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  1. 7 hours ago, Blank Disc said:

    Who has had it? How many times? I think I got it. Second time. Last time was ~5 years ago. Gonna go get the test tomorrow (lyme and other tick borne illnesses) and hopefully some horse pills. Been sleeping a lot and joints / muscles are shot. Let's hear your stories. 


    Ticks and deer everywhere. 

    I got it years ago and got it early with doxycycline haven't had and issues since

  2. 4 mins ago, quest450 said:

    Yup, me and my two best friends, we planned it for few years..... BEST move I EVER made and God bless the USA for letting me and many others in

    Im just very puzzled what’s going on now in this still GREAT country :dismay:


    I thought you came in on a shipping container of sausage

  3. 1 hour ago, quest450 said:

    Since eD refuses to post his TorkLift update I need to step up and do it, had local truck shop do the install, charged me four hours of labor

    I think that’s more than fair and it looks like they did a good job :th:








    Is that a custom step?

  4. 32 mins ago, quest450 said:

    Most of the scum being taken into custody are professional anarchists, trained and paid by the commie devil george soros

    the rest of them are stupid followers, punkass snowflakes living in mommys basement and thinking it's cool to be a antifa poser 

    they are tough in a big crowd beating up on defenseless ppl....sad.

    Most of those homos being taken into custody **** their pants because they're Eddys