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  1. If you can’t holster your weapon maybe time to look for another line of work
  2. @Reed422 great buy day TSM, META, NVDA……. jump on it!
  3. I spoke with some guys a couple years ago about working today vs 20 plus years ago when I did and they said the job has completely changed. We talked about how today you have to be shot at first before using deadly force so I believe the SS guys have that same mentality. “Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6” wad our motto then. God Bless everyone in law enforcement today, thankless job.
  4. I’ve been corrected on the following words; wooder = water crown = crayon winda = window begal = bagel Sundee = Sunday Ak a me = Acme to name a few!
  5. I damn near killed her on that trip. She’s doing rehab now for the rotator cuff, 10 treatments that is helping. I told her she would of been better off just getting bit by the bear, stitches would of been out by now!
  6. I feel very fortunate and know we have to enjoy this window of good health now.
  7. Yes, Clearwater booked as well in March for Phillies.
  8. Sold a couple of shares of AVGO and booked a trip to Santa Monica to see Eagles vs Rams in November. 4 nights at the Shore Hotel right on the beach and tailgate before the game. @Kings over Queens if it’s not too late I can start a football stadium tour!
  9. Gotcha, make an effort to come over Irish weekend, largest Irish festival on the East coast. Third weekend in September!
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