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  1. I still have my late Uncle's old lures, gave one to Tim iirc.
  2. Poor Mick, 40 years old living at home with Mom and Dad and trying to save the Town Taverners and you guys are making fun of him! Mick, call your friend and go get another massage, you need to calm down.
  3. That was Bernie, he called dibs..............give him the finger on the way home.
  4. WASHINGTON — The judge in Derek Chauvin's murder trial in the death of George Floyd criticized recent comments by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and said her words could be grounds for the defense to appeal a verdict.
  5. Hey Tim, hope you finally get this resolved and finally have piece of mind.
  6. Young Don Lemon?
  8. Saw a lot of shows there, 20 minute drive from my house.
  9. What's wrong with you guys, the Big Race is in two weeks, don't distract him! Essential Quality has a Known Agenda and will Rock Your World Hot Rod Charlie!
  10. The coins I'm recommending here are very low mintage and extremely limited. This is simple supply and demand economics. 2020 and 2021 are unusual years at the US Mint due to C19 and a lower than usual amount of coins being produced. If you research the most valuable coins collectors seek out it's usually the most limited coins ever produced. This Morgan silver dollar with the privy mark will be the next one. I'll be surprised if one of us here actually score one on the date it's released.
  11. fify
  12. That's gotta hurt! lol!
  13. Here's the next very good collectible coin coming from the US Mint on May 24th, the Morgan 2021 Silver Dollar with "CC" Privy Mark (Carson City). Should be a very low production and sell out in minutes. Good Luck! 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar Centennial Coin CC Privy 1921 100th Anniversary. This year, the US celebrates the centennial of the Silver Dollar coins with the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars and 2021 Peace Silver Dollars! The US Mint’s Morgan Silver Dollars are among the most widely coveted and collected pre-1965 silver coins. This particular 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar features a special Carson City privy mark to honor one of the original mints that struck the Morgan Silver Dollars. Furthermore, this coin is not commemorative, but it is a legal tender coin for the US.