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  1. You fished the wrong end that night. Nothing big but every other cast.
  2. Headed to the ditch see three guys talking at a certain spot no fish . Hit second spot no fish stop at third spot and fish everywhere chasing peanuts . Just sucked having to walk them to shore to unhook them . Lots of schoolies mostly up to 35” . Then the lightning chased us away . Water cleaned up a bit .
  3. Boat fished for tuna out of plymouth this morning. Saw them coming back around 6:45 PM . Can't imagine how rough the ride was. At least they got in before the lightning.
  4. ok deal
  5. Spook is slightly used if I didn’t announce it already I can take another pic
  6. How about darter, spook and your choice of rm smith?
  7. Or these rm smiths or on island needle all new
  8. I have these . Sebille heavy popper, striper maniac spook or metal lip swimmer . I think they glow in dark
  9. I’ll take a look
  10. I’d like all 3 . Anything else you need To make this a deal ?
  11. Bump
  12. yes, didn't forget about you .schedules been crazy. pic coming today .
  13. It’s a green darter . Not sure on weight . It’s nip I’ll be home soon I can post a pic