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  1. Bump
  2. Shipping would be about $4 not worth, if you want to add one of the others I would.
  3. All are through wire with metal inserts for hooks except number 3 which is a Yo Zuri. Top pencil is 8 inches. Pencil Number 2 is 6 inches. Will sell whole lot for $80 shipped 1. $20 2. $15 3. $15 4. $20 5. $20
  4. PM sent send address and payment via paypal
  5. Folks sorry for the previous s#@t storm of a post. Plugs are $20 each shipped. All are through wired with metal inserts except for #2 does not have inserts.
  6. I always had fun catching the bait, kind of made it more like the old timers did it. Never thought about pointing the holes in direction of the flow. I really enjoyed your story Door Gunner. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sorry was not aware of pricing rule. Would like $20 each shipped. They are unmarked but through wire with metal inserts on all eye and hook locations. By rule I have to give A A ron first refusal if he does not want them I will take your offer Morning.
  8. 5 surf plugs for sale bought on here originally. Please refer to number when making an offer. Enjoy.
  9. Got 3 reels spooled with Spro this year at my favorite Brigantine Tackle shop. All 3 knotted terribly. They used their machine and put mono backing on first. Took off a good bit of line and it still did it. New Penn combos, never had a problem before. Either something wrong with that batch or something about the new reels. Not sure?
  10. Flea bay
  11. Oh my God Love the internet Courtroom. It's everyone on heres dream to catch a slob like that. So you have to judge his ability as a fisherman and beat him up for every perceived misstep. We are a sad lot. When you catch your 50+ you can make your decision, keep it, kill it, swim with it back out into the ocean, donate it to Sea World, milk it for eggs whatever. I hope one day to have to struggle with that decision.
  12. 2nd on cat litter, leave for a couple days and comeback, it is amazing how much it gets up.
  13. Is this what that giant crap fest is between AC and Brigantine? Those barges and pipes have been in front of some the best fishing the island has to offer for like 5 years. Which is pretty rough as there are so few good spots there.
  14. Love that green one with the iridescent sea shell look extreme.
  15. So you make a U shape and lock the open end in a vice and twist with a nail? What size wire is that and what size drill bit would you use for pilot hole.