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  1. We are all set for this Tuesday morning! The flounder bite perked up today and Tuesday is forecast to be sunny so we do well. Carl, Hilary, Jessica, Armindo and Russ are the 2021 Old Geezers (of the hour)... This is "Bird" hanging out with us today. He was too full to accept clams today (he is very good at catching herring) but he stayed around just to be social.
  2. The flounder just moved in this morning!
  3. Here ya go, my BEST!
  4. That is great Carl!! Now you can drive (in style) to see me in Quincy (14 days away) for the "Old Geezer Flounder Trip".
  5. I'm not much with technology. I can show you a picture of a little "fishy icon" on my screen....
  6. By the way, I doubt me mentioning the place would increase foot traffic any noticeable amount as like you said, it has limited access. Sorry if it bothered you ...
  7. Hundreds of them!
  8. Virtually everything we do on here is the essence of "a burn". But if we are to share and help then why add limitations? "The Canal" is a classic example: Who doesn't know about it? Is it a burn to say something that everyone knows about? And then there is the fact that not everyone catches every time they fish there. The same with any place, and any place can be "great". It is really a matter of timing and you can't accurately burn timing, that has to be learned.....
  9. It's a really GREAT STRIPER SPOT too!
  10. Lots of people fish there. Just keep in mind that it can be dangerous and slippery on the big rock itself. Look for and cast to rocks sticking up as you see them walking to the west. Some will hold fish and some they avoid for some reason. "Trial and error"....
  11. Yes (to both)
  12. The west jetty/rock at the mouth of The Westport River and the beach immediately to the west. Toss a two hook rig with crabs for a high rate of success. You can buy crabs at Westport Marine (Westport Bait and Tackle) or Lucky Bait/Warren, RI for short money. Cut them in 1/2. Let us know how you do!
  13. I hope you went! It sure was beautiful out there. The seas started out at 2 foot and worked their way down (calmer) from there. "Down and up" haddock fishing with the full boat limit aboard, the anchor up and the engines turning up for the ride in at 858am. Easy limits for all (even me)... Anyone know this guy (they say he is in the "wit-less protection program"). In any case, he had a load of haddock over 23 inches!
  14. My boat sees all of those species in a given year as well as multiple blowfish and the occasional "northern stargazer". Triggers are quite common on crab baits for tog in the early fall and banded rudderfish are common when fishing for albies and bonito. While catching mahi-mahi on the offshore high flyers we sometimes connect with an oddity like an oceanic skip jack or one time we saw a tripletail (couldn't get it to bite...). I also "hear of" the occasional cobia, tarpon, red drum and black drum in Buzzards Bay and lets never forget the (though not a "fish") manatee that made it up here a few years back!
  15. My front and back yards have hundreds of them (Dandelions, not tog. If there were tog there I must have missed them).....