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  1. Hi the link for Dogfish tackle is I do most of their repair work not a bad rod for the money similar to Star. You can contact the owner Bob Martin via their site with specific questions hope this helps John
  2. Best of the sandpapers available is if course imported from Japan sold under the name Fincat, it can be found online at some of the better wood working sites provides far less cloging and goes all the way to 600 grit. A wood workers secret John
  3. Canyondiver- I do believe you meant to say use Permagloss by U40 not Duragloss-The permagloss works great but will not cover the spirals left if the blank is unsanded John
  4. Birdwatcher- for the very best info on Alveys and matching rods I would contact Ian Miller at He is one of the best rodbuilders from down under where the Alvey is common John
  5. Agree with Billy if it is right sometimes and wrong others it is your problem not the finish and changing brands won't matter if anything the Supreme should be mixed and measured with even more strigent controls. The swirls you spoke of can be caused two ways - rare-enough CO2 and humidity can cause them and in most cases it can be removed by wiping with a clean soft cloth a few times when the finish has cured. The more common problem is micro bubbles caused by improper mixing- the only cure with finish problems is careful measurement never less then 3ccs- mixed thoroughly for two to three minutes- the finish should be clear at this point in the mixing container-Tip- use a glass-shot glass as less bubbles are created using it. Finally -pratice-pratice John
  6. Who me?-better be nice or I will divulge the secret why you need TOG jaws LOL -John
  7. I would venture to say on any question of this type it is always best to contact the manufacturer, why accept anything but their word when there is the possibility of it costing you additional funds. John B
  8. Sorry I disagree thread finish is not the best choice for using on a blank while at first it appears great over a relativley short time it often begins to crack and peel-it really has very poor adhesion to the blank- if you want to do it a better way-after the rod is stripped of all guides and wraps wipe it down with ISO or denatured alcohol use a 3M sanding pad same as mentioned below by Tom K along the entire blank then apply a finish I prefer Permaglos by Trondak-please note it contains some hot solvents and should not be allowed to come in contact with the skin best if used in a well ventilated area-it can be brushed on but much faster to wear non powdered latex gloves- pour some on a coffee filter and use the filter as a squege starting at the butt and move to the tip, a couple of applications will be needed but it will provide a long lasting finish and be much thinner then any thread finish John B
  9. At one time almost all of the Star rods were made on gator glass blanks when they attempted to get into the graphite blanks they encounted problems and went to an outside source for them. Today the blanks used come from a number of sources and I believe the graphites are propriety items made for star and the manufacturer will not sell them, or at least not sell them using the Star terms Nickliete, you may find the identical blank sold under a different name. John B
  10. Effective Sept.12th shakespear discontinued the sale of blanks, what remains in inventory will be shipped out to vendors and no further orders will be accepted John B
  11. Got to agree with Al anytime you allow the finish to completley cure you should slightly rouhen the surface- 3M scotch pads are my choice for doing this leaving out this step will often lead to the problems you stated. John N
  12. I have done this many times, doing one right now for that matter, I do believe a little common sense needs to enter the equation, there are a number of valid reasons why this can happen. I will expain that there is no warranty offered in this situation and also have them sign my warranty as being void. I insist that the rod be built to my standards and if that entails using additional guides or substiuting components that is an added expense, if the customer agrees I will build it, I can understand some hesitation on the part of the builder as to the possible ramifactions on his reputation and I treat each instance carefully. John
  13. Odds on getting bad finish(Product) are in the realm of 10,000 to one therefore almost all bad batches are something we do- improper mixing or measuring- most manufacturers will state never mix less then 3 ccs of hardner to resin using less increases the chances of having problems- mixing with a fine blade spatula in a shot glass for a period of two minutes scraping the sides as you are mixing( folding to be more precise) should insure it is thoroughtly mixed- room temperature can effect the curing time but it takes a considerable temperature difference to really effect it. John
  14. a few of us were discussing this the other day we all noticed the same thing the plastic cups seem to produce far more bubbles when mixing then the shot glass, in addition if you look long range the shot glass approach will eventually cost you nothing considering the number of times it can be used. John
  15. Kayo for further info re the seminar John B We're ready to go to Breezy Point, MM for the Decorator's Deam, the NC Regional Custom Rod Builders Get-Together. Don't miss out! Yesterday we mailed a flyer to all Guild members announcing all the details. The mailman should bring yours soon. If you did not get a flyer, or if you are not a Guild Member and want a flyer, please send me a private email with your mailing address and we'll get one off to you same day. The Early-Bird sign up for a fabulous door prize ends July 15, 2003. A very special door prize will be given to somone from those who register early. Hands-on seminars with plenty of time to work on your rod will be the highlight. Nationaly recognized names are the instructors. Rod Builders ShowCase, food, entertainment and much more.... See you August 22-24, 2003 ... Breezy Will Blow You Away. Kris Kristufek (note no "e" in e-addy)