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  1. Hey Joe, next time you’re heading south try Wildwood BBQ on New Jersey Ave. in NWW. Opened last year and people here have been raving about it.
  2. “**** You, I ain’t moving” end of discussion
  3. Going at it with safety inspector! Lol
  4. This guys gonna get flattened by a dump truck!
  5. Beaches reportedly not opening on Memorial Day, where’s Mayor Larry Vaughn when you need him.
  6. Estimated one million dollar loss and one third of sand washed away.
  7. Mother’s Day storm wrecked havoc on the replenished beaches. Starting over again
  8. "I'm not Jimmy I'm don dammit!"
  9. I saw where he wrote he’s now Don,what’s up with that? Did he mean like a guido Don or Don Knotts?
  10. I would add Christie Brinkley and Linda Ronstadt to that list
  11. Was on the local news........
  12. Up $1,383.68 today!