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  1. Damn Godzilla just cooked everyone's sushi!
  2. Hill- I looked at it and had no idea about what I was talking about and I had to read the whole thing again before I caught it. ("Shark/Lobster" vs "Cat/Dog")…. Hey, that sounds like a great title for a Japanese horror movie! JC
  3. Crabs work better.. That stuff about their lips being softer in the spring is a pile of crap. I don't like to kill the tog in the spring though as they are usually chock full of eggs....
  4. "Normal" for me back then was to get 2-3 good fish (30-45 pounds) a week, more likely 2, not three. That is what pissed me off about Billy's "story". I was right there "where he said he was and when he said he was there" and aside from the fact he was not there, there simply were not the fish he talked about. That a whole generation of newbies ate it up like it was gospel bothered me like a parent who's kid drank "Jim Jones's Kool Ade" (you are probably too young for that too). My "implication" is purely that the guy told a pile of lies and he would likely do well as a politician. For your purposes, you should read all the old editions of The Long Island Fisherman Magazine where there were regular columns by Vinnie Guaglione and then a series of plug building articles by Jack Frech These guys were very serious about their plug fishing and I went on to become quite good friends with Vinnie after meeting him in 1978 (he died in 1995). One of my hero's!
  5. Well Al, this should "tell you something", speaking of bridges: One of "the things" I did (aside from chunking, plugging and tossing live or rigged eels. The rigged eels were mostly limited to when I was fishing with Bentsen) practically every night from May-November from 1975 to 1988 was make a sweep of the bridges when the tide and conditions were good. We all know these to be along the Loop, Meadowbrook and Wantaugh Parkways. Granted, if someone is on one each of 8 bridges for 15 minutes a night you can't get 100% of the picture BUT if you multiply that by at least 150 nights/year over 14 years you have ample opportunity to see "other people" who are doing the same thing. Right (2100 chances in the hat)? I've seen Kenny (and his "krew") a few times. Same for John Paduano, Andy Mendola and a couple of other "regulars". I HAVE NEVER, EVER SEEN BILLY LEGAKIS. What does that imply?
  6. Funny you mention drifting for flounder here. When I set up a drift in Quincy, people from NY usually look at me like I have two heads. For the people in my seminar at this show, it was one of the topics I covered. Very efficient way to fish if the bottom isn't too sticky....
  7. Definitely a top notch operation, can't fight Mother Nature!
  8. Lake Montauk! When I lived in Montauk I'd run up to the south end in 4 ft of water every April for a hoot! It was loaded with eel grass and all around the eel grass were nice flounder (not like we get in Quincy though). Later in the year (July/August) I could still catch flounder between GFM and SI to use for bass bait. The little critters (illegal to use for bait now but 12 inches would work fine if you can find them) would work magic on big bass in the day, often better than I was doing at night with eels!
  9. The sign said (in big letters) "Quincy Flounder". If someone was interested in talking about it I talked to them. I'm not too pushy....
  10. From what I've seen, there is little difference to the fish when looking at blood or sand worms. Most of the preferences are in fishermen's heads. IF a larger bait gets noticed quicker/better, then sand worms are generally larger. For my purposes, I do not see any point to bloods as the sands are less money and generally larger. JC
  11. I hired a publicist and after I got some pointers I've now decided to change my name again from "The Jason" to ""The Fisherman Formerly Known as The Jason". From now on I'm only wearing one boot as well. Here is a pic of me at the show, talking to a guy and the bass is on the wall and a 4 1/2 pound flounder is on the table (the flounder got more attention than the bass)…...
  12. Thank you-It was great meeting you too! I had my 64 lb bass on the wall behind me and I think that less than a dozen people even noticed it! Bob Rochetta and Steve Witthum stopped by and they made a point of the location I was in saying if they were not actively looking for me they would never have known I was there. Most depressing was the total attendance but a lot can be said for the weather. My friend Peter Cilento lives only 20 minutes away but he couldn't get there until it was time to leave and we had to bolt for the ferry. Reelfire is correct that I am not out there on social media. Perhaps I should hire a publicist? (and change my title to "The Jason"...)
  13. I used to be somebody! You are correct, I'm not too good/savvy with all that "social media stuff"..
  14. Exactly. If I were in "lower retail buying mode" this show would be top of my list. A great show for shopping!
  15. Thanks but I don't "sell" anything. I never do at shows because I'm always pretty fully booked already. The idea for me is to do the show to increase my exposure and my email list (which is where most of my business comes from). From that standpoint, the show was not for me but I do see the attraction as it is well attended and the attendees were looking to buy stuff......