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  1. Lol, I buy them already cooked. I think there’s a moon phased that crabs are heavier in the cycle. Rocky would know.
  2. Weight of the crab is more important to me than the size.
  3. Seafood company that sells them out by Booth’s Corner and a second location in Havertown. Pretty much the same prices the past 3 years.
  4. Thought $165 was a bargain Mike and it might hit $200 at years end. Got lucky with a lot of things falling in place. Seriously thinking about cashing it out and doing a trip with my wife this fall to KC. Eagles playing the Chiefs in KC includes hotel/air and all transfers ,tix, BBQ tailgate. 3 night stay all courtesy of Tesla!
  5. My daughter in law is taking keytruda but it’s bothering her stomach. One more round then she’s done. Wish the best to both of you guys.
  6. Hope you grabbed some! 10 straight days of gains!
  7. Firinne


    Pretty wild, it’s now affecting ball game and air flights. Philadelphia is to be really bad today. Never seen anything like it. Lack of rain is obviously the cause, never seen my lawn this burnt up this early in June.
  8. Firinne


    Phillies canceled their game, air quality.
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