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  1. What shore town are you in?

  2. How have you been Tom, hope all is well. Just a heads up, that deadbeat Landrum never re-paid me for loaning him 20 on the Derby. I could ask him for it but I don't feel like hearing all the bs excuses. I figured I'd never see it again when I loaned it to him. He was gonna re-pay after fixing his PP acct :laugh: 


    I won't put in on any list. I saw him at the food fling and he really was pretty whacked out on goofballs, I thought it was all a joke but its real. Anyway keep this in mind if he ask to join in anything down the road.............boB

  3. At Owens for a bit if you got time

  4. Loots, which Brian is B12 taalking about? Casper? 

  5. Hey Vic, I like to drive up and go fishing with you the next time you go out for fluke. Give me a call, boB (610) 220-3456

    1. pricise10


      I mite be going this Monday with Tom T ,u welcome to come with us.

  6. Hey Tom, do you have buttons to delete a thread? Using the mobile last night I somehow created 2 identical threads (Huddled) 

    That 2nd Frampton/Miller thread is about 10 down if you can.......thanks, boB

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