live". I have no quarrel with anyone making a living from the ocean EXCEPT WHEN their activities exclude recreational fishermen from pursuing their sport. My contention is that we rec fishermen "mostly" fish (80-90%) in near shore waters; state waters, if you will. So why do we have to compete with 50 draggers who deplete their allocation AND the rec allocation and people like you seem to think that's OK? They catch/kill far more that twice what they keep to sell and that type of fishing has no place in contained, near shore waters, not to mention the damage caused to the ecosystem by mobile gear raking over weed beds that juvenile fish need to feed and escape predation. Virtually 100% of the people on the commercial councils talk like you do. Add you to the rec councils you attend and you water down the needs of the rec fishermen while commercials have your unending support. No wonder fluke are virtually non existent in near shore waters because as soon as they show up a herd of 30 draggers mow them over. No wonder since the state of Ma. doubled the state daily quota of winter flounder in 2013 that the rec catch has dropped off by more than 75% (government stats). Why do we recreational fishermen always have to suffer for the excesses of the draggers? I only want what is right for rec fishermen and yet you oppose everything I say. Why is that? Look in the mirror Mike, Who is "influencing" you (and who is paying them?)?
  5. Ya know, I was thinking of that myself. But then I was also thinking that the whole system is so skewed by the lobbying efforts by the commercial sector that the management people are bending to the will of the commercials by the use of political pressure. If enough of "us voters/recreational fishermen" called enough of "our so called representatives" and told them "we want them to use their influence to sway things in our favor" and then remind them that we are watching and we will take what they do/don't do in consideration next time we vote...…. Surely it is not by accident that draggers can literally wipe out species after species and yet the management people continue to bend over backwards to "give them something to work on"? Surely it can't be true that when haul seining was banned in NY and the haul seiners came up with "haul seining with a gill net" and they called it gill netting and the enforcement people agreed with them, surely that can't be because the management people were doing their jobs without some sort of political influence??? And what about the 25-30 gill net boats that converged this past fall in the area from Montauk to Shinnicock that had set a wall of gill net every few hundred yards from the beach to a thousand feet out for 50 miles? How many bass could have lived through that? Yet the NY DEC told it's own officers to "stand down" when it came to enforcing the illegality of the boats filling thousands of tags without the tag holders aboard as is required by law. How could it be? The commercial lobby convinced the politicians and the politicians convinced the DEC "higher ups" to tell the officers to look the other way. Say its "political pressure" or "outright corruption". You pick.
  6. Carl- Team up with Jessica and dig me some worms. I'll pay you $4/dozen times 100 dozen a week in May/June and July. You "might" get a little tired but Jessica is young and strong so you point where she should dig and you bark directions, get her to work harder/faster. She should be used to it (the abuse) after her season of lobstering.....JC
  7. To Carl and to all: Merry Christmas!
  8. Today was nice! Lots of big fish and full limits for all. Downside to the 5 fish limit now: We need bigger bags for fillets!
  9. "More likely" a seal...
  10. That McGinn was only "doing his job" in a rather overzealous way should net him some leniency. A reprimand perhaps but not a termination. If he was installing cameras in the ladies room, THAT is a firing but why this? Perhaps there were too many "well connected" people getting paid that were not actually working and they are exercising a form of self defense against a current and future threat? In his position, he "should" have the authority to surveil a suspected employee under his command without further permissions. Too much government and too much micro-managing. JC
  11. Andrew, why would you say that??? (only kidding...)
  12. EXCELLENT!!!
  13. The Gooseberry Area, west and south has been very excellent with fairly large tog (5-10 pounds). Limits are the norm. I'm doing best in 35-45 feet. Pics are from Saturday and Sunday. (we had a little shark problem on Sunday)…..JC
  14. Thresher is better than mako (in my opinion)...
  15. That is an ongoing point I keep running into with my brother (the gay, liberal, weenie lawyer from San Francisco). I don't get what part of "ILLEGAL" he doesn't understand. I said it today that it seems like his whole state has been brainwashed, like they were in some sort of cult..... Perhaps that is more the truth than the rest of us realize.