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  1. Hi Rich. I sent you a p.m. Just wanted to make sure that you got it
  2. Thanks flysully. My post was originally to get a general understanding of what the fishing community's thoughts on this subject were. I am familiar and understand that seals are federally protected and therefore culling them would be a near impossibility. Having said this it will unfortunately take tragedies like this to begin serious discussions about changing laws. I have said for years that the first time a child is injured or killed will probably be the lightning rod needed to bring this to a national discussion. Can you imagine how many deaths and injuries there will be when we have thousands of sharks as opposed to hundreds roaming the cape? If you could provide more information about the previous work done that would be appreciated!
  3. Can the moderator please remove this post? I'd like to set up a new thread as a yes no poll on culling the seals on the cape. No comments required just a poll. Can the moderator please do this?
  4. This is a straight poll on whether or not you would support culling the seal population on Cape Cod. The method of culling is not specified, it would be via whatever agreed upon method to reduce the seal population on the Cape
  5. Awesome discussion here folks on this important topic! Keep the comments coming! I may set up another thread as a poll thread because it will be interesting to get the raw yes/no numbers!
  6. I'm doing a quick straw poll to see whether or not you would support a Massachusetts ballot to cull the seal herd on Cape Cod. I'm not specifying how this would be done for this vote. I'm just interested and whether or not you would support such an initiative. Please respond with a simple yes or no. A yes vote would be in support of culling the seal herd. A no vote would be to not support culling the herd.
  7. I'm so very sad for this man and his family. Not to incite a riot but the problem is not that we have too many great white sharks. The problem is we have too many seals that are destroying a once world-renowned fishery and most importantly threatening human lives. It's time for the politicians to address this problem. Why is it possible that out west they can pass laws to reinstitute Limited hunting of sea lions to protect the salmon Fishery but we can't Institute a limited seal hunt to protect humans? What's more important?
  8. No albies. Caught a few stripes yesterday and took two friends out at 1st light today. caught six or seven loaded mid-20s. One of my friends caught her personal best at 31 in
  9. I'm looking to fish the craigville beach area by boat this weekend. Can anyone provide any information as to the closest public boat launches with public parking for the area? I want to launch at first light
  10. I've never seen the flex sold in stores. Only online in the small tubes or huge containers
  11. Sometime in September Nate. All depends on the weather. Need flat calm conditions for the day
  12. I'm looking to get information on any Dockside Restaurant where I could dock my boat at the restaurant on Martha's Vineyard. I'm looking to to get as close as possible to the Falmouth mainland. Any thoughts?
  13. First light, early May, wading with my buds, on my favorite Cape Cod flat, light southwest wind, and that very first tug I've longed for and dreamt of all winter from the first of the Cape season, lice covered striper. I'm always in awe of this, it never gets old, and I give thanks every year to exoerience another season begin.
  14. WTB Sage Xi2 1290-4 12 Weight with extended foregrip