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  1. I don't like to kill tog in the spring. They tend to be full of eggs. I get Chinese guys on my boat who love fish eggs and I have quite a time trying to get them to let a fish go when it is full of eggs. The concept eludes... My wife and my brother's wife (both Chinese) are the same.
  2. Your probably right (but your still ugly)...
  3. I basically accused The Ma DMF of just that. Point blank to Mike Armstrong's (The Deputy Director of The Mass Dept. of Marine Fisheries) face! He swore to me (I was convinced//I believe him, at least to the extent that I believe that he believes it) that no one there is on the take! To my reasoning it is the only logical answer to the way they do things because they continually allow stocks to be depleted, even though they are being told it is happening before their eyes they look and still refuse to acknowledge it. What else can explain that besides deeply rooted corruption? They can't be that stupid, they all have PHD's for God's sake! Perhaps it is that they believe the rest of us are "that stupid"???
  4. Only a little, I'll get my magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers....
  5. I hope you agree that it is a lot better this year than the past few years. I believe this is directly related to the lack of "net rash" I have been seeing this year (marks on a fish after surviving interaction with a net) this year. The past few years I had been seeing net rash on 25-35% of all the fish caught in May indicating that the flounder had to go through far too many nets to get into the harbor. This year, most of the draggers are tied up and idle so the fish were able to make it inshore this time. Also, on their way inshore in March and April they congregate to spawn and when they are full of eggs and sperm they yield the lowest amount of fillets percentage of the year. It's the most insane time of the year to kill flounder on so many levels and yet the state allows it. Don't they realize this is the last body of inshore winter flounder stock available anywhere on this planet? What are they thinking? I said to "state fishery managers" only yesterday : "would it really be the end of the world to have the draggers NOT FISH For FLOUNDER in March and April every year?" They act like they don't understand the question! "Coincidentally", Today I caught the first case of net rash of 2020 (see pic)
  6. Well then, the laugh's on you! That is Jim, not me... (I do not catch such nice fish, mine are much bigger. You have a tiny wiener.).
  7. For exactly this very reason, "we" , as Massachusetts recreational fishermen, need to get the state to ban all netting in State Waters adjacent to The GOM for the months of March and April while the flounder are moving and congregating to spawn and then swim into the bays, harbors and estuaries. Is that asking too much?
  8. Standard rotation 14.25 X 19 prop 15 splines Was on 250HP 2 stroke Yamaha Good Condition $125 shipped anywhere in Eastern USA
  9. Mick Razz wishes he caught this fish on my boat yesterday! (A true "Quincy Monstah"...)
  10. "Much better" this year! In spite of these experts that work for the state and federal government that try to tell me "I'm imagining things", this is all a simple matter of "cause and effect". The cause (excessive dragging) causes the effect (less fish available for recreational anglers). This year there is far less commercial effort and the results are immediate (and fortunate for us). To think a lot of these (government) people I have been having these "discussions" with have PHD's.... DUH!
  11. Yesterday was "easy limits" of flounder. I tried a few spots, all produced well with fish up to "Monsta Size"! "Bird" was not hungry but he stopped by to say hello for a few minutes.
  12. Lunch today: Flounder casserole with panko/parm….Really good!
  13. I have these one portion cast iron baking dishes that work out great for haddock. A rub with butter then lay out the fillets and cover with Italian Panko crumbs. Add some more butter and bake for 17 minutes at 375. Then cover with thin sliced good cheddar (I like Cabot Alpine) and cook another 4 minutes. I served with rice and steamed snow pea pods....
  14. Another of "those days" today: Limited out on flounder early on sending a couple of small ones and a small striper back as well. Went out at 7am and was at the dock by 9am. Water was 50.3F, a bit cooler than Friday but the fish don't care at this point. They have to eat! Had one at 17.5 inches and they seems to start off really keyed in on clams but gradually changing to a worm preference. It was kind of weird the way the bait preference went today.