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  1. Thanks, but lready have a torque 8 which I am looking to sell. I fish only for trout and don't have a rod over 7wt so don't need that much capacity.
  2. Looking for: Galvan Torque 5 Galvan Torque 6 + spools Gavlan Torque 6 Spool (black) Preferably boxed with pouch, warranty, etc. Best condition possible. If anyone can help, please get in touch.
  3. Hi all I am looking for a top quality 7wt rod. Preferably 9ft in length, and in the best condition possible (original sock/tube/warranty). Models of interest are: Loomis NRX Sage Xi3 Sage ONE I am in New Zealand so payment would be through Paypal (I will cover fees) and I would require the rod to be shipped. So if you have something that isn't getting used and you would like to free up some money, please get in touch
  4. Looking for an original Xi3 rod bag (black cloth with silver logo). Picked up a rod without one, but I like to keep my stuff in as original a condition as I can. Anyone have one they would be willing to sell?
  5. I think that it is fair enough. When it is the protection of the river that is at stake, then I think they have to use everything within their power to prevent didymo getting established. While I miss my felt soles (and have had some very hairy moments wading over slippery rocks in fast water) I would miss the fishery more.
  6. Hi Interested in the rod. What is your best price, shipped to me in New Zealand? USPS Priority Mail International service should be sufficient.
  7. Brookies are very pretty fish, only wish there were some in the streams I fish.
  8. Over here in NZ we have a nationwide ban on flet soled waders in order to prevent the transfer of didymo between rivers. Seems it must have arrived some years ago (on the soles of a travelling fisherman's boots) and got established in numerous South Island rivers. It is a curse. Hopefully some smart scientist somewhere is trying to find a way to eradicate it and we can have our rivers back to the pristine quality they once were.
  9. In low water and warm conditions check out faster water. The fish need oxygen and when the water drops this is where they find it.
  10. Redington would be a very good bet. Their rods have reviewed very well in the YellowStone Anglers 5wt and 8wyt shootout reviews. I mean very well as in right up there with the Sages, Loomis and Winstons, which is pretty impressive given the price disparity.
  11. It is actually a really sad story. What does a guy like that get out of behaving the way he does? I remember when i was a child I used to go salmon fishing with my father. He always used to let me fish through the pool first (not that it made much difference), and more than once let me fight a fish he had hooked. How will this guys kids grow up without loathing fishing. In a different scenario, in the conditions they had, it could have been a day to stay in their memories forever.
  12. I was really into fishing when I was a kid (10-15 years old). i grew up on the Border Esk in the south of Scotland, so there was always the lure of Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout as well as the resident browns. No idea how I lost interest but it returned to me when I was around 25. Now (despite not getting out nearly as much as I would like) I find it is a passion that grows every day. Maybe it is the solitude, and the nature that I enjoy most. Getting away from my job and the city for just a few days is always refreshing.
  13. In my defense I was only quoting the blurb below the clip on YouTube. I should clarify, the Sintrix are the first blanks that have proven unbreakable in the Hardy test rig.
  14. I think the evotecs are still THE premium reel out there. The design alone is something that others (Sage, etc) have copied for the past 10 years
  15. That is a very nice picture. Must be a serious zoom lens you were using.