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  1. Huh? Moose DuPont?
  2. Pete, how’d you make out? Bite on?
  3. Congrats Casey, an oldtimer gave me the best advise when I first started out, "Obey The Golden Rule.......treat others the way you would want to be treated" Served me well, good luck and stay safe!
  4. Hey Big, was up your way last Thurs at the Fair in Gilbertsville with the grand kids! I use to take my boys out fluke fishing renting a boat from Franks in Strathmere every summer and fished Ludlum. Crabbing was always pretty good as well.
  5. I've been dodging gigantic dump trucks all week. Got chased out of 2 spots today before settling in a bit further north. More dogfish and another sunburn. They've built a 3-4" plateau from 15th ave down to about 4th. One big storm should take it all out. Everyone agree's that a 200 foot jetty is needed up at 2nd Ave to help slow down the erosion but it's not gonna happen. Looking north and south from 12th Ave.......
  6. Dingy is gonna make a great AWOM, it wouldn't surprise me to see him make President in his early 50's!
  7. Back in the early 80's Fortescue, NJ was know as the weakfish capital of the world!
  8. Haven't had a chance to fish in awhile and got out this morning. Reports of drum, stripers and bluefish a few days ago so I thought I had a shot. I found a school of dogfish!
  9. date myself a bit here.......The American Sportsman, The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau
  10. Nice weekend John!
  11. Jolly said he was a shooter!
  12. Jolly knows horses, he cut his teeth at Pimlico....... "The 144th Preakness Stakes...assumptions...a dry, fast track, and the usual Pimlico speed bias...this is the track at which I cut my racing teeth as a kid, and I am very familiar with it...a lot of people think that because the Derby winner is not here, that Improbable and War of WIll have the field at their mercy. I could not disagree more. Their speed figures are not better than a couple of these, and I like a new shooter (did not run in the Derby). I absolutely love Alwaysmining...he is fast, fresh, should get the distance, and has been pointed for this...and he will be a verrrrrrry juicy price, somewhere form 6 to 8-1. Go get him, folks, and I would have Warrior's Charge on some tickets as well. I simply despise the favorites here. Alwaysmining...down the road!!! .....Paul Jolovitz
  13. TOPPER!!
  14. Poor Wayne.................Terri, Miley? Rough night out huh Topper's a pro tip; don't post intoxicated! You can thank me later.