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  1. Anyone have the wind forecast for thursday off the back side?
  2. Megalodon tooth
  3. Most people not some. I know the EPO's in Burrage handout fines on a regular basis. Make the calls and EPO's will eventually respond.
  4. why didn't this happen when I was out drinking with my buddies in faneuil hall ??? Would of been worse than
  5. Latest video I watched showed a couple thugs running down a guy with an AR when he falls they pounce on him then he shoots three rounds off killing two and wounding one. One dropped instantly. the video shows him walking towards cruisers and swat but they drive past him. He approaches a cruiser with his hands up in what I perceived as him trying to tell them what just happened. Looks like good shoot all day as he's on ground being attacked by animals.
  6. Your statement is not true. Many examples where use of force can be justified in those situations.
  7. There's no way to lean anyway yet based on a small grainy clip of the video without knowing all the facts. christ I hope your never on a jury.
  8. Based on the video I don't think anyone can tell if he was reaching in or just getting in to drive away. Everyone needs to understand every state may have different laws and policies regarding the use of deadly force. Some states allow fleeing felons to be shot unarmed. Yes unarmed as long as you can justify it based on what you believe to happen if they are not apprehended.
  9. you don't bring a taser to a knife fight.
  10. I must of watched a different video where they said several times drop the knife, drop the knife??????
  11. sorry to hear Chuck
  12. Congrats on the fish. You took 11 yesterday and 6 today? It's this mentality that destroys resources and your just wasting the fish because you can?? Lets just keep taking and taking because it's allowed and not use common sense and take what is needed to have a nice fish dinner for you and the family. Instead lets pump our chests and post look at me pics everyday of some bones I caught and keep way more than anyone will ever eat.
  13. Die-hard or blow hard? Die hard, park at Squibb full surf gear for rocks and walk till it turns into mecca. Blow hards, fish the bridges and state beach .
  14. Man do I miss the outer beaches and that cape lifestyle. Loved the bars and the restaurants after a night of walking. Dang we had it so good and didn't realize it. Parking the truck in the dunes and wake up and cast at the sandeel rakers .
  15. I've caught fish on mono that have taken easy thirty minutes to fight . Big swell ,big rocks and a big fish takes time to get in. My longest in canal was about same Time with braid and a Stella 10000 . Didn't weight it but it measured just over 54" . Next two casts were high f ourties that took ten to fifteen minutes. Every fish is different and so to are the anglers. I remember a sea herring blitz I passed my rod off because I couldn't feel my arms anymore. Whether it was 25 or 45 minutes who ducking cares. I can cast pretty far and I've had big fish hit before I've even cranked the handle and those fish take forever to get in. Sometimes the big girls hit ten feet away and thirty seconds later a thirty is in the bubbleweeds. I dropped back a jig way to far one night looking for that whack and when it did hit I had about 250 yards of braid out. I almost died getting that twenty in.