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  1. I have a better avatar for you pilot...........
  2. No, more hate please.
  3. Pilot for what its worth I agree with you, you got up-charged and I'd be pissed as well. He got you for a quick easy extra 20-$30 but lost you as a long term customer. Bad business decision.
  4. just copy and paste then add your pick....... INS 1. fishless Dallas/Rams 2.fishless1 Chicago/Vikings 3. JM13 RAMS 4. JM13 1 RAMS 5. Bill Hassan SAINTS 6. Bill Hassan1 RAMS 7. Riverboat33 SAINTS 8. LBISurfrat RAMS 9. Firrine SAINTS/Vikes 10. puff tentacle Saints 11. gobigblue CHARGERS 12. capequahog LA RAMS 13. Broken Hook SAINTS 14. drc RAMS 15. puff tentacle1 RAMS
  5. You mean a place like this.........This is my first image when thinking of Virginia, those roas side stores that sell ham, cigarettes, fireworks and peanuts.
  6. Glad Philly passed, I'll pass on dez as well. Where's Jordan Mathews?
  7. This is about the Southern boundary comment it appears............tough one. Here's the deciding factor for me, if Tuna has been to Virginia multiple times then the "I'm considered a Local" rule would be implemented thus giving him instant street cred. Therefor his opinion on Virginia being a southern state would be valid and pilotman owes him an apology. If he hasn't ............than pilotman's point is valid.
  8. Auqa Net amd a lighter
  9. almost got ko'd early.........whew!
  10. Down in my neighboring neighborhood. My nephew got married at St. Thomas
  11. Aints as well
  12. Eagles -3.5 is a winner this week.
  13. Red, tie a note around the parrots foot if the water gets too high and you're in trouble.
  14. How you doing Jim, haven't seen you around that much.
  15. SiM to tuna.......