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  1. I like Breakday Jig & Cast (local made here in NC ), Glass Minnow Lure by Shore Lure Co. (also local made), and Stingsilvers, by Haw River Tackle. For your set-ups, probably the 2 oz. size. Tie directly to your line, or maybe add a short section (2-3 ft.) of fluorocarbon leader. NO snaps or swivels. Spanish are very finicky, and hardware shy. It helps if you see breaking fish, but cast as far as you can, and retrieve very fast almost skipping your jig on the surface or just below. Good Luck and catch em up.
  2. Maybe cloth was not the best word to use. It's a vinyl, fiberglass reinforce, material. No more subject to stretch or shrinkage than some of the other suggested options. Would it stand up in a court of law, "No", but as a measuring device to determine if you are close to legal it gets the job done.
  3. I picked up a 72" cloth sewing tape at wally world. Doesn't take any room to store. Fits in a tackle bag, cup holder, "white bucket" Never rusts, can be used in the water for quick C&R. Can be used to measure girth if you want to use formula to estimate weight. Only a couple of $.
  4. At first, I was going to say that it was the line roller bearing. But now it sounds more like the pinion gear bearing and or the AR roller clutch bearing need oiling. A word of caution, do not use grease, only a light oil, or else the AR will start to mess up.
  5. MHC/AB
  6. A mixture of non iodized salt and baking soda in a ice water slush for about 6 hours before packing and freezing.
  7. When I'm not throwing flies at them, I change out the standard treble with a 1/0 VMC in-line single on all my jigs.
  8. The proclamation came out yesterday, will open on 15 June 2018 with no change to size or limit.
  9. My guess it is a Shimano, from the color scheme.
  10. Yes, they are catching trout, smaller slot redfish and stripers right now along with same fresh water species like crappie, bass and pickerel. As far as the bonito and false albacore, that is more of an ocean thing, at least this time of year. The water temp is on the cooler side so, hasn't start yet. They are more to the south and farther out.
  11. Yes, it is closed till June 15, 2018, to allow the trout that made it through the freeze to spawn in late April and May.
  12. Not to be negative, but July is not typically a good month for beach fishing. There will be fish to catch, but mostly small. With a few exceptions, it is a bait and wait fisheries, so what ever happens to wander by. Near shore boat fishing can be okay, as well as inside, back in the creeks and marshes. The same goes for offshore fishing in the gulfstream.
  13. I use a Very Light oil, sparingly.
  14. Just curious, What are you fishing for in 800 plus foot of water? And what reel are you using?
  15. These are the questions I would ask myself. What is the total capacity of line on reel?, How often is the knot going to be showing? If the "300 yards" is greater than half and the knot will be on the spool more times than not, then YES, I would trust a well tied uni to uni . If the knot is going to be in play, in a normal day of fishing, then I would either swap out more line or respool the whole reel.