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  1. Well we don't fart dust either so there that
  2. I will sat given the choice at work face shield or mask Im getting a shield so much cooler with the warm weather
  3. You can't catch good looks pops
  4. Id trade it for a bunker Donny
  5. Several places require it, if asked I will but as a rule I don't wear one Genetically inferior humans like Derrrick and old man Wade need them not me
  6. I dont wear one
  7. Ive read everything possible about all masks
  8. Slope gas eely black junior lip red line tie
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Speaking of which Im going to get a 12 pack
  11. Can you still serve booze?
  12. When you are riding the 2nd wave of the Rona I'll be here for you Mike
  13. Any Jackasses need masks hit me up my company just got a **** ton in stock, KN95
  14. Do you drink vodka? I do occasionally Kettle One
  15. Are you getting fat my vertically challenged friend?
  16. Minor trimming no blow outs up here, nothing fancy just big lawns
  17. Gettin ready to start mowing
  18. That is hardly a white haircut
  19. There's audio out there of a guy who lived with brown bears in Alaska for a summer, the bears moved out and a juvenile moved in, tore the guy to pieces his video recorder somehow got the audio, I guess it's chilling They found his feet in his shoes and thats it
  20. Payment sent thanks again!!
  21. Looking for Donny's..BI Green and others
  22. Payment coming over in a few thanks!!
  23. I'll take it how much?