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  1. Let's go back to 1970...........
  2. You in 30 years Mr. Bean..........(your new avatar)
  3. I like C&R, (obviously you do as well Tim) he’s the AWOM I hope one day to become!
  4. Crab never freezes good for me
  5. Tomorrow night at 9PM on History Channel "Grant" 3 night event that looks pretty good.
  6. I'm gonna keep an eye on that IVR stock. Real Estate is just starting to start up again here in Penna. That company was doing pretty well right up to the collapse.
  7. Another company that I bought in on was STITCH FIX, got in at $16.05 a share.
  8. Hope you guys bought some Toll Brothers back I said it was under $14
  9. My Dad was K3WUB, he had postcards from all over the world.
  10. PM me your address Cleatis and I'll mail it to yoiu sometime next week.
  11. Going through my Mom's house I came across an old RCA radio tube (part # 814) My Dad was a ham operator back in the 60's and 70's and he kept this in it's box for a longtime. Quick research shows it some sort of transmitting tube from the 1940's. Saw one price of $75. If anyone is interested or collects these kind of things shoot me a pm and I'll give it to you. I don't have the heart to trash it and rather give it to a good home.
  12. Ouch!