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  1. Nada just gettin ready to mow, nap first
  2. You in the wheelchair today?
  3. I got it years ago and got it early with doxycycline haven't had and issues since
  4. Scroto Baggins my little sausage immigrant
  5. I thought you came in on a shipping container of sausage
  6. Bump for Donnys
  7. Looking for Donny's..BI Green and others
  8. Scroto Baggins
  9. bump
  10. Is that a custom step?
  11. my keyboard is all messed up lol test run
  12. ''' '' ]'
  13. Lets face it Eddy is a snowflake
  14. Most of those homos being taken into custody **** their pants because they're Eddys
  15. Scroto Baggins
  16. I have a mullet Danny its not blind though, but it is new
  17. You won nothing
  18. You sleep naked?
  19. Yahoo
  20. I'll take that offer
  21. Split that Donny for 35? Immediate PP
  22. Sounds good PM sent
  23. 45 shipped paypal brandy new
  24. I thought this was about your gay porn career revival