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  1. My 17 Montauk has radar. Simple install?? Many boats my size have radar not sure why thats even an issue. it's the idiots without lights or flags paddling off shore in a plastic casket.
  2. We need to somehow get the seals to be commercially targeted. Then they will be wiped out like the cod, herring, tuna, stripers etc. Three times a week at 15 per day over 36"
  3. a three hour tour....... loved that show.
  4. Yes but it would be only one troll and we would be swimming fast to shore.
  5. I think they need the beach for the pups? Is there enough dry sand not impacted by tide they can use is the key.
  6. I have a 17' whaler I'll take people out in for 500.00!!! Some of the sharks may eat the boat but you'll save a ton of money if we live. Disclaimer i've only driven it in freshwater and have no radar or navigation so you could get a very long trip.
  7. Is there enough room for them to have pups? Open space where no people or animals coexist? If so then they will definitely set up. I'm not saying it can't happen but it seems to busy on the west end for them to make a colony in my opinion. Unless they set up on the sands surrounding the dike?
  8. Nice whitey hooked from shore at Nauset. I'm taking the kids there tomorrow for the day I'll have to pack the 130's instead of the spinning rods. Do the real estate prices eventually drop when you can't even put a toe in the water for fear of being eaten by the man.? No surfcasting, no surfing, no swimming, no driving on beach, no happy hour, no fish left, why is the cape expensive?
  9. Actually I read between the lines on all biased media . I search out the facts on my own cuz I’m wicked smaht
  10. My parents have had awful side affects also. People still drinking the kool aid
  11. I have just not following the herd to slaughter like the rest . I dont believe everything the government puts in a pie chart .
  12. Same is true if your unvaccinated ? Why put something untested in your body that doesn’t work ?? Billions of dollars wasted , lottery winnings, huge vaccination sites , untold money spent on a dud.
  13. Doesn’t seem like the vaccination helped . Too much risk on an unknown and rushed material to put in your arm. Zero evidence that people get less sick if vaccinated versus not vaccinated . Fake news